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Caroline Stardew Valley Guide: Stardew Valley’s in-Game Mom

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Eric Barrone’s (Concerned Ape) most popular indie game, Stardew Valley, is a virtual paradise. This is a dream come true for every escapist, yet it still features a motley of exciting characters that you get to interact with. Every Stardew Valley character certainly helps make your experience a fun and exciting one.

The Pelican Town’s villagers have a story to tell, and just like your real-life friends or loved ones, you’ll get to know their likes, dislikes, and hobbies as you become closer to them. 

Sometimes, these friendships can even blossom into a relationship – marriage is even possible. This is probably why many love the game. It allows you to interact with all the characters and develop a closer connection with your favorites. 

However, not all characters are marriage candidates, but that doesn’t mean they are devoid of their backstory and personality. In fact, one of the favorite characters among the Stardew Valley community is Caroline! She is the wife of Pierre and the mother of Abigail. Simply take the time to get to know her, and you’ll be surprised about her. 

If you’re interested to know more about her, this guide is definitely for you! We’ll give you all the essential information you need to know about Caroline. I’ll be thorough and discuss her appearance, personality, schedule, quests, and even heart events! 

Bottom Line Up Front

Caroline is among the many villagers you can interact with. She lives with her family, Pierre, and Abigail, at the General Store. She’s your homey and sweet suburban mom who would rather spend time with her family than do anything else. She even wishes that her husband isn’t a workaholic and would spend more time with them, especially during the holidays. 

Caroline’s essentials

If you want to build a strong bond with Caroline, the way to her heart is quite simple. You only need to give her some delightful treats and blossoms. She definitely loves being remembered, and once you’ve developed a friendship with her, she’s not shy to provide you with endearing gifts and unique narrative experiences. 

  • Birthday: Winter 7
  • Home Location: Pierre’s General Store
  • Family: Pierre, Abigail
  • Friends: Jodi
  • Clinic Visit: Fall 25
  • Occupation: Housewife / Helps Around the Store
  • Marriage: No 

Caroline: Appearance, Personality, and Hobbies


At first glance, you wouldn’t think that Caroline isn’t a marriage candidate because she looks relatively young and dashing. Her bright green hair will definitely catch your attention.

She loves to keep her hair tidy in a low pigtail using blue hair ties — which perfectly complements her hair color. She also wears sweet and wispy fringe bangs that accentuate her round green eyes. Caroline also loves to wear a half-smile whenever you bump into her. 

Despite several game developments and updates, Caroline’s look remains the same. She wears her bright blue blouse with stripe details and a gold necklace. At times, you can also spot her wearing a spaghetti strap top when she’s lounging near the beach or at her aerobics class.


Like every traditional mom, Caroline wants to help her daughter be a “proper” lady. She gets easily frustrated with her daughter’s unconventional hobbies and bold attitude. But despite all that, she loves her daughter so much. She roots for her and wishes that she ends up with a person that makes him ultimately happy. 

She’s pretty easy to please by giving her the gifts she likes. Interestingly, it’s pretty tricky to get her well-loved items since they require complicated ingredients. You can benefit from her recipes, crops, and vegetables when you’re friends with her. So, she is really like your thoughtful mother in the game. 


While Caroline enjoys doing the house chores, she also has a lot of hobbies. She is a keen gardener and spends an awful lot growing different kinds of plants in her sunroom. She also enjoys spending time with her family inside their house in the house.

On the days when she’s out and about, she loves hanging out with her best friend, Jodi. Both of them are moms; that’s why they relate to each other’s struggles. They attend aerobics class on Tuesdays together with Marnie, Emily, and Robin. 


Caroline spends most of her time inside her house. It sits on the north side of Town Square. Every time you enter her house, you might notice her being busy with chores and tending to the store as well.

Her schedule is more complex than the rest of the villagers and is divided according to the seasons. We’ll explore the things she does in the list below during spring, summer, fall, and winter. 

Spring and Fall 

Her schedule for Spring and Fall seasons are alike. She leaves the house at 2:00 pm on Mondays and Thursdays to talk to Jodi in the Town Square till 4:00 pm. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, she spends all day doing chores at home. While on Wednesdays, she is near the Community Center. She also visits the Museum on Fridays. 

Summer and Winter

Caroline’s schedule has been segmented to be similar for Summer and Winter. She leaves her house on Mondays and goes to the Town Square to meet Jodi. She also goes to her aerobics class if the weather is good. However, she stays at home during the rainy days. She goes to the west of the Community Center from half past noon till five at night. 

Her routine doesn’t drastically change where she frequents the Town Square at 1:30 pm on Thursdays. On Fridays and weekends, she goes to the Museum from 1:40 pm to 5:00 pm and visits the Town Square from 2:50 pm to 3:50 pm, respectively. 


Caroline is married to Pierre, the owner of the General Store. She lives with her husband and her daughter Abigail in the General Store. Caroline was very close to the Wizard when they first moved into Pelican Town. They spend a lot of time together, and Pierre gets overly jealous about their connection. She even shares her adventures with the Wizard to the tower in a cutscene. However, she emphasizes that you shouldn’t tell Pierre about this. 

On the other hand, the Wizard has mentioned that one of the villagers is her long-lost daughter. Many fans speculate that Abigail’s birth father is the Wizard, who shares the same vibrant purple hair color. 

When you max out your friendship level with Pierre, you’ll also unlock a dialogue of him stating his fears of not being Abigail’s biological father. Despite all the mystery about Caroline’s relationships, she is a very caring and loving mother to her daughter. 

This interesting theory on Caroline’s past relationships has kept fans on the hook. While pieces of evidence point out these facts, ConceredApe hasn’t made any comments on the matter. However, he highlighted that there are still many secrets that fans should uncover in Stardew Valley.

Maybe we’ll find our answers to this mystery by befriending Caroline’s best friend, Jodi. She mentions that Caroline shares everything with her.

Best Gifts for Caroline

There are many different ways to increase your friendship with Caroline. Be it talking to her once per day, completing a quest, or giving her gifts. And when you give gifts, you also need to know if Caroline loves or hates those gifts. If she loves it, you’ll get more points. We’ve come up with a list of all the gifts Caroline loves.

Whenever she receives any of these gifts, she will be overjoyed and says, “You’re giving this… to me? I’m speechless.”

Fish Taco

Caroline loves homecooked meals, especially Fish Tacos. You can prepare it in a kitchen of an upgraded farmhouse or using a cookout kit. It only uses four ingredients: Tuna, Tortilla, Red Cabbage, and Mayonnaise. However, if you don’t have all these ingredients, you can check out Krobus’ Shop on Saturday since this is included in his inventory. 

The prices for this cooked dish largely vary; at the Krobus shop, you can buy it for 50g to 500g. However, this is relatively expensive to buy at the Stardrop Saloon for 1000g. It’s even more costly at the Traveling Cart for 1,500 to 2000g. 

Green Tea

It’s quite apparent why Caroline loves Green Tea. Well, she needs all the energy she can get with all the chores she’s been doing. Most probably, Caroline also gets the effects of this pleasant and energizing beverage which is +30 Max Energy, for nearly five minutes. 

To make this drinkable Artisan Good, you need Tea Leaves. You’ll put the leaves in the Keg, and the process takes three hours. 

Summer Spangle

This tropical bloom can be grown from Spangle Seeds in eight days. Once the plant is fully grown, you can only harvest one flower. Summer Spangle only thrives in humid summer air. It also has a pleasant and tangy aroma. You cannot also purchase this flower from the Traveling Cart or the Shops. 

Tropical Curry

This is also one of Caroline’s favorite dishes. Its savory and spicy kick offers a uniquely refreshing taste. Presentation-wise, it’s quite intriguing since this delightful, fragrant curry is served in a pineapple bowl. To make the Tropical Curry, you need to purchase the recipe on Ginger Island Resort for 2000g. 

You can make it inside your upgraded farmhouse’s kitchen or through a cookout kit. You’ll need three ingredients which are coconut (1), hot pepper (1), and pineapple (1).

Caroline’s Most Hated Gifts

Because you already know Caroline’s well-loved gifts, it’s also crucial to understand which items she hates. When you give Caroline gifts that she hates, you run the risk of getting demerits on your friendship points. Among all the villagers, she’s probably the easiest to please since she only hates two specific items.

Every time you give Caroline any of the gifts on this, she will be disgusted and say, “This is absolute junk. I’m offended.”

  • All Universal Hates 
  • Salmonberry
  • Quartz

However, she also has an extensive list of things she dislikes. Whenever you give her any of these, she’ll be confused and say, “No, no, no…”

  • Amaranth
  • Chanterelle
  • Common Mushroom
  • Dandelion
  • Duck Mayonnaise
  • Ginger
  • Hazelnut
  • Holly
  • Leek
  • Magma Cap
  • Mayonnaise
  • Morel
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Snow Yam
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Winter Root


Aside from giving gifts, you can also complete Caroline’s quests to increase your friendship with her. She only has one quest to complete and a couple of “Help Wanted” favors throughout the entire game. These are the following tasks you can finish so you can get rewards from Caroline: 

Carving Pumpkins 

On the 19th of Fall, Caroline will send you a letter asking you to bring her a Pumpkin. Once you finish this task, she’ll reward you with 500g and 1 Friendship Heart. 

“Help Wanted” Board 

Caroline may put out a help sign on the board outside Pierre’s General Store at random times. She will usually request different kinds of items; you’ll get rewarded three times the base value of the item plus 150 Friendship once you deliver the item/s she requested. 

Heart Events 


This Heart Event triggers when you’ve earned any amount of friendship points with Caroline. She sends out a gift in the mail just for you. Usually, she gives crops and vegetables such as parsnip, potato, and cauliflower. You’ll get a higher chance of receiving gifts in the mail as your friendship points increase. 

The letter writes: 

Dear (Name),

Here’s a vegetable from the little garden I keep out back. You probably have more veggies than you know what to do with, but oh well.


Two Hearts

You can only trigger this event in the right weather conditions. First, you need to enter the sunroom via the door in Caroline’s kitchen from 9 am to 5 pm. Do this when it’s not raining. Once you enter the room, Caroline is delighted to show you her sunroom.

She then asks your opinion on how it looks. You get to pick between four choices, all of which will not positively or negatively impact your friendship. 

  • It’s beautiful! 
  • It’s very relaxing, 
  • It’s too hot in here…
  • Not as good as my farm! 

When you’ve chosen your answer, Caroline continues to tell you how her sunroom is her sanctuary. Afterward, she’ll offer a cup of Green Tea. She uses home-grown tea leaves from her sunroom. You get to accept or reject the offer without any positive or negative effect. Whichever you choose, a cutscene will play. 

She’ll also invite you to come over anytime by saying, “Feel free to come here and relax any time you want, okay?”

As the heart event finishes, you’ve unlocked the sunroom. You get to visit it anytime the house is open. A Tea Bush is in the center of the room; you can harvest Tea Leaves by clicking the plant once each day. However, it will only be ready for harvest during the last week of every season. Don’t fret; Caroline will send you a Tea Sapling recipe so you can grow your own bush. The recipe calls for wild seeds, fiber, and wood.

Three Hearts

Once you’ve reached three friendship hearts with Caroline, you’ll get to receive a recipe in the mail. It’s a recipe for Parsnip Soup. The recipe requires Parsnip (1), Milk (1), and Vinegar (1). She’ll also include a thoughtful letter that reads: 

Nothing is more satisfying than cooking with fresh vegetables from your garden! I’ve enclosed a recipe to help you out. Take care, – Caroline.

Six Hearts

You can only trigger the Six Hearts Event when you enter Pierre’s General Store when Caroline and Abigail are around. When you enter the store, you immediately overhear the argument between Caroline and her daughter in the kitchen. The cutscene proceeds with the two bickering.

The conflict revolves around how Abigail wants her mom to stop telling her how to live her life. It begins to escalate as Caroline responds in a stern tone. She tells her daughter to cut it out and be thankful for the things they provide to her.

Abigail seemingly reasons out that she appreciates the things her parents do for her. However, she’s her own person and wants to dress the way she wants. She even exclaims that she isn’t a little girl anymore. In a guilty manner, Caroline understands her daughters and apologizes. 

Abigail walks towards the door where you’re hiding and asks if someone is around. Out of surprise, you immediately run away. When Abigail comes out, she apologizes about what happened to her mom earlier. 

Seven Hearts

This is the maximum amount of heart events for Caroline. In this Seven-Hearts Event, you’ll receive a mail from Caroline that writes: 

Nothing is more satisfying than cooking with fresh vegetables from your garden! I’ve enclosed a recipe to help you out. Take care,


Enclosed in this letter is a recipe that Caroline calls the recipe Vegetable Stew. However, its name is more popularly known as Vegetable Medley. You’ll only need tomato and beet to make a Vegetable Medley. 


Question: Did Caroline cheat on Pierre?

Answer: Unfortunately, there’s no canon news or confirmation about these speculations. ConcernedApe is extremely mum about Abigail’s parentage. However, there’s jarring evidence showing that the Wizard has a long-lost daughter who lives in town. Many fans assumed that the girl she referred to was Abigail. This infers that Caroline might have cheated on Pierre. 

Question: Can you Marry Caroline?

Answer: No, Caroline is married to Pierre. The concept of divorce isn’t available for NPC players, so Pierre and Caroline will never divorce. The good thing is their daughter, Abigail, is a marriage candidate. Many Stardew Valley players believe that she is one of the best single villagers to marry.

Question: Where does Caroline hang out in Pelican Town?

Answer: Caroline spends most of her time inside her house, which is Pierre’s, General Store. You can also spot her lounging in her private sunroom. Aside from that, she also loves to chill at the Town Square with her friends. She also started an aerobics class held inside their unused workout room.

Caroline Stardew Valley Guide: Bottom Line

It’s hard not to like Caroline. While she definitely has skeletons in her closet. She seems to be a caring mom and a good friend. She’s your typical housewife and suburban mom who spends most of her time at home or doing her hobbies. 

Since she doesn’t have an actual occupation aside from tending the store, she hosts aerobic classes in her house’s workout room. She also spends most of her time in the Sun Room, where she gets to relax and think about her deepest thoughts. While Caroline and her daughter might have different views on life, it’s without a doubt that Caroline loves her so much. Her thoughtfulness and kindness are comparable to a real-life mom.

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