Refined Quartz Stardew Valley Guide

Refined Quartz Stardew Valley Guide

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Refined Quartz is a resource that can be created in Stardew Valley, so long as the player first has the furnace. Although not always someone’s first priority in Stardew Valley, refined quartz does play a key role in creating some valuable items for your farm!

What Can I Make With Refined Quartz?

If you are ready to decorate and do some aesthetic work on your farm, you can use refined quartz to create Crystal Floor. (Although to unlock the recipe for Crystal Floor you first must purchase this from Krobus for 500 coins) Crystal Floor can be placed to create a decorative path around your farm and is commonly used to create a path from the Farm door to other key buildings or crop areas.

Once you have created the Crystal Floor it is easily placed by selecting the material in your inventory and placing it by selecting the area in front of you, no need to panic if you misplace this, simply hit the floor with an axe to collect it again! (Note that the color will change as you move from Fall into Winter).

Very similar to the Crystal Floor is the Crystal Path, which again can be used to decorate the ground on your farm, it is placed in the exact same way as the Crystal Floor, the key difference is the visual difference. While the Crystal Floor is larger block pieces of one color the Crystal Path has more of cobblestone effect with more colors.

To get the recipe for the Crystal Path this must be purchased from Robin 100 coins. (Note that the color will change as you move from Fall into Winter).

You can also use Refined Quartz to create a Farm Computer, which can be used for efficient farm management! By building this item, you will have access to critical statistics about your farm which will alert you to your priorities.

The Farm Computer can advise you of how many crops are planted, how many crops require water, crops ready to harvest, how much hay you have, items available for foraging, any machines which have items ready to be collected, how much soil is not being used, and how the farm cave is doing.

Refined Quartz Stardew Valley Guide

It is important to note however that these stats are only applicable to the area that the machine is placed, for example, if you place the Farm Computer on your farm it will not alert you to forgeable items in the Beach or Woods.

You can see why this is a highly valued item that you will certainly want to create! To do so you must first complete special orders for Demetrius, and then to create this you will require 10x Refined Quartz, 1x Battery Pack, and 1x Dwarf Gadget (Found in the Mines or in Geodes).

Refined Quartz can also be used to create a Garden Pot which allows you to grow crops during any season if used indoors or crops that are in season if used outdoors. The recipe for this is provided to you by Evelyn once you have restored your Greenhouse. To create this you will need 10x Stone, 1x Clay, and 1x Refined Quartz.

Refined Quartz can be used to create Lightning Rods which can, in turn, be placed on your farm in order to create Battery Packs following a storm.

You may want to create a lightning rod in order to gain Battery Packs, as these can be used to create Iridium Sprinklers (which reduce the need for manual watering on the farm) a Crystalarium (which will replicate any crystal placed inside which can be sold for steady income or used as gifts) Lampposts, a Mini Jukebox, or a Farm Computer. So as you can see, a lightning rod can be very beneficial.

To create the Lightning Rods you will need 5x Bat Wings, 1x Iron Bar, 1x Refined Quartz.

To reduce manual watering (Which can often be time-consuming) you can use Refined Quartz to create Quality Sprinklers. Placing these within your soil and crops can help by watering the eight tiles adjacent to the Sprinkler without any further manual work. To create these you will need 1x Refined Quartz, 1x Gold Bar, and 1x Iron Bar.

Lastly, Refined Quartz can also be used to create Solar Panels. Which (once left outside for seven days) generates one battery pack. It is important to note that before you can create the Solar Panel you will need the recipe for this, by completing a special order for Caroline.

Again, Battery Packs are important as they are required to create Iridium Sprinklers (which reduce the need for manual watering on the farm) a Crystalarium (which will replicate any crystal placed inside which can be sold for steady income or used as gifts) Lampposts, a Mini Jukebox, or a Farm Computer. To create a Solar Panel you will need 10x Refined Quartz, 5x Iron Bars, and 5x Gold Bars.

There are also structures that are buildable within the game which require Refined Quartz, such as the Slime Hutch. This is a building that can be placed on your home and used to harvest Slimes which you can then slay in order to collect materials and resources from them.

The Slime Hutch is a big investment however as it requires 10,000 coins as well as 10x Refined Quartz, 1x Iridium Bar, and 500x Stones. Once you have built the hutch, you will place Slime Eggs inside which will grow into individual Slimes, although the Hutch can only hold 20 Slimes at one time. You should always enter armed and ready to slay the Slimes if this is the route you want to take!

There is another method, however, where you keep your Slimes and do not kill them, and instead similar to a Beehive use the Slimes to collect a Petrified Jelly which they make (You should also still enter armed though as the Slimes will always attack you).

How Do I Make Refined Quartz?

Refined Quartz Stardew Valley

To create Refined Quartz you first need 1x Quartz piece, and 1x Coal (You can also use 1x Fire Quartz and 1x Coal) To create Refined Quartz in this way you also require a Furnace, holding the items in your inventory you select the Coal, and the Quartz and place them inside the furnace, and collect the Refined Quartz bar when this is done.

The benefit of using the mineral, Fire Quartz as opposed to the regular mineral, Quartz is that this will produce 3x Refined Quartz Bars rather than one. Once you collect Copper Ore from the Blacksmith, the following day a cutscene will appear where Clint provides you with the recipe for a Furnace. To create the Furnace you will require 25x Stones and 20x Copper Ores.

You also receive a furnace as a reward for completing the Blacksmith bundle in the Community Centre which is located in the Boiler Room.

If you create a Recycling Machine, this can also be created by placing Broken CDs or Broken Glasses inside, which you can often find by looting through Bins or via unsuccessful fishing!

The Recycling Machine can be created using 25x Wood, 25x Stone, and 1x Iron Bar. You can also receive the Recycling Machine as a reward for completing the Field Research Bundle in the Community Centre which is located on the Bulletin Board. You will receive the recipe for this Machine once you reach fishing level four.

Although only Broken Glasses and CDs will produce Refined Quartz you can also place Trash, Driftwood, and Soggy Newspaper in the machine to create Stone, Coal, Iron Ore, Wood, a Torch, or Cloth.

Occasionally Refined Quartz can also be found in the Mines by breaking rocks and stones with your Pickaxe. This is relevant to floors 41-79 of the Pelican town mines and pertains to the crystal-like breakable debris on the floor. These items cannot be found in the Skull Cavern in the Calico Desert or out on Ginger Island.

Then lastly, the most unlikely method of obtaining a bar of Refined Quartz would be checking garbage cans every day, or alternatively, finding them in a Fishing treasure chest. Both garbage cans and a fishing treasure chest will offer random items and therefore, a Refined Quartz bar is never out of the question. So be sure to dumpster dive in a garbage can when you see one and fish regualrly!


Question: How Do I Smelt Refined Quartz?

Answer: If you want to create your own Refined Quartz, you can do this by smelting 1x Quartz (regular or Fire Quartz) with 1x Coal. To do this both of these items must be placed inside a Furnace, and when the Furnace is done there will be 1x Refined Quartz bar ready to collect (Or three if you opt for Fire Quartz) Of course this does require a Furnace so if you do not already have one you should either complete the Blacksmith bundle in the Community Centre which is located in the Boiler Room, or create the Furnace using 25x Stones and 20x Copper Ores.

Question: Can I Sell Refined Quartz?

Answer: Refined Quartz can be sold, however, it can only be sold for 50 coins, and is arguably more valuable used within recipes to create other items (So if you want advice I would advise you keep it rather than sell it until a clear use makes itself known to you)

Question: Can I Gift Refined Quartz?

Answer: Yes! Refined Quartz can also be gifted, this can be a valuable use of the Quartz if there is nothing you wish to use to create. It is worth noting however that most residents do not like or love Refined Quartz as a gift so you will not be thanked much for this, in fact only Clint is neutral toward this gift, while everyone else either dislikes or hates Refined Quartz.

What Platforms is Stardew Valley Available on?

Answer: This brilliant farming simulator is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, IOS, and Android. This game is a perfect modern alternative for those that love the Harvest Moon series

Refined Quartz Stardew Valley Guide: In Conclusion

There are many ways in which you can gather Refined Quartz, no matter which item you plan on using it for. The most consistent way to do this is to regularly explore the Mines, and collect and store Quartz or Fire Quartz as well as Coal, and place these inside the furnace to ensure a steady supply of Refined Quartz when you do need it.

You should also build a Recycling Machine and regularly place any trash items inside this to maximize productivity on your farm!

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