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Stardew Valley Secret Statues Guide

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The world of Stardew Valley is absolutely brimming with secrets. And if you’re a completionist, you are going to want to discover them all. A good place to start is by collecting all of the Secret Statues. There are 10 Secret Statues in Stardew Valley if you include the Strange Capsule, which many people do. 

If you’ve been feeling a little tired of slaving away on your farm in Stardew Valley and are looking for an adventure, this guide will walk you through every step of your journey to collect all of the Stardew Valley Secret Statues.

stardew valley frog uemon statue

Key Notes Up Front

There are a total of 10 Secret Statues in Stardew Valley. All require completing some sort of quest to obtain, whether it is delivering an item to a certain area or following a secret note to the statue’s location.

Some statues are unobtainable until very late in the game, after you have completed the Community Centre and, in some cases, other quests on top of that. These statues don’t do much, but they are very satisfying to find and essential if you are a completionist.

The Stone Junimo Statue

Finding the Stone Junimo Statue is a bit of a lengthy task. But it’s about the adventure, not the destination. Right?

The first inkling you will get that suggests the existence of the Stone Junimo Statue is in Secret Note 14. There are a total of 24 secret notes in Stardew Valley, which you can find hidden around the world once you have activated the ability to find them.

To find secret notes, you must first reach your first in-game winter. Winter can be a boring time in Stardew Valley since you can’t engage in any of the farming activities that you usually spend time on, but it’s a great opportunity to start exploring the mines and uncovering some of the secrets that Stardew Valley has to offer, like the secret notes, for example.

The first step on your quest to find secret notes is heading to the bus stop between the hours of 6.00 am and 4.00 pm to have your first experience with the mysterious shadowy figure. They will quickly run away from you, activating The Winter Mystery quest.

The first time I stumbled across the shadowy figure, I kind of just watched him run away and thought, “that was weird.” This was a big mistake. You definitely want to chase him down as soon as you see him, or else you will have to wait for a whole other year until he appears again, as I did.

Follow the shadow figure by tracing the footprints in the snow to find him hiding in a bush beside the playground in the village. Shake the bush to get him to pop out, and he will gift you with the Magnifying Glass, which will then allow you to find secret notes.

Finding the secret notes themselves is a little less straightforward. You can find them by simply going about your daily tasks like fishing or cutting down trees. Each of the below activities give you a chance of finding a secret note, but the notes you receive are randomized. Here are all of the ways you can find the secret notes and their chances: 

  • Chopping down trees: 0.5%
  • Cutting grass: 0.9%
  • Breaking stones: 0.75
  • Defeating monsters: 3.3%
  • Breaking meteorites, boulders, and large stumps: 5%
  • Fishing: 8%
  • Digging up artifacts: 11% (only if you don’t find a winter foraging pack or an artifact)
  • Harvesting giant crops: 80%

Once you find secret note 14 using any of these methods, you are well on your way to finding the Stone Junimo Statue. Secret note 14 reads “I hid something behind the Community Centre”. Head down to the Community Centre, and walk behind it.

The statue is concealed, so start swinging your pickaxe in the general area behind the top right corner of the Community Centre, and eventually, you will strike the Stone Junimo Statue. Now you can take it back to your farm and start your collection of Secret Statues.

stardew valley Secret Statues stone junimo statue location behind community centre
The Stone Junimo Statue can be found behind the right hand corner of the Community Center

The Stone Junimo statue respawns every year on the second day of Spring, so you can feel free to return to the same spot and reharvest it until you have a whole army of Stone Junimos if you would like.

The Stone Owl Statue

Out of all the Secret Statues in Stardew Valley, finding the Stone Owl is one of the easiest since you don’t really have to do anything at all. The trick is not to go searching for it, however, because it’s all dependent on chance. Every night there is a 0.5% chance that the Stone Owl Statue will appear on your farm.

If it’s your lucky night, you will hear an owl sound in the morning. That is your cue to start combing your farm for the Stone Owl the next day. Finding the Stone Owl does take little to no effort since it will just randomly spawn on your farm, but it’s impossible to predict, especially if you don’t have your sound on while you’re playing.

The Stone Owl Statue appears randomly, and it can also disappear just as randomly if you take too long to collect it. When I first started playing, my Stone Owl Statue appeared quite fast. Since I was a newbie, I didn’t immediately recognize its value. I just left it there, and, sadly, it eventually disappeared.

This is one of the reasons why making sure you explore the entirety of your farm regularly is a good idea, especially if you play with your sound off and don’t hear the owl sound. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to find your Stone Owl Statue. Who knows how much longer it will take to spawn again with those terrible odds?

The Strange Capsule

stardew valley Secret Statues strange capsule stardew valley

The Strange Capsule isn’t technically a statue, but it is a secret event that leaves behind a statue-like object. The circumstances in which you find the Strange Capsule are almost exactly the same as the Stone Owl Statue, so I have always considered it to be one of the Secret Statues, and so have many others.

The Strange Capsule appears, in the same way that the Stone Owl does. After the first year on your farm, every night after that, there is a 0.8% chance that the Strange Capsule will appear. And just like with the Stone Owl, there will be a weird sound to announce its arrival. In this case, however, it sounds like a UFO noise.

The Strange Capsule looks like there is some sort of alien life form inside it. Three days after finding it, it will turn into an Empty Capsule. Presumably, the creature inside has escaped to live out the rest of its days hiding on your farm.

Once the creature escapes the Strange Capsule, there will be a 1% chance that you will see a shadowy figure darting about your farm. So if you like living on the edge and constantly being watched from the shadows, the Strange Capsule is an event you won’t want to miss out on.

The Solid Gold Lewis Statue

If you are a Lewis lover, maybe you would be interested in obtaining a solid gold version of him to give pride of place in your home. Okay, maybe not. But either way finding the Solid Gold Lewis Statue is still hilarious for other reasons I will delve into later. But first, let’s discuss how to find it.

This is the second secret note-inspired statue you can find in Stardew Valley. Secret note 19 gives you a rather cryptic sort of map. It’s very hard to follow. I know I personally found it difficult to understand, but I can hardly read real maps, so I suppose that’s not surprising.

stardew valley Secret Statues secret note 19 stardew valley
If you prefer a challenge you can try to decipher this yourself, or read the guide to save yourself some time.

If you are able to decipher the location on the map, you will find yourself in Mayor Lewis’s backyard. Swing your pickaxe around the area behind his house to find the Solid Gold Lewis statue. Do with the statue what you will, but I personally recommend placing it anywhere around the main area of the village.

Do be sure not to place it where anyone might be walking, however, because the statue will disappear if any of the NPCs walk into it, and you won’t be able to unlock the hilarious events that follow.

The morning after you display the work of art that is the Solid Gold Lewis Statue, it will be gone. In its place, you will find a Rotten Plant. You will also receive an angry letter in the mail asking you not to expose someone’s personal belongings like that, complete with 750 G worth of hush money.

Presumably, the Mayor is embarrassed that he has been slaving away to craft a solid gold statue in his own likeness, but his reaction is too funny not to expose his secret.

Once he takes his statue back, there will be a 90% chance that you can find it again in Lewis’s room and a 10% chance that it will appear in Marnie’s room. You can collect the statue and repeatedly embarrass Lewis as many times as you would like, but you can’t keep claiming his money. Unfortunately, he only pays the hush money out once.

The ??HMTGF?? Statue

stardew valley Secret Statues hmtgf statue

The following three statues are the most cryptic and hard-to-find statues in Stardew Valley. To obtain the ??HMTGF?? Statue, you must first fish yourself up a Super Cucumber. You can fish up the Super Cucumber in the ocean during autumn and summer evenings, or if you’re lucky, you can also purchase it from the Travelling Cart for anywhere between 750 G – 1250 G.

Once you have your hands on a Super Cucumber, head to the fenced-off area behind Clint the Blacksmith’s shop. Behind a tree, there is a small crate. Put the Super Cucumber in there, and you will receive the statue in return.

What the statue is and what HMTGF is an acronym for is one of the great mysteries of Stardew Valley, to which no one knows the answer.

The ??Foroguemon?? Statue

The ??Foroguemon?? Statue is more of an in-depth process. Firstly, it involves getting Vincent up to two hearts. One of his favorite gifts are grapes, so give him plenty of those to get his hearts up as quickly as possible. Grapes are also found on the ground, so they are a great free resource for you to use on him.

The next thing you need after getting up to two hearts with Vincent is a Strange Bun. These are extremely rare items that are very hard to come by, but one way to get one is by heading to level 80 of the mines and slaying some Shadow Brutes.

There is a 4% chance they will drop a Strange Bun as loot. If you aren’t that far into the mine yet, the Strange Bun also has a chance of appearing in Krobus’s Shop, the Stardrop Saloon; the garbage can outside the Saloon, or as the Travelling Cart’s inventory.

Once you’ve got your hands on a Strange Bun, head to Vincent’s house and put it in the toy box beside his bed. You will immediately get the ??Foroguemon?? Statue In return.

The ??PinkyLemon?? Statue

The ??PinkyLemon?? Statue is the easiest of the three ?? Statues to obtain, and the cutest, in my opinion. First, you need some Duck Mayo. This is an artisan item that you will have to craft yourself by harvesting a Duck Egg and putting it in a Mayonnaise Machine for processing. Once it’s done, head to the Stardrop Saloon.

stardew valley Secret Statues place the duck mayo in the box behind the barrel on the left stardrop saloon
The box can be found behind the big barrel on the left side of the wall in the Saloon storeroom.

Walk through the saloon and into the room full of barrels out the back. Put your Duck Mayo into the box behind the big barrel on the left wall. You will receive the ??PinkyLemon?? Statue in return.

The Iridium Krobus Statue

This statue is by far the hardest one to get your hands on, as it requires you to reach level 15 in fishing, which doesn’t even exist in typical circumstances. To begin, you first have to reach level 10 in fishing. I am not a fan of the fishing mechanic in Stardew Valley, so this was no easy task. But if I can do it, so can you.

Level 10 is the highest level you can reach, so once you’re there, you need to boost it by making and eating a Seafoam Pudding made with Qi Seasoning.

This will give you a +5 fishing buff. To make the Seafoam Pudding, you need 1x Flounder, 1x Midnight Carp, 1x Squid Ink, and Qi Seasoning. Qi Seasoning itself is an incredibly rare item that can be purchased from Qi’s shop after completing the Golden Walnut quest on Ginger Island. It’s this ingredient that makes this statue the hardest one to obtain.

Once you have your fishing buff, head to the sewer and fish from the green stream of water there to fish up the Iridium Krobus Statue.

The Gourmand Statue

The Gourmand Statue is a statue that you can find by fishing in the Pirate’s Cove on Ginger Island. Ginger Island is only unlockable once you have completed the Community Centre or Joja Mart quest. But let’s be honest; no one takes the Joja Mart route.

Once you’ve done either of those things, you will receive a letter from Willy asking you to come to his store so he can show you something.

That something is his run-down old boat. You can repair it with 5x Iridium Bars, 5x Lightning Rods, and 200x Hardwood. Once you’ve fixed it, you can purchase tickets for 1000 G and head to Ginger Island.

stardew valley Secret Statues entrance to pirate cove on ginger island stardew valley
The entrance to Pirate Cove can be found along the cliff on the right.

In the South Eastern part of the island, you can find a hidden entrance that will lead you to Pirate Cove. There is a small pond here, where you can fish for a 5% chance of catching the Gourmand Statue. The chances are small, and if you have more luck than me, it hopefully won’t take you so long to find one. If you have enough patience and time to kill, you can fish up as many as you would like.

The Wumbus and Bobo Statues

The Wumbus and Bobo Statues are two Secret Statues you can get by playing a mini-game in the Movie Theatre once you have unlocked that. The Movie Theatre is almost a secret in itself, and not many players are aware of its existence.

To unlock the Movie Theatre, you must first complete every bundle in the Community Centre. Once you’ve done that, you will get a cutscene that shows a bolt of lightning striking the door of the abandoned Joja Mart. Hopefully, you were a fan of the Community Centre bundles because once you go there to investigate, you with be greeted with another bundle to complete.

Complete the Joja Mart’s Missing Bundle, and the Junimo will build a Movie Theatre in the Jojo Marts place, which I found a much nicer addition to the town than the crumbling Jojo Mart.

The Statues in question are only obtainable while the Wumbus movie is playing in summer, which is a rare event in itself. To get the Bobo and Wumbus Statues, wait until the Wumbus movie is playing and go inside to play the crane game.

They are one of the rewards there, and be prepared for it to take you a couple of tries. If you thought crane games in real life were hard, this is even harder to control. I’m usually pretty good at crane games, but this one is quite the challenge.

stardew valley Secret Statues the wumbus and bobo statues


Question: What are the easiest statues to find?

Answer: The Stone Owl, Strange Capsule, and Stone Junimo Statues are the easiest to find.

Question: Do I have to find secret note 14 to find the Stone Junimo Statue?

Answer: No. The Stone Junimo Statue can be found anytime after the second of Spring, but unless you collect secret note 14 or read a guide, you would have no idea it was there.

Question: Do you need secret note 19 to find the Solid Gold Lewis Statue?

Answer: Yes. Although you don’t need the note to find the Stone Junimo Statue, you do need it to find the Solid Gold Lewis Statue.

If You’re a Stardew Valley Veteran, These Stardew Valley Secret Statues Are for You

Many of these Secret Statues aren’t available until much later on in the game. Collecting them is the perfect pastime for Stardew Valley veterans or anyone sick of the usual farm grind who might be looking to spice up their Stardew Valley experience with a new adventure.

They may just sit there and look pretty, (at least in some cases, we’re side-eying you ??Foroguemon??) but hey. If you created an army of Stone Junimo or Gourmand Statues, we’re sure that it would scare off anyone trying to sneak their way onto your farm!

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