stardew valley crystalarium guide

Stardew Valley Crystalarium Guide

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There is much more to Stardew Valley than Farming or Fishing; an attractive and often lucrative path for any Stardew Valley player is Mining. Mining allows players to uncover expensive minerals and gems within the Mine in the Town or within the Skull Cavern; these minerals and gems can then, in turn, be sold for a good price or even gifted to others to improve your relationships within the Town romantically or platonically.

What is a Crystalarium?

stardew valley crystalarium

The Crystalarium is a machine that you can craft and can then be used to replicate pretty much any Crystal (Other than the Prismatic Shard) Geode Mineral or Foraged Mineral that you uncover within the game. To use the Crystalarium, you insert the item which you want to replicate, and the Crystalarium will then begin to replicate this item indefinitely.

Each copy of your item can then be collected from the Crystalarium and sold or gifted onward; proceed with caution, however, as you can only replicate one item per Crystalarium. For example, if you place a Diamond inside (which is usually my go-to), the machine will only produce Diamonds, and you can not change this.

You will be able to tell when an item is ready to collect as while the item is being created; the Crystalarium will shake; however, when the item is ready for you to collect, you will notice that the Crystalarium is suddenly still. To gather your item, you simply approach the Crystalarium and select the item.

How Do I Get a Crystalarium?

You Can Receive It as a Reward

There are a few different routes available to uncover the Crystalarium. It can be gifted to you if you are first able to donate fifty items to the town Museum (Which can take some time, so if you are eager to get this, this may not be the best option). The Crystalarium can also be gifted to you if you can complete the 25,000g Bundle within the Vault in the Community Centre. To complete this Bundle, you need to save 25,000g and donate this amount.

You Can Uncover It By Exploring

You can also find the Crystalarium if you explore the Skull Cavern, which is located in Cavern in the Desert. To find this, you must first uncover Treasure Rooms, which are found once you explore beyond level ten. Your ability to find the Treasure Room depends on your luck that day; while there is a range of items available to uncover, the chances of uncovering the Crystalarium are one in twenty-six.

You Can Craft This For Yourself

You can also receive a Crystalarium by creating it yourself! To do this, you will need 99x Stones, 5x Gold Bars, 2x Iridium Bars, and 1x Battery Pack. If you are new to crafting, do not worry, as I will explain how to obtain each of these key ingredients.

To gather Stones, you break up large chunks of Stone using the Pickaxe; Stones can be found on your farm or in the Mines. To Smelt one Gold Bar, you will require 5x Gold Ores and 1x Coal, both of which should be placed inside a furnace which will turn the ore into a bar instead, which takes five hours. To Smelt an Iridium Bar, you require 5x Iridium Ores and 1x Coal.

To create a Battery Pack, you must place a Lightning Rod on your farm and wait for lightning to strike, and then collect the Battery Pack. If you do not have a Furnace, you can create one by using 25x Stones and 20x Copper Ores.

Gold Ore can be found at level eighty onwards in the Mines and so can take quite a while to locate as the levels get more challenging as you progress. Iridium can be found in the Skull Cavern in the Desert. To receive the recipe for the Crystalarium, you will require Mining Level Nine.

What Can You Make in the Crystalarium?

crystalarium sdew hq

The Crystalarium is an attractive option when it comes to crafting, as it can produce a wide variety of Crystals or Minerals; the only catch, of course, is that you require at least one of the Crystals or Minerals you want to duplicate. Below is a list of all the options available to you when it comes to selecting what you would like to make (In order of most to least lucrative);

  • Diamond; Sells for 750g
  • Star Shards; Sells for 500g
  • Helvite; Sells for 450g
  • Neptunite; Sells for 400g
  • Fire-Opal; Sells for 350g
  • Bixite; Sells for 300g
  • Dolomite; Sells for 300g
  • Tigerseye; Sells for 257g
  • Emerald; Sells for 250g
  • Ruby; Sells for 250g
  • Quartz; Sells for 250g
  • Kyanite; Sells for 250g
  • Fairy Stone; Sells for 250g
  • Ocean Stone; Sells for 220g
  • Jade; Sells for 200g
  • Lemon Stone; Sells for 200g
  • Fluorapatite; Sells for 200g
  • Lunarite; Sells for 200g
  • Ghost Crystal; Sells for 200g
  • Obsidian; Sells for 200g
  • Aquamarine; Sells for 180g
  • Basalt; Sells for 175g
  • Opal; Sells for 150g
  • Alamite; Sells for 150g
  • Jamborite; Sells for 150g
  • Geminite; Sells for 150g
  • Jasper; Sells for 150g
  • Hematite; Sells for 150g
  • Aerinite; Sells for 125g
  • Celestine; Sells for 125g
  • Petrified Slime; Sells for 120g
  • Pyrite; Sells for 120g
  • Soapstone; Sells for 120g
  • Jagoite; Sells for 115g
  • Marble; Sells for 110g
  • Amethyst; Sells for 100g
  • Fire Quartz; Sells for 100g
  • Esperite; Sells for 100g
  • Malachite; Sells for 100g
  • Thunder Egg; Sells for 100g
  • Slate; Sells for 85g
  • Orpiment; Sells for 80g
  • Nekoite; Sells for 80g
  • Granite; Sells for 75g
  • Calcite; Sells for 75g
  • Frozen Tear; Sells for 75g
  • Topaz; Sells for 80g
  • Sandstone; Sells for 60g
  • Baryte; Sells for 50g
  • Earth Crystal; Sells for 50g
  • Mudstone; Sells for 25g
  • Quartz; Sells for 25g
  • Limestone; Sells for 15g

You can get the vast majority of these items through either exploring the Pelican Town Mine, the Skull Cavern in the Calico Desert or the Volcano Dungeon on Ginger Island. Or, you can break open standard geodes, an Omni geode, a magma geode or a frozen geode.

It is important to note that the more expensive items, such as the Diamond and Star Shards, take much longer to duplicate than the less expensive items like Quartz or Limestone. Diamonds take five days to duplicate, Star Shards take three days, eleven hours, and twenty minutes, while Quartz, however, only takes seven hours.

What Is The Best Thing to Put In The Crystalarium?


If your goal is to bring in profits and to make good money, the best option for you is to begin to replicate the Diamond. Diamonds sell for 750g, which is why they take a full five days to create, and so require some patience. This should not dissuade you, however, as you can still produce five Diamonds each season, which would bring you 3,750g per season.

This is, of course, only the result of one Crystalarium, so you can imagine the potential profits if you create multiple Crystalariums and place a Diamond within each one (Which I would highly suggest)

Not only do they sell for a great price, but Diamonds also make great gifts as every character within the Town either likes or loves Diamonds and so gifting them with a Diamond will improve your relationship with them either platonically or romantically.

If you are eager to progress in the Mines, you may want to build an additional Crystalarium for Quartz, as you can trade five pieces of Quartz for one Bomb, which can, in turn, be used to aid you in the Mines by causing an explosion which will defeat enemies and open Stones and Geodes. This is particularly attractive as Quartz takes a short amount of time (Only seven hours)

You can also create Jade, as this can be used to trade for Staircases from the Desert Trader, which can assist you within the Mines or the Skull Cavern in the Calico Desert.


Question: How do I craft a Crystalarium?

Answer: To craft a Crystalarium, you will need;
Mining level nine (To receive the recipe for the Crystalarium)
99x Stones
5x Gold Bars
2x Iridium Bars
1x Battery Pack

Question: Is there a limit to how many Crystalariums I can have?

Answer: None at all! You can craft as many Crystalariums as you have room for (both indoors and outdoors), and indeed I highly recommend I do as it is an extremely lucrative way to bring in more money for your farm, which you can use to purchase valuable items and crops.

Question: How do I change the item in my Crystalarium?

Answer: Technically speaking, you can not change this once placed; however, if you hit the Crystalarium with your Axe, it will lift it and place it back in your inventory which you can then place again elsewhere. When you replace the Crystalarium, you will be able to select a new item to replicate.

Stardew Valley Crystalarium Guide: Summary

As you can see, there are countless options available to you for obtaining the Crystalarium and in terms of what to use it to create! There is little to lose by creating Diamonds as these will never go to waste as they are loved by the Town and are sold for a very good price.

You can also craft your first Crystalarium and get a further two as you progress in both the Museum and Community Centre, further increasing the profits of your farm and your relationships with others!

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