Starfruit Stardew Valley Guide

Starfruit Stardew Valley Guide

While Stardew Valley is a game that does a great job at offering gameplay variety and offers more than enough ways to procrastinate and distract yourself from the task at hand, one must remember that at its core, this game is farming simulator and a great one at that.

Players are actively encouraged to seek out hidden treasures, explore the world beyond Pelican town and take part in various festivals, activities, and even romantic relationships throughout their time playing this game. However, the game’s core gameplay loop does a great job of teaching the player that this can only happen when their farming duties are taken care of.

What we are getting at here is that you can’t make money if you haven’t set your farm up to succeed, and to do that, especially in the early, to mid-game, will rely heavily on crops.

There is a huge variety of crops present in Stardew Valley, and even more so with the addition of Ginger Island and its tropical options. However, it is actually the crops within the vanilla game, prior to the recent updates, that offer the best value and potential for profit. The best options are Ancient Fruit and Sweet Gem Berries.

However, as these are hard to grow in large volumes until you are well through the game’s content, we want to focus on the best alternative option, which still offers a ludicrous amount of profit for those that buy seeds in bulk. We are, of course, talking about Starfruit.

Starfruit is one of the most expensive crops to buy in terms of seed prices, but equally, it’s one of the best crops to sell, with huge profit margins for those that grow these crops.

However, you may just be starting out in Stardew Valley and be unsure where to buy the seeds for this crop, you may be unsure of the cost to do so, and you may be wondering if it’s even worth it. Well, we aim to answer all this and more. So without further delay, here is our Stardew Valley Starfruit Guide.

What Is Starfruit?

Starfruit seeds

  • Season: Summer
  • Energy: 125-325
  • Health: 56-146
  • Value: 750g-1650g

Starfruit is a seasonal fruit that can be grown within Stardew Valley. It is said to be a juicy and sweet-tasting fruit with a sour aftertaste and can only be grown in hot, humid weather. This fruit is grown outdoors in Summer but can also be grown year-round if the player uses the greenhouse after completing the Pantry Bundles within the Community Centre.

This fruit is a very aesthetically pleasing one, with a shape that mimics the name. This fruit is a vibrant yellow color and is shaped like a star, with three visible pips seen in the middle of the design. When the player grows and harvests one of these crops, they will receive 43 farming XP.

Where Can I Get Starfruit?

  • Locations: Calico Desert, Cindersap Forest, Museum, Skull Cavern
  • Sold by: Sandy, Travelling Merchant, Gunther, N/A
  • Seed Cost: 400g each, 600-1000g each, N/A, N/A

Starfruit seeds can be obtained in a number of ways. The most common option to get your hands on some seeds is to head out to the Calico Desert. To do this, you will need to complete the Vault Bundle in the Community center, which in turn will require 42,500g to invest and the completion of at least five other bundles to unlock the Vault Room.

If you have done this, you simply pay your bus fare, head out to the Calico Desert and head south of the bus stop. Here you will see a shop known as ‘Oasis.’ Inside, you will find Sandy manning the till, and she will sell you Starfruit Seeds at 400g a pop.

The above method may be the most common, but if you are lucky, you can get your hands on Starfruit Seeds even faster in this game. However, this will mainly rely on luck as this method involves the Travelling Merchant. She will occasionally stock a limited supply of Starfruit Seeds and will sell them at a premium price of 600-1000g.

Thirdly, there is a way of generating Starfruit seeds if you are willing to put in the effort. If you donate 15 items to the museum, you will be awarded one Starfruit seed from Gunther.

You can achieve this rather quickly, meaning that you can have one fully grown Starfruit by Summer 13. Then if you have access to a seed maker, you will be able to potentially multiply these seeds endlessly and never have to buy Starfruit seeds at all, meaning 100% pure profit.

Or finally, if you are a keen explorer and miner, you may already have access to the Skull Cavern. Well, occasionally, when descending the perilous Skull Cavern, you may stumble across a treasure room, and in the said treasure room, you can find up to twenty-five Starfruit seeds, which means a whole lot of profit when you decide to plant them.

Starfruit Growth Rate


  • Grows in: 13 days
  • Growth Stages: five
  • Reproducing Crop: No

When you plant Starfruit Seeds, this begins one of the longest waits in the game for a crop to grow to a point where you can harvest. The player will have to wait a total of thirteen days before they are able to harvest a ripe Starfruit. With the help of the Agriculturalist perk or the use of speed-gro, this can be altered slightly, but ultimately, you will still have to wait quite a while.

The crop has five unique stages of growth which happen on day two, day three, day five, and day nine, respectively. This crop may be the highest value raw material within the game aside from Sweet Gem Berries. However, it is important to consider that after you harvest this plant, you’ll need to invest in new seeds.

Whereas with Ancient Fruit, for example, the player plants once and reaps the spoils of these crops forevermore. Just something to bear in mind before you go spending your savings on these seeds.

Best Way to Profit from Starfruit

  • Best Raw Sale Price: 1,650g
  • Best Preserve Sale Price: 2,170g
  • Best Artisan Sale Price: 6,300g

Starfruit, when sold on their own, offer the player a rather healthy stream of revenue; however, it is important to remember that the high price of the seeds can deter many beginner players and can cut down your overall profit margins.

Based on the lowest value of a Starfruit and taking into account the cost of the seeds, the lowest potential daily profit from these crops works out at about 30g per day, which is easily the highest of all Summer crops, with Red Cabbage coming in second at about 17g per day. So with this in mind, simply growing and selling Starfruit is a great option for those that can afford it.

Then if you want to up the value of your Starfruit, you can do so by crafting yourself some preserve jars. These machines allow you to add value to your Starfruit and are a great way to get the most out of lower-quality crops.

You can more than double the value of a common starfruit, upping its value from 750g to 1,550g. Then with the addition of the artisan profession perk, this will rise to 2,170g. So this is a super option for those with lots of Preserve Jars to use.

However, the option that is by far the most profitable is taking the harvested Starfruit and placing it into a keg. This will create Starfruit Wine which sells for a base value of 2,250g and 3,150g if you have the Artisan Profession perk. Then if you have the final house upgrade and access to a cellar, you will be able to up this value even more.

By placing these bottles of wine in a Cask, you can up the value to a whopping 4,500g, and then this can be upped through the Artisan Profession perk to offer 6,300g per bottle. So, in short, you’ll want to fully upgrade your Farmhouse as soon as you can if you want to invest in Starfruit long-term.

Alternative Uses for Starfruit

Dye bundle

You may think that Starfruit is just a crop that can make you a lot of money, but to assume that would be rather short-sighted. For you see, there are a lot of alternative uses for this crop which can be real game-changers depending on how you play and what you prioritize when going about your daily routine.

However, you may be scratching your head and wondering about these alternative uses and what they are. Well, we won’t keep you in the dark any longer. Here are all the best alternative uses for Starfruit in Stardew valley:


Fruit can make a thoughtful gift for the townspeople of Stardew Valley, so long as you are aware of everyone’s preferences. You see, not everyone is going to take kindly to being given a Starfruit, and it’s important to only use this as a gift for those that will really appreciate it. So with that in mind, here is a quick list of all the characters in Stardew Valley who like Starfruit:

  • Demetrius
  • Elliot
  • Harvey
  • Jodi
  • Kent
  • Leah
  • Linus
  • Pam
  • Robin
  • Sandy
  • Shane

Everyone else is either indifferent or dislikes Starfruit. So unless they happen to be on the list above, it would be a better option for players to consider alternative gifts for these characters. 


While Starfruit does not appear in any of the standard bundles if the player chooses to play with remixed bundles, there is a possibility that Starfruit will appear, meaning the player will need to get their hands on one of these. This fruit appears in the Remixed Dye bundle, which is a part of the Bulletin Board section of the Community Centre.

Junimo Huts

Junimo Huts

It’s not often that you have to collect crops in order to build farm buildings; however, in the case of Starfruit, this is very much the case. This pertains to the Wizard buildings, which become accessible in the end-game content for this game. Players will be able to access a menu that allows them to request magical buildings from the Wizard, and one of these buildings is a Junimo Hut.

A Junimo hut allows the player to go about their business while Junimos will come out of their little huts and collect any Crops that are ready to be harvested. This means that players don’t have to spend time manually picking up crops and can use that time to automate the farm elsewhere. 

To build a Junimo hut, the player will need to invest 20,000g, they will need to have in their possession 200 stone, 100 Fiber, and most importantly, the player will have to bring along nine Starfruit if they want to build these very helpful farm structures. So, if you have some Starfruit lying around and want to cut down your workload, this is an excellent option. 


If the release of the 1.5 Stardew Valley update, players can now make their own clothes rather than sticking with the threads they picked at the beginning of the game. Your style can change, and now the game accommodates this need to be in trend.

With the help of a Sewing machine and a Starfruit, players can craft Genie Pants, which are baggy, vibrant yellow pants that will be sure to catch a few eyes when you hit the Stardrop Saloon. So for some new threads, use a Starfruit for something a little out there.

A Soldier’s Star


While all items in the game can technically be chosen as a wanted item via the random daily quest bulletin board, there are only a handful of items that get their own dedicated quest. Starfruit is one such item and is requested by Kent.

You will receive a letter on Summer 15th on your second year, which will begin this quest. You will need to bring one Starfruit to Kent and will be rewarded with 500g and a boost of one heart concerning yourself and Kent’s relationship. 


Question: Are Starfruit Real?

Answer: Yes, Starfruit is real, and they are just as juicy and delicious as those shown within Stardew Valley. The real name for this fruit is Carambola, and it originates from Southeast Asia. These fruits are most commonly compared to Apples, Pears, and Grapes in terms of taste. 

Question: Can You Buy Other Crops In The Oasis Desert Shop?

Answer: The Oasis shop is the easiest way to get your hands on lots of Starfruit Seeds. However, Starfruit Seeds are not the only crops that can be bought from this store. Here is a quick list of all the options available:
Cactus Seeds – 150g
Rhubarb Seeds – 100g
Beet seeds – 20g

Question: Should I Play With Remixed Bundles?

Answer: This really depends on the kind of gameplay experience you want to have. With the standard bundles, you will have the authentic Stardew Valley experience, and ultimately, this is a much more accessible and easy list of items to procure.
So if you are a beginner player, we would suggest you play with the vanilla bundles. However, if you are a player that is experienced in all things Stardew Valley or if you are someone that just loves a challenge, then you might appreciate this variety and the difficulty that the remixed bundles offer. 

Starfruit Stardew Valley Guide: Star of the Show!

As you can see from the information above, Starfruit is a very profitable and very useful crop to grow. However, before you become a Starfruit farmer, you will need to have a decent amount of cash to splash. Plus, it would be better if you had a Greenhouse available on your farm, as this will allow you to farm these fantastic items year-round.

This is a great way to make your profits soar and fund more interesting farming projects down the line. So do yourself a favor and go buy some seeds of Sandy today and take your farming output to the next level!

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