Stardew Valley Owl Statue Guide

Stardew Valley Owl Statue Guide

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In Stardew Valley, the life of a simple farmer can begin to feel like the same routine. Wake up, plant seeds, water crops, feed animals, make produce, wander, repeat!

But there is plenty in the game thanks to the hard work of Concerned Ape that makes you go, huh, I did not expect that! Of course, there are scheduled festivals every season to shake things up, but I am referring to the events here!

Now and then, a completely random event will happen and take you by surprise!

Like the Owl Statue Event, it is a completely random event with only a 0.5% chance of happening, but when it does, you get a cute decorative Owl Statue, not to be confused with the Stone Owl, which you can purchase at the Nightmarket (although they are quite similar).

My favorite event is the Meteorite. When this event happens, you rush around your farm only to find a beautiful giant meteorite landed on your farm made of any ore, even iridium!

Not only are these fruitful, but they are also beautiful to look at. If it lands in an unobstructed location, I don’t even like to break mine down!

Of course, only some events can be beneficial; some are entirely bizarre!

Random Events

Events in Stardew Valley can be categorized in one of two ways, a farm event (something that happens on your farm, duh) or a personal event (something that happens to you).

Personal events are much more understandable and standard such as having a child or your farm animals giving birth! Farm Events often include random events; who doesn’t love completely unpredictable surprises? Not me! Here is a list of all the random farm events you might experience;

  • The Earthquake Event; This only occurs once but removes the vast boulder that prevents access to the railroad and spa!
  • The Crop Fairy Event; A cute but tiny pink fairy flies over your crops and fully grows any produce in a selected 5 x 5 tile area!
  • The Witch Event; The infamous Stardew Valley witch flies across your farm and alters your animals, leaving a void egg or some black slimes!
  • The Meterorite; A huge meteorite filled with mineable ore lands on your farm!
  • The Owl Statue; Much more on this right below!

About the Owl Statue

owl statue stardew valley

The Owl Statue event is random, so random in fact, there is a less than 1 in 100 chance of it happening (0.5% chance to be precise). Unlike some other events, there is nothing that you can do to trigger this event or even facilitate this event.

The only thing that could prevent this event (except lousy luck) is not having any free tile space on your farm for the statue to appear on. They say that limited supply creates more demand; I bet that’s why so many people desperately want an Owl Statue because it’s so rare!

Unfortunately, an Owl Statue cannot be created or crafted by you or purchased from any shop (not to be confused with the Owl Statue you can buy from the night market, but more on this later)

So what is the Owl Statue event? Well, it is nothing! If you are lucky enough to get this event, it will happen overnight (overnight events are always the most exciting, in my opinion).

In the middle of the night, you will hear a strange but oddly alluring owl sound, and when you get up the next day, that’s when the mad hunt begins!

As the event is random, the Owl Statue will appear on any random tile on your farm, and as it is pretty small, it doesn’t take up much space, so you better expect to run around your farm until you find it! Even when you see the Owl Statue, it does not provide any further insight into its origins.

If you select the statue, you will get an equally elusive description that states, “It’s not clear where it came from, but it looks very fine.”

When you do find it, what can you do with it? The Owl Statue is a decorative item that does not serve any purpose. Although I find this quite harsh, who says getting something just because it looks excellent means it doesn’t have a purpose, its purpose is the immaculate vibes!

You can pick up the Owl Statue and place it wherever you like if there is space; this can even be indoors or outdoors! Part of the beauty of this event is pure chance is that it can happen multiple times! This is why I like to place owl statues at the entrance to my farm or in front of my house, like giant creepy gargoyles.

Purchasable Owl Statue

owl statue stardew valley

It could be more apparent that in addition to the Owl Statue event, there is also an item called the Stone Owl which you can purchase at the Night Market, which takes place on the 17th of Winter.

To find the Stone Owl, you need to go to the Magic Shop Boat, and you also need to be prepared to part ways with 500g!

Although there are differences, the similarities are striking; both are Owl Statues, although slightly different in their design, and both can be displayed indoors or outdoors. So if you’re feeling down about not getting the Owl Statue Event, why not buy the Stone Owl?


Question: What is the Chance of Getting the Owl Statue Event in Stardew Valley?

Answer: It is extremely rare to get the Owl Statue Event, and the chance is only 0.5%!

Question: What is the Difference Between the Owl Statue Event and the Stone Owl?

Answer: Very little! The Owl Statue event occurs entirely at random overnight on your farm and spawns an owl statue, whereas the Stone Owl is an Owl statue that can be purchased on the 17th of Winter at the Night Market for 500g.

Question: Does the Owl Statue Event only happen once?

Answer: Nope! As it is entirely down to chance, there is also a chance that you can get this event multiple times!

Stardew Valley Owl Statue Guide: Summary

I am sure you feel much better now that you know there is nothing you can do and nothing in your control when it comes to getting the Stone Owl (yikes!), but at least you know that if you are patient, it is likely to happen sometime, or at least if it doesn’t, it’s not your fault!

But if all that is too much for you, head down to the Night Market and get the closest version!

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