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Snow Yam Stardew Valley Guide

Ah, crisp air, the white blanket of snow that covers the ground beyond your Farmhouse, and not having to tend to any crops outside of your Greenhouse.

Yes, that’s right, we are talking about Winter in Stardew Valley. Winter in Stardew Valley is a magical time where the only thing that grows is your XP in all other areas aside from farming, where the town celebrates the Feast of the Winter Star and where everyone upgrades their tools for the new Spring season.

However, you may be thinking to yourself, how can you function as a farmer in a farming simulator game if you can’t grow any crops. Well, thankfully, in Stardew Valley, you can fish, mine, and care for livestock to keep turning a coin. However, there is the option of searching for and growing Winter forage items, and one of which is the Snow Yam.

This may seem like a rather unassuming forage item, but in reality, this item actually has multiple uses within the game, and we wouldn’t be doing our job right if we didn’t keep you informed. So with that in mind, we have put together a guide that will help you get the most out of these frozen little sweet potatoes. So without further delay, here is our Stardew Valley Snow Yam Guide.

What is a Snow Yam?


Item Type: Winter Forage

Energy: 30-78

Health: 13-35

Value: 100-200g

A Snow Yam is a frozen Sweet Potato that is part of the Winter forage item collection. This item is unlike the other items found at this time of year like Holly, Crocus, Winter Root, and Crystal Fruit, for example. This is because while all of these items can be found by wandering about the above-ground, a Snow Yam can only be located by digging up soft snow with a hoe. The only exception to this is when you are growing Wild Winter Seeds.

Where Can You Get One?

A Snow Yam can be only be found in Pelican Town during the Winter season. So when you see the Snow, you know that it’s Snow Yam season. Players will be able to find these items by tilling soft soil. The player has a 4% chance of uncovering a Snow Yam when they hit a random piece of land. However, this figure rises to 16% when the player tills the soil of a known artifact spot. This is indicated by a couple of wiggly worms.

The second way that you can acquire a Snow Yam is through growing Wild Winter Seeds. These can be obtained as a gift for completing the Winter Forage Community Center Bundle, or if you have the crafting recipe, you can also grow them yourself. When planted, these will eventually show up above the ground and can be lifted with no need for any tools.

Then lastly, there is a very good chance that you may come across a Snow Yam when working through floors 40-60 in the Pelican Town Mines. As these floors are frozen, you can find quite a lot of winter forage on these floors, making it a great place to go regularly if you want to get a jump on the Winter forage bundle.

A good way to find these fast is to head down the mines and find an area with lots of soft soil. Then be sure to make and pack lots of bombs for your trip to the mines. Then gradually use these on the soil. This will quickly dig up the soil, reducing the time spent looking for Snow Yams and the energy used also.

What Can Snow Yams Be Used For?


Now that you know where to look for Snow Yams, we think it’s about time we told you how to make use of these Winter goodies. So here are the best uses for Snow Yams in Stardew Valley:

Winter Forage Bundle: 

The first Snow Yam that you come across in Stardew Valley should immediately be set aside and be taken to the Community Centre. This is because it is part of the Winter Forage collection. For this collection, you will need a Winter Root, a Crystal Fruit, a Crocus flower, and of course, a Snow Yam.

When you complete this bundle, you will be awarded 30 Winter Wild Seeds which can be grown or sold for a decent profit. Plus, you’ll be one step closer to completing the Crafts Room, which will ultimately repair the bridge and grant you access to the Quarry, so it’s worth doing for sure.



Once you have at least one of these for your bundle, you could consider selling these Winter goodies. When you sell this item, you can make anything from 100g to 200g depending on the item quality. So if you find these in the early game, this can be a nice little injection of cash.

Wild Seeds

If you don’t want to just toss these in the Shipping Bin as soon as you get them, there are other uses for these Yams. You can collect these along with the other Winter Forage items and craft Wild Seeds. Granted, you will have to have the crafting recipe in your possession first, and this will require you to get your foraging skill up to level seven.

However, once you have done this, you can get your hands on ten Wild Winter Seeds at a time, and with a little luck, these forage items could be sold for 1,000g or more. So this is definitely a viable option for money-making farmers.



Then if you don’t want to try and monetize your Snow Yams, they can work as a thoughtful gift in a pinch. There are some people in Pelican Town that like these winter items, and this can be a great option if you are short of potential gifts and have your hoe in your inventory. Here are all the townspeople that like Snow Yams:

  • Harvey
  • Leah
  • Linus

Then here is every person that feels neutral towards this item:

  • Abigail
  • Alex
  • Clint
  • Demetrius
  • Emily
  • Evelyn
  • George
  • Gus
  • Lewis
  • Marnie
  • Pam
  • Penny
  • Robin
  • Sandy (Calcio Desert)

Everyone else either dislikes this item or hates it. So we would urge you not to gift this item to anyone not listed here unless you want a negative reaction and a wasted opportunity to improve your relationship.



Then if none of these uses excite you, then there are a couple of other options. The first is, if you have a sewing machine, you can break this item down and create clothing. This item produces a cute blue sweater item that replicates the color of the baby blue Snow Yam. It makes for a great Winter outfit and is a great way to get used out of your Snow Yams.

Or alternatively, you could just ignore all of the above and keep your Snow Yam in a chest somewhere. You see, during the winter period, there is a good chance that someone will request a Snow Yam on the daily quest board.

So keeping this item and using it for a quest will not only allow you to get double value for this item but will also improve your relationship with the quest giver by 150 points. So we say keep one tucked away just in case.

Go Ham For Snow Yams!

As you can see from the information above, Snow Yams are deceptively useful within the Stardew Valley universe. These items are used for bundles, make great gifts, good moneymakers, and can even provide clothes so you can look snazzy over the Winter period. We hope that this guide helps you get the most out of these frosty Sweet Potatoes, and as always, thank you for reading.


Question: What Are The Other Seasonal Forage Items?

Answer: You may have read the section pertaining to the Winter Forage bundle in the Community Centre, and you may be wondering what other forage items can be used to complete bundles for each other season. Well, we have got you covered. Here are all the seasonal Forage items by season:
• Wild Horseradish (Spring)
• Leek (Spring)
• Dandelion (Spring)
• Daffodil (Spring)
• Grape (Summer)
• Spice Berry (Summer)
• Sweet Pea (Summer)
• Wild Plum (Fall)
• Common Mushroom (Fall)
• Blackberries (Fall)
• Hazelnut (Fall)
• Snow Yam (Winter)
• Winter Root (Winter)
• Crocus (Winter)
• Crystal Fruit (Winter)

Question: What is the Best Money Making Forage Item?

Answer: Surprisingly, it’s not a consumable seasonal forage item. In fact, it’s an item that can only be foraged on the beach. In the summer, players will be able to find Rainbow Shells on the beach and at their most valuable (Iridium quality). These items can fetch players up to 600g each. However, this item is needed for a quest with Mr. Qi, so be sure to keep at least one before you go shipping a bunch of these.

Snow Yam Stardew Valley Guide: Should You Spend Time Finding Snow Yams Early?

Honestly, probably not. If you are working your way down the mine and you happen to dig up a Winter Root or a Snow Yam on floors 41-59, then great. However, if you don’t, it’s not the end of the world, as these forage items are readily available around the town from the first day of Winter. So if you want to hold off, that’s cool too.

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