Callum Marshall

Callum is the gaming managing editor and a certified Stardew Valley aficionado, pouring hundreds if not thousands of hours into this relaxing indie title. While overseeing the day-to-day running of the site, you'll commonly see Callum carve out some time to produce some content on one of his favorite games of all time, and lead from the front. Callum has been around the block within the gaming industry, working as an Editor-in-chief for a number of well-respected gaming outlets, he has worked as a games tester, he has gaming podcast experience, has worked in gaming PR. Basically, you name it, and Callum was probably there or somewhere on the periphery.

Best Stardew Valley Plush

Best Stardew Valley Plush

No matter what you make of Stardew Valley as a video game, you can’t deny that this game is incredibly cute. The pixellated style, the lovingly made chiptune music, the distinct character models, and the surprisingly rich world design all culminate to offer one of the most aesthetically pleasing gaming experiences around, and all without the insane

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Stardew Valley Farm Layout Ideas

Stardew Valley Farm Layout Ideas: Marrying Agriculture With Aesthetics

When you sit down for your first-ever playthrough of Stardew Valley, you approach the game with a certain naivety that is both a blessing and a curse. When you begin, everything is brand new, and every character is making their first-ever introduction. Each new area is untapped and begging for you to explore, and all

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