Stardew Valley Iron Ore Guide

Stardew Valley Iron Ore Guide

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In the world of Stardew Valley, there are a lot of exciting options when it comes, not just to farming, but also to Mining and Crafting! Engaging in a variety of skills will make the game more fun and enjoyable while allowing you to focus on the things you enjoy most.

A personal favorite of mine has always been Mining. Visiting the Mines is exciting and fun, and you never quite know what you are going to get, and with Iron Ore, in particular, there are a lot of potential options. Iron Ore is certainly a resource within the game that you should constantly gather and store.

What Is Iron Ore?

Iron Ore can be found by Mining Iron Nodes; this can be done by striking the rocks with your Pickaxe. So if you do visit the Mines, you must bring the Pickaxe with you, or it will be a wasted journey! Iron Nodes are visually distinct from other Nodes or Stones as they are Silver in color and have spikes poking out of them, which makes them even more alluring.

Breaking an Iron Node can give you anywhere between one or three Iron Ore pieces; this is random, although the more you progress your Miner career this will improve the more chances of getting more Iron Ore from Iron Nodes.

The other ores that can be found in Stardew Valley are Copper Ore, Gold Ore, Iridium Ore and Radioactive Ore

Iron Ore Can be Found:

Stardew Valley Iron Ore

  • In the Iron Nodes in the Mines (especially in levels 41 -79 as these levels are the most abundant with Iron Nodes)
  • Inside Crates in the Mines which you can break with your Axe in order to collect what is inside
  • Inside Geodes which you can find in the Mine or Skull Cavern (To break these Geodes open, you should take this to the Blacksmith shop where they will be broken for a fee of 25g)
  • In the Quarry
  • In any level of the Skull Cavern (This is found in the Desert)
  • In the Blacksmiths shop where they are purchasable for the price of 150g
  • In trash cans throughout the Town (Although they are not guaranteed, you can receive almost anything from these)
  • By recycling rubbish in a Recycling Machine (Although there is only a 21% chance of this)

Iron Ore Can Be Used:

  • To create Iron Bars.
  • To create a Bomb (This can be used strategically to set off an explosion in the Mines which breaks Stones and does damage to enemies. This requires 4x Iron Ore and 1x Coal)

How Do I Create Iron Bars?

Iron Ore can be Smelted in order to create Iron Bars. In order to Smelt Iron Ore, you first require a Furnace. To create a Furnace, you will need 20x Copper Ore pieces and 25x Stones; you will also require the blueprint which teaches you how to create the Furnace. The blueprint is gifted to you from Clint the following day after you Mine at least one piece of Copper Ore.

You can also be gifted a Furnace by completing the Blacksmiths Bundle in the Boiler Room of the Community Centre. To complete this, you will require one Copper Bar, one Iron Bar, and one Gold Bar. It is important to note that in order to create these Bars, you will first require a Furnace, so it is better to create your own Furnace first and then use the Community Centre gift as a secondary Furnace in order to create more items.

Once you have the Furnace, you will require five pieces of Iron Ore and one piece of Coal in order to make one Iron Bar.

What Can You Do With Iron Bars?

Stardew Valley Iron Bars

Iron Bars play an important role in your progression within the game, as Iron Bars are required in order to upgrade your tools to the ”Steel” level, which allows them to function on larger, more complex items.

Five Iron Bars are required for each upgrade; these can be applied to;

  • The Hoe – for the cost of 5000g
  • The Pickaxe – for the cost of 5000g
  • The Axe- for the cost of 5000g
  • The Watering Can- for the cost of 5000g
  • The Trash Can – for the cost of 2500g

Iron Bars are also required in order to Craft a number of new items within the game, such as;

  • The Iron Lamppost (This provides light and can be used to illuminate and decorate your Farm and requires 1x Iron Bar and 1x Battery Pack)
  • Magnet (This can be attached to your Fishing Rod and increases the likelihood that you will find treasure while Fishing. This requires 4x Iron Bars)
  • Lightning Rod (This can be placed around your Farm in order to collect lightning during storms and turn it into Battery Packs. This requires 1x Iron Bar, 1x Refined Quartz, and 5x Bat Wings)
  • Warp Totem: Mountains (This can be used in order to fast travel you directly to the Mountains and requires 1x Iron Bar, Ix piece of Hardwood and 25x Stones)
  • Transmute (This is a bar of pure Gold and requires 2x Iron Bars)
  • Worm Bin (This can be used in order to produce Bait in order to catch Sea Creatures and requires 1x Iron Bar, 1x Gold Bar, 25x Hardwood and 50x Fibre)
  • Barbed Hook (This can be used to add to your Fishing Rod in order to catch fish more easily and requires 1x Copper Bar, 1x Iron Bar, and 1x Gold Bar)
  • Dressed Spinner (This is an attachment for your Fishing Rod which can be used to entice Fish when Fishing. This requires 2x Iron Bars and 1x Cloth)
  • Crab Pot (This is an object which can be placed on the edge of the Ocean, Lake or Streams in order to catch Sea Life. This requires 3x Iron Bars and 40x Wood)
  • Recycling Machine (This can be used in order to turn Trash objects that would normally be discarded into other more valuable items. This requires 1x Iron Bar, 25x Stone and 25x Wood)
  • Keg (This can be used to create Wine or Beer by placing any Fruit or Vegetable inside. This requires 1x Iron Bar, 1x Copper Bar, 30x Wood and Oak Resin)
  • Iron Fence (This can be used to fence in your Farm animals or your crops in order to protect them or be used decoratively around your Farm. The Iron Fence lasts longer than the Wood Fence, which can be damaged by animals and bad weather. This requires 1x Iron Bar to make one panel of Iron Fence)
  • Quality Sprinkler (This is a Sprinkler that can be placed among your Crops which waters them on your behalf and so is often very convenient as you begin to expand your Farm and your volume of Crops increases. The Quality Sprinkler is capable of watering eight squares of Crops; however, it must be placed adjacent to them, and so it is best to place this in the centre of your Crops. This requires 1x Iron Bar, 1x Gold Bar and 1x Refined Quartz)
  • Sprinkler (This does the same thing as the Quality Sprinkler; however, this particular version is only capable of watering four adjacent tiles rather than eight. This requires 1x Iron Bar and 1x Copper Bar)
  • Bee House (This can be used to create Honey, to do so, all you need to do is create the Bee House and place it outside on your Farm. This requires 1x Iron Bar, 1x Maple Syrup, 8x Coal, and 40x Wood)
  • Explosive Ammo (This can be used in the Mines in order to clear space and break open Rocks as well as attack Enemies, and can be deployed by firing this from your Slingshot. This requires 1x Iron Bar and 2x Coal)
  • Warrior Ring (This is a ring that, when worn, has the chance of adding a tactical buffer when you slay a Monster. Once a Monster is killed while wearing this ring, you have a chance of your Attack increasing by 10 points for five seconds. This requires 10x Iron Bars, 25x Coal and 10x Frozen Tears)
  • Ring Of Yoba (This is a ring which, when worn, has the chance of providing immunity to damage from Monsters for five seconds. This requires 5x Iron Bars, 5x Gold Bars and 1x Diamond)
  • Glowstone Ring (This is a ring that, when worn, provides constant light around the player, which will assist you when exploring the Mines or, in general, navigating in the dark. This requires 5x Solar Essence and 5x Iron Bars)
  • Stable (This is a home for your Horse which you will require before you can purchase a Horse. It requires 5x Iron Bars, 100x Hardwood and 10,000g)


Question: How do I Get Iron Ore?

Answer: Iron ore is obtained by using your Pickaxe to break up Iron Nodes, which can be found in the Mines or within Geodes which must be taken to the Blacksmiths shop to be processed for a fee of 25g.

Question: How do I Make Iron Bars?

Answer: Iron Bars require five pieces of Iron Ore and one piece of Coal; these must both be placed inside the Furnace in order to create an Iron Bar. If you do not have the Furnace, you can craft it once you receive the recipe from Clint (which will be provided after Mining one piece of Copper Ore). When you are ready to create a Furnace, you require 20x Copper Ore pieces and 25x Stones.

Question: What Can Iron Ore be Used For?

Answer: Iron Ore can be used to create Iron Bars (which can be used to create a lot of other items) and can also be used to create Bombs which requires 4x Iron Ores and 1x Coal)

What Platforms can you play Stardew Valley On?

Answer: You can play Stardew Valley on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, IOS and Android.

Stardew Valley Iron Ore Guide: Summary

Iron Ore is an essential and valuable resource in Stardew Valley; when you explore the Mines or Skull Cavern, you should always store Iron Ore for later use. When you are ready and have enough Iron ore, you can use this to Craft a range of Objects, Explosives, Rings, and Machines which can further your progress and success within the game.

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