Stardew Valley Honey Guide

Stardew Valley Honey Guide

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Stardew Valley seems to have no limitations on the variety and intricacy of the things that you can do! As an avid farmer, I love learning what I can make and all the different varieties of what I can make and the ways that I can influence it!

One of the exciting things that you can make is Honey! It, however, is an intricate process; you first need a Bee House, and then there are the different types of Honey, the exact placement of the Bee House, and all of the potential uses for your Honey!

Never worry; this guide has you covered!

Bottom Line Up Front

Honey can be used to make Mead (an alcoholic drink) and a Warp Totem which can be used to quickly travel to your Farm. Honey is also a great gift for all of the villagers, with the exception of Maru and Sebastian. To gift and craft with Honey, you, of course, need to know how to get Honey.

If you don’t want to wait or put in the work, you can always purchase Honey from Oasis for 200g but only on Fridays, or check in with the Travelling Cart on Fridays and Sundays to see if they have it in stock, but be prepared to pay 300-1000g for it!

If you are an avid farmer and want to make your own, you will first need a Beehouse. To make the Bee House, you need to reach farming level three to get the blueprint and then acquire 40x Wood, 8x coal, 2x iron bar, and 1x maple syrup.

You can also be gifted a Bee House as a reward for completing the Fall Crops bundle in the Community Centre. Once you have the Bee House, so long as it is placed outside and not on an important path, it will produce one jar of Honey every four nights.

You can change the variety of Honey by placing the Bee House within five tiles of a fully grown but not harvested flower, including; Tulips, Blue Jazz, Sunflower, Summer Spangle, Poppy, and Fairy Rose.

How to Get Honey

Stardew Valley Honey

Purchasing Honey

You can also purchase Honey from either the Travelling Cart or the Oasis store in the Desert. Honey can only be purchased from Oasis on Fridays and costs 200g.

If you want to purchase the Honey from the Travelling Cart, it is important to note that the Travelling Cart only visits on Fridays and Sundays and carries a limited rotation of stock and so there is no guarantee that you the Cart will have the Honey on the day that you visit.

It is important to note, however, that Honey can cost anywhere from 300-1000g and so it is cheaper from Oasis.

Save the Bees

The most important component to making Honey is (hardly a surprise, I’m sure) Bees! Before you can even begin making Honey, you need a Bee House!

For you to create the Bee House, you need;

  • 40x Wood
  • 8x Coal
  • 1x Iron Bar
  • 1x Maple Syrup

Before you can receive the blueprint in order to create the Bee House, you will first need to reach farming level three; once this is done and you have all the ingredients that you need, you can create your very first Beehouse!

Be a Good Citizen!

If you are a diligent citizen who is focused on restoring your sense of Community and support, you can also receive a Bee House as a reward for completing the Fall Crops Bundle in the Community Centre. In order to complete this bundle, you will need;

  • Corn
  • Eggplant
  • Yam
  • Pumpkin

How Do I Use the Bee House?

Stardew Valley Honey

When it comes to the Bee House, placement is everything; you can be easily fooled with the Bee House! Although the Bee House can be placed inside, it will not work there and will only work if it is placed outside! The best place for these is on your own land or the forest, Desert, or woods as if you place a Bee House on a path that villagers need to use, they will destroy it, and you’ll need to create a whole new one!

Once the Bee House is placed outside, every four days, a new jar of Honey will be available for you to collect.

Varieties of Honey

If you want to create specific types of Honey, then the placement of the Bee House is super important! There are specific flowers which, when the Bee House is placed within five tiles of; will create new varieties of Honey.

All the varieties of Honey take the same amount of time (4 nights). The standard Honey is classed as Wild Honey while the other options include;

  • Fairy Rose Honey; This sells for 680g
  • Poppy Honey; This sells for 380g
  • Summer Spangle Honey; This sells for 280g
  • Sunflower Honey; This sells for 260g
  • Blue Jazz Honey; This sells for 200g
  • Tulip Honey; This sells for 160g

For each of these, the flower that is within five tiles must be fully grown but not harvested!

Uses for Honey

Honey in Recipes

Warp Totem Farm

There are not very many things that you can make with Honey; unfortunately, however, it is something that is still great on its own! In fact, there are only two things that you can make with Honey;

Warp Totem Farm

To create a Warp Totem, all you need is 1x Hardwood, 1x Honey, and 20x Fibre. The beauty of the Farm Warp Totem is that if you are a keen explorer of the Mines and you lose track of time and do not want to risk passing out (and losing some valuable items because who wants to do that), you can use the Warp Totem to quick travel back to your Farm!

I would always recommend taking one with you on a day where you intend to spend most of your time at the Mines; before you can create the Farm Warp Totem, however, you will need the blueprint for the Totem. In order to get the blueprint, you need to first reach foraging level eight; the Warp Totem’s value is really in its use and has very little resale value of a mere 20g!


Mead is an alcoholic drink that is a fermented Honey; in order to make Mead, you need 1x Honey and 1x Keg. Mead is certainly not a quick drink to make; once Honey is placed inside the Keg, it takes 10hours to process. Once the Mead is ready, it can be consumed when consumed, the Mead will provide 75 energy points and 33 health points; although please remember that this also applies a reduced speed buffer (as does any alcohol).

Honey as a Gift

Unsurprisingly and much like life, a lot of residents in Pelican Town are sweet for Honey! This makes Honey a super useful gift to currently have in rotation as everyone (except two) likes Honey! With the exception of Maru and Sebastian, that is, you can gift Honey to everyone that you see on your adventures, and not only is it giving Honey a super sweet thing to do (pun intended), it is also rewarding!

Gifting Honey to the residents who like it will reward you with forty-five friendship points between you and whoever you present the Honey to!

Honey in Quests

Honey is not required for any progression or story-based Quests within the game.

Honey in the Community Centre

Stardew Valley Honey

If you are particularly motivated to shut down the pesky Joja Mart (which I make my mission from the minute I start my Farm, part of Stardew is constantly starting new Farms, right?), you will want to donate everything you can to the Community Centre as soon as you possibly can!

The good news is that Honey is not hard to make, and only one jar is required for the Community Centre.

Honey can be donated to the Artisan Bundle within the Pantry of the Community Centre. The interesting thing about the Artisan Bundle is that only six items are needed in order to complete it, and they can be any six of the following items; (although only one of each item can be donated).

  • Truffle Oil
  • Cherry
  • Honey
  • Peach
  • Cloth
  • Pomegranate
  • Orange
  • Apricot
  • Jelly
  • Apple
  • Cheese
  • Goats Cheese

Each exciting step within the Community Centre is rewarding, and the Artisan Bundle is no exception! When you complete the Artisan Bundle, you are rewarded with one Keg.

The Keg works much like a beer Keg would in real life; it is a wooden container in which you can place any fruit or vegetable inside to create any flavor of juice or wine. This is always a great addition to your Farm as Beer and Wine are such popular gifts among the residents of Pelican Town that with just one Keg, you can make all sorts of friends!

Although, to be honest, I never draw the line at just one Keg; I tend to create a Shed and fill it with as many Kegs as possible for maximum profit (and friendship)

Other items you can create inside the Keg include;

  • Coffee; by using 5x Coffee Beans inside the Keg
  • Pale Ale; by placing 1x Hops inside the Keg
  • Mead; by placing 1x Honey inside the Keg
  • Beer; by placing 1x Wheat inside the Keg
  • Green Tea; by placing 1xTea Leaves inside the Keg

There is also, of course, a greater reward for completing all the bundles in the Pantry, which consists of;

  • Animal Bundle
  • Quality Crops Bundle
  • Fall Crops Bundle
  • Summer Crops Bundle
  • Spring Crops Bundle

Once you have completed all the bundles within the Pantry, you get one of the most exciting rewards that the Community Centre has to offer, the Greenhouse!

The allure of the Greenhouse is that you can put any crop in there regardless of the season, and it will flourish! My tactic of choice is to stock up on Crops that are the most valuable and plant them all within the Greenhouse so I can make them all year round and maximize profits.

Honey in Tailoring

Stardew Valley Wild Honey

If you are a fan of a sundress, then Honey might be just the thing you need! (Sounds weird, right?) I always found crafting a strange concept in Stardew Valley as the most random items can be placed inside a Sewing Machine in order to make an even more random selection of clothes.

You can put Honey through the Sewing Machine in order to create the most adorable yellow dress!


Question: How Do I Get a Bee House in Stardew Valley?

Answer: There are a few different ways that you can get a Bee House; you can get one as a reward for completing the Fall Crops bundle in the Community Centre.
To complete this bundle, you will need; 1x Corn, 1x Eggplant, 1x Yam, and 1x Pumpkin. You can also make your own Bee House once you receive the blueprint at farming level three and have 40x Wood, 8x Coal, 1x Iron Bar, and 1x Maple Syrup.

Question: Where Should I Place the Bee House?

Answer: The Bee House (although it can be placed inside) only works when placed outside but will work anywhere outside so long as it is not blocking a villager’s path.

Question: What Types of Honey Can I Make?

Answer: You can make Wild Honey (Honey in its basic form) as well as;
• Tulip
• Blue Jazz
• Fairy Rose
• Sunflower
• Summer Spangle
• Poppy

Stardew Valley Honey Guide: Summary

I hope this answers every question that you had and has given you all the excitement and motivation you need to get a selection of Bee Houses and an exciting variety of Honey; not to mention all of the Kegs and drinks you can make (and the friends they can help you to make)

Happy farming!

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