stardew valley how to win egg hunt

Stardew Valley How to Win Egg Hunt

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In the delightful and charming world of Stardew Valley, every day is an adventure. Farming on its own is so fun and satisfying, you get to tend to your crops and watch them grow, and the environment is beautiful too!

Not to mention that as your farm and tend to everything, there are super satisfying sounds, the thawnk of hitting a tree with your axe is one of the best, not to mention the whooomp of frogs nearby in the rain!

If all of this was not enough for you, there are also delightful and equally wacky Festivals sprinkled throughout the year; to ensure that you always have something to look forward to, there are two Festivals every season!

The Egg Festival is the first festival of the year and is a super fun one, the highlight of this, of course, being the Egghunt!

To win the Egg Hunt and the lovely straw hat, you need to beat Abigail by winning nine eggs within 50 seconds. This can be quite tricky, but there will be a map in the article that shows you the locations of all the Eggs!

How Egg-celent Is the Egg Festival?

egg festival stardew valley

The Egg Festival takes place on the 13th of Spring every single year! It bears a striking resemblance to Easter Egg Hunts, but I’m not saying anything. The Egg Festival comes with the gold standard of any decent Festival in Stardew Valley, the fair!

It is so exciting and sweet to see all the residents of Stardew Valley in one place, coming together to be a part of their community!

You can spend time getting caught up with everyone, and what’s exciting is that you can go to the booth and make some significant purchases. My favorite shop item was always the Plush Bunny; it is so cute!

You can also purchase a Lawn Flamingo (equally as fabulous) and some strawberry seeds. You can also buy some other decorative items, such as;

  • Seasonal plants
  • Colorful art sets
  • Pastel Banner
  • Decorative Pitchfork

Another hilarious but often overlooked feature of the Egg Festival is the cardboard cut-out of the rabbit you can stand behind to make you look like a rabbit. I take advantage of this, especially in multiplayer games.

Of course, the Egg Hunt is the main attraction of the Egg Festival! The basics are this, there are 18 eggs hidden in the Town Centre, and you have 50 seconds to collect as many as possible! I know what you’re thinking; with how slowly you walk in Stardew Valley, you could never collect 18 eggs in 50 seconds!

The good news is that if you want to win in the single-player mode, you only have to beat Abigail! Abigail continuously collects eight eggs, so you only have to get nine to win!

If you win, you will get a rather fetching Straw Hat that I love to wear while farming (or at least until I get my old reliable trash can lid to wear). Eight eggs sound like few, and it’s not, but the 50-second time limit will make it difficult, especially if you do not know where the eggs are!

How to Win the Egg Hunt

win the egg festival stardew valley

There are a few key ways to ensure your success in the Egg Hunt; the first is the most basic. If you’re in, you can win! You must be sure to arrive in the Town Square for the Egg Festival on the 13th of Spring and arrive before 2 pm! The Festival runs 9 am – 2 pm, but to be safe, I always come between 9 am and 10 am!

Now that the easy part is out of the way, you need to make sure that, without a doubt, you can collect at least nine eggs in 50 seconds! It sounds easy, but it is not accessible if you don’t know the locations; it’s also not easy if you take complicated routes and get stuck or lost!

Luckily for you, I spent some time creating this map which shows the locations of the eggs! I also chose super cute purple easter eggs as the design, but I guess that’s irrelevant.


Question: When and Where does the Egg Festival take place in Stardew Valley?

Answer: The Egg Festival occurs on the 13th of Easter in the Town Square. The Festival runs from 9 am until 2 pm.

Question: Who Usually Wins the Egg Hunt at the Egg Festival?

Answer: The usual winner of the Egg Hunt is Abigail, as she usually finds eight eggs. All you need to do is get nine eggs; with the egg map, you should be indestructible!

Question: How Much time do you Have to Find all the Eggs in the Egg Hunt?

Answer: You have 50 seconds to find as many eggs as possible in the Egg Hunt! Given the zombie-like movement speed in Stardew Valley, this is certainly not easy or leisurely!

Stardew Valley How to Win Egg Hunt: Summary

Now you should be armed with the information, the motivation, and the determination to win the Egg Hunt and beat Abigail! The joy (and somewhat smugness) of wearing that prized straw hat around Pelican Town is worth it!

Not that winning is everything, I always love talking to all the villagers at the Egg Festival, and I especially like purchasing lots of plants at the shop, and the Plush Bunny and the Lawn Flamingo (I burn through quite a lot of money at the Egg Festival every year, can you tell?)

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