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Stardew Valley is an adorable farming RPG that is miraculously created by one amazing man! Lots of love to Concerned Ape for giving me Stardew Valley, where I have spent countless hours of my life! The allure of Stardew Valley is the adorable art style, range of paths, and mechanics available, and how easy it is to get lost in it.

If you are reading this guide, I can safely assume that you, too, have found yourself lost (in the best way) playing Stardew Valley.

We already know that Stardew Valley is renowned for its incredible detail in both the skills and interactions which are available to you; also, let’s not forget the detailed character backgrounds and story arcs. The stories that are told via the characters’ lives in Pelican Town manage to be both completely wholesome and affirming; while not shying away from difficult or emotionally heavy topics.

This is true for our human and nonhuman characters within Pelican Town! There is a range of Monsters within Stardew Valley; some are more friendly than others, as I am sure that you already know. If you enjoy exploring the Mines, I’m sure you’ve come across a few beasts you’ve had to destroy in your time, such as Mummies, Slimes, and even Bats.

Some of the Monsters in Stardew Valley can even manage to be as lovable and compelling as some of the human characters (Linus will always be the VIP of Pelican Town in my eyes anyway, and I will happily argue with anyone who says otherwise). In this guide, we will focus on one adorable gothic little Monster in particular; of course; we are talking about the legend that is Krobus.

There are a variety of detailed areas and buildings to explore in Stardew Valley as well! There are so many exciting places that you would never expect have hidden depths; in particular, I am referring to the Sewers (or, in other words, Krobus’s home). If you have anything that you would like to know about Krobus, don’t worry; this guide has you covered! To know and interact with Krobus. However, you need to find him, which can be so much trickier than it sounds!

Finding the elusive Krobus

Step one; donations

The path to finding and entering Krobus’s home is quite a long one and is easiest understood if it’s broken down into stages! The most important thing to know is that you won’t be able to even get close to finding Krobus until you donate 60 items to the Museum.

The Museum is located inside of the Library, and items can be donated by approaching Gunther at the Library desk and selecting ”I want to donate an item” and then donating whichever available items you have which are needed in the Museum.

Any gems/minerals and artifacts which you find can be donated to the Museum (but only one of each can be donated, that’s to say that only your first Diamond can be donated, no further Diamonds can be donated after this) Gems and Minerals can be found in the Mines by breaking down rocks and crystals, you can also find artifacts by hitting worm spots on the ground with your Hoe.

Step two; the Key

Once you have donated 60 items to the Museum, this has been done; the real excitement occurs the next day. The day after you have reached 60 Museum donations, Gunther will greet you at the front of your home and present you with a Rusty Key as a reward for all of your hard work!

If you haven’t heard about it or come across the cutscene which introduces the Rusty Key, I’m sure it can be baffling figuring out just what the purpose of this mysterious Key is.

Step three; the cutscene

To understand the purpose and background of the Rusty Key is to trigger a cutscene that introduces and explains it. To see the cutscene, you need to visit the Cindersap Forest between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm, after the 11th day of Spring.

The cutscene is then triggered and features both Jas and Vincent (the children of Pelican Town) playing near a grating, and they have a conversation in which they reveal that they think that something is living in the Sewer and that the Sewer could be opened with a Rusty Key that Gunther has.

Step four; Enter the Sewers

Once you have the Key, you should visit either the Sewer cover, which is just north of the beach, or the large grating to the bottom of Cindersap Forest, where you see the cutscene with Jas and Vincent. If you then open your inventory, you can select the Key to unlock the Sewer, once this is open, you no longer need the Key, and you can come and go as you please.

Into the Sewer

About Krobus

As you would expect from a small ominous-looking black monster, not much is known about Krobus. What we do know about Krobus is that he is certainly a ”Monster” type of creature; Krobus does not leave the mines and so doesn’t associate with any other villagers.

Krobus also does not have any family that he makes you aware of, although we do know that Krobus has some kind of issue with the Dwarves. Krobus references a historical fallout between ”his people” and the Dwarves (although no confrontation happens within the game). Krobus’s relationship with the Wizard is also unclear, but it is neutral, at least as they both reference each other’s assistance. The only thing we know about Krobus’s people is that he comments that they had a ”great catastrophe.”

Krobus does reveal a fun fact about himself which is that in his language, his name means ”Bridge Crosser”. Krobus also worships an ancient guardian called ”Yoba” and shares with you that out of respect for his god Yoba, he is silent on Fridays. There is a shrine to Yoba in the corner of Pierre’s General Store.

The really important thing about Krobus is that he is a completely lovely and friendly Monster, the only friendly Monster in all of Stardew Valley! Another interesting thing about Krobus, and rather surprising actually, is that he has his Shop!

Krobus’s birthday is on the first of Winter, and while Krobus is single (or so it seems), he is not available for marriage, but he is available to be a roommate.

Krobus’s Schedule

Krobus never leaves the Sewers, so he luckily doesn’t have a complicated schedule!

Krobus’s Shop

Krobus carries a small stock of items that can be purchased from him by visiting the Sewers; the benefit of Krobus’s Shop compared to the likes of Pierre’s and the Travelling Cart is that Krobus’s Shop is open 24/7. Any day! Krobus has some items which he carries at all times and is available to buy, such as;

  • Return Sceptre; This is like a constantly available Warp Totem, which can be used infinitely and immediately transports you back to your farm. For this reason, this is extremely expensive and costs a whopping 2,000,000g. As only one is needed, only one is available.
  • Stardrop: There is only one Stardrop available to purchase, and so once you purchase one, no more are available. This is likely because of the intense benefits of the Stardrop; once consumed, it increases your maximum energy by 34 points! For this reason, also, the Stardrop is super expensive and costs 20,000g.
  • Monster Fireplace; This is (in my opinion) a very fashionable item which can be placed inside your home and looks like a big black monster with its mouth open and baring its teeth. You can light the fire on or off by approaching and selecting it. There is an unlimited supply of these Monster Fireplaces available. One fireplace will cost 20,000g.
  • Void Egg; This is like a spooky Egg that can be used to create recipes or can be hatched to get a Void Chicken. The Void Egg costs 5,000g, and there is an unlimited supply of these available to purchase.
  • Wicked Statue Recipe; Purchasing this gives you the blueprint for the Wicked Statue, which is a furniture item that can be placed inside the house. Only one is needed, and so only one can be purchased, and it costs 1,000g.
  • Crystal Floor Recipe; Purchasing this gives you the blueprint for Crystal Flooring, which can be placed and used to decorate your farm. Again as only one is needed, you can only purchase one, and it costs 500g.
  • Sign of the Vessel; This is a piece of furniture that can be used to decorate your home and can be purchased for 350g; Krobus has an unlimited supply of these available to purchase.
  • Void Essence; Void Essence can be used to craft items or donate to the Community Centre, this can be purchased from Krobus for 100g, and Krobus has ten of these available.
  • Solar Essence; Solar Essence can be used to craft items and can be purchased from Krobus for 80g, and Krobus has ten of these available.

Krobus also has some rotating stock that is not always available but is only available on certain days, such as;

  • Iridium Sprinkler; This sprinkler is capable of watering 24 adjacent tiles once placed. This item is only available on Fridays and sells for 10,000g.
  • A range of cooked dishes; The cost for any of Krobus’s cooked dishes cost between 50g-500g each and are available on Saturdays.
  • Omni Geode; This is a large geode that can be broken at the Blacksmith’s to reveal items inside. These are available on Tuesdays for 300g.
  • Fish; Including Albacore, Sturgeon, Bullhead, Tiger Trout, Chub, Tilapia, Dorado, Shad, Lingcod, and Halibut. These are available on Wednesdays for 200g.
  • Mixed Seeds; These are seeds that can be planted to grow crops and are available on Thursdays for 30g.
  • Slime; This can be used to create items and can be purchased on Mondays for 100g.

Not at all bad for a one-man shop, huh! There is more to Krobus than being a store; Krobus can be a great friend and even roommate! If you want to befriend Krobus, here are some gifts that you can get him!

Gifts for Krobus

If you want to give Krobus a gift that he loves, you will increase your friendship by eighty points! Gifts that Krobus loves (except all universal loves) are;

  • Diamonds
  • Void Egg
  • Void Mayonnaise
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Pumpkin
  • Iridium Bar

Giving Krobus a gift that he likes will increase your friendship by 45 points; gifts that Krobus likes (except all universal likes) include;

  • Quartz
  • Gold Bar

Some gifts are neutral to Krobus; while not as effective as gifts that he likes or loves, neutral gifts still increase your relationship by 20 points. Examples of neutral gifts for Krobus include;

  • All Eggs
  • All Fruit
  • All Milk

If you want to improve your relationship with Krobus, you should take care not to give him a gift which he dislikes as this reduces your relationship by 20 points, such as;

  • Mushrooms; Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Magma Cap, Morel, and purple.
  • Daffodil
  • Hazelnut
  • Snow Yam
  • Leek
  • Dandelion
  • Ginger
  • Holly
  • Winter Root
  • Salmonberry
  • Life Elixir

It is even more important to avoid giving Krobus gifts that he hates, which luckily include only all universal hates.

Movie and Snacks?

Although Krobus doesn’t leave the Sewers, you can gift him with Movie tickets and even a snack if you are feeling generous! Just with gifts, movie tickets can be liked and disliked depending on personal preference. Movies with Krobus likes are;

  • Mysterium

Movies which Krobus does not like;

  • Wumpus
  • The Miracle at Coldstar Ranch
  • The Brave Little Sapling
  • The Zuzu City Express
  • It Howls In The Rain
  • Journey Of The Prairie King

Snacks that Krobus loves;

  • Black Liquorice

Snacks Krobus dislikes;

  • Apple slices
  • Chocolate Popcorn
  • Jawbreaker
  • Cotton Candy
  • Joja Corn
  • Cappuccino Mousse Cake
  • Stardrop Sorbet
  • Joja Cola
  • Rock Candy
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Star Cookie

A Monster of a roommate

So you are giving Krobus gifts that he loves, and now he is ready and willing to move in; great! There are some differences with Krobus compared to some human roommates; Krobus needs a specific gift for him to move in. To get Krobus as a roommate, you need to present him with a Void Ghost Pendant.

To purchase a Void Ghost Pendant, you first need to get 200 Void Essence and then visit the Desert Trader. It is essentially a spooky version of the Mermaid Pendant. Once you get the Void Ghost Pendant, you can present it to Krobus, and then in the next three days that follow; Krobus will move in! Once Krobus does this, there will only be a chest in the Sewers, which will sell the items he previously sold.

Much like if you were to get married to a human character in Pelican Town, Krobus will add his room to your house once he moves in! Although the relationship is not romantic and is completely platonic, so instead of kissing, Krobus will hug you, and he will also never get jealous of your relationship with others.

As your relationship is platonic, you cannot have children with Krobus, but if you have previous children from other relationships, Krobus will help you raise them. You cannot divorce Krobus (obviously) because you are not married to Krobus, but you can evict him from your house if you want to.

To do this, you need to visit the Mayor’s House like you would for divorce; despite your relationship being only friendly, Krobus will be upset when you ask him to leave your house and will no longer speak to you.

Heart Events with Krobus

As your relationship with Krobus progresses, there will be some heart events that you experience with him, such as;

Three hearts;

Once you reach three hearts with Krobus (which can be achieved by regularly visiting him, speaking with him, and giving him gifts), Krobus will send you a recipe in the post. The Recipe is for a Dark Sign, which works the same way as a wooden sign and is capable of displaying the image of any item on the sign.

Fourteen hearts;

Once you reach fourteen hearts with Krobus, you will have an event with him which occurs on the beach. To trigger the event, you need to visit the beach between 8 am and 1 pm on a dry day. In this particularly exciting cutscene, Krobus sits on the beach when suddenly a sea monster pops up, and Krobus has a spin on it!

Quests with Krobus

As your relationship with Krobus progresses, you may want to engage with him in some of these Quests! Krobus’s Quests include;

  • Dark Talisman; There will be a time when the Wizard requests Magic Ink, but to find this, you need to enter his Ex-Wives house, which is the Witches Lair, and to do so, you need a Talisman. After you speak with the Wizard, you then need to talk to Krobus, who in turn will open the path to a Mutant Bug Lair, which is where you can find the Dark Talisman, which will allow you to visit the Witches House and retrieve the Magic Ink for the Wizard.
  • A Winter Mystery; This quest happens when you visit the Bus Stop between 6 am and 4 pm during Winter. When you arrive at the Bus Stop, there is a strange figure which suddenly runs away from the Bus Stop and towards the town. After this, if you approach the bush near the playground in Pelican Town – what may or may not be Krobus emerges and gives you a Magnifying Glass, which then enables you to read secret notes.

To Summarise, an adorable Monster.

Krobus, as I hope you now know, is an adorable little guy and indeed a businessman! He works super hard in his store and is so kind and polite when you meet him, and he also makes a great roommate! I hope that if you haven’t met Krobus already that you are now inspired to meet him and work toward unlocking that Sewer.

If you haven’t already worked toward the Museum donations in Pelican Town, it will take some time to get all 60 to receive the Key and unlock the Sewer, so I suggest that you get started as soon as possible! It does take time and effort, but I assure you that Krobus is worth it.


Question: How do I unlock the Sewer in Stardew Valley?

Answer: To unlock the Sewer in Stardew Valley, you need first to donate 60 items to the Museum. Once you donate these 60 items the following day, Gunther will meet you at your house in the morning and present you with a Rusty Key, which can then be used to open the Sewer.

Question: Can Krobus be a roommate?

Answer: The great news is that, yes, Krobus can be a roommate, but it doesn’t work in the same way that it does for human roommates as you cannot be romantically involved with him. To get Krobus as a roommate, you first need to present him with a Void Ghost Pendant, which you can buy from the Desert Trader if you have 200 Void Essence. This then can be presented to Krobus, and three days later, he will move in.

Question: What are the best gifts for Krobus?

Answer: The best gifts that you can give to Krobus are; Diamonds, Void Mayonnaise, Void Egg, Pumpkin, Iridium Bars, and Wild Horseradish.

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