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Pierre Stardew Valley Guide: Important Facts You Need to Know

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The gaming community has practically exploded with virtual farmers ever since the release of Stardew Valley in 2016. This charming game has captivated the hearts and minds of many a gamer with its Harvest Moon-like vibes, simple gameplay mechanics, colorful world, and likable characters.

Players, including myself, have spent hours upon hours harvesting crops, taking care of farm animals, and fighting their way through mines and caverns. It takes a lot of time to turn the barren land inherited from your grandfather into a lively farm.

But every farmer is only as good as the crops he produces and those crops are only as good as the supplier who sells the seeds to grow them. If you’re a farmer with a conscience, you’ll be buying your seeds from Pierre, the villager who runs Pierre’s General Store in the middle of Pelican Town.

Pierre is a friendly man with a keen business eye for the threat that the Joja Corporation poses to Stardew Valley and Pelican Town. He isn’t a man without faults, though, as we’ll see his jealousy and secretive nature revealed in Heart Events and by other characters.

Ready to learn more about Pierre and his store? This guide will give you the information you need to know about the most important character for getting your farm up and running.

Bottom Line Up Front

  • Pierre is a character in the 2016 indie video game Stardew Valley.
  • He runs the General Store in Pelican Town, a store where you can buy seeds for your farm and ingredients for recipes as well as sell your produce.
  • He also sells important bag upgrades to increase your carrying capacity.
  • Pierre’s essentials:
    • Age – ??? (potentially 40s)
    • Appearance – Light brown hair, glasses, brown button-up shirt, blue undershirt
    • Temperament – Hard-working, friendly, competitive
    • Family Caroline (wife), Abigail (daughter)
    • Friends – ???
    • Best Gift – Fried Calamari
    • Birthday – Spring 26

Appearance, Personality, and Hobbies

stradew pierre

In all honesty, Pierre looks like an average dad. From his sweeping light brown hair and glasses to his brown button-up shirt and blue undershirt, there’s nothing outlandish about his looks. He sticks out in his family since Caroline has green hair and Abigail has purple. His age is never explicitly stated in Stardew Valley, but given that he’s married and his daughter is an adult, most estimates put Pierre in his 40s.

Pierre’s store doubles as the prominent feature of his personality. He is usually consumed with the performance of his business and is concerned about what JojaMart is doing to the local economy. Players debate over if Pierre is as upstanding of a citizen as he would have you believe.

I think that while he can come across as single-minded, his care for the community is genuine and he runs his store in a way that’s good for Pelican Town. He’s also quick to introduce himself to the player and is quite friendly to you. I don’t think that’s just to attract your business.

Thanks to the workload that running a small business puts on Pierre, he doesn’t have much time for hobbies. He’ll complain about this fact to the player, saying, “I wish I could go for a walk, but I can’t leave the store unattended.”

It seems he lacks even the freedom to clear his head with a walk, but as you grow closer to Pierre, you’ll find that he carves out some extra time for things he likes to do. He’ll remark to the player that he used to be a boxer with a right hook that was “the stuff of legend.” He’ll also admit to the player that he practices opera singing behind the counter of the store when no one else is around.

Family and Friends

Here is what you need to know about Pierre’s family and friends.

Caroline (Wife)

Caroline (Wife)

Caroline, Pierre’s wife, can often be found chatting with Jodi in the town square. If you become friends with her, she’ll mention her life before she met Pierre, saying, “I wasn’t ready for the domestic life. Pierre’s a bit traditional…but he’s a good man.” She’ll also reveal that when she was younger, she wanted to be a rancher.

It seems that while Caroline and Pierre have a decent marriage on the surface, they both have secrets to keep. You’ll learn in Pierre’s Heart Events that he has a secret or two. As for Caroline, she asks the player not to tell Pierre that she used to take secret walks to the Wizard’s Tower before they were married. Pierre has a jealous streak and suspects that Abigail might not even be his daughter.

When it comes to Abigail, they have dueling opinions on what’s best for her but agree in wishing that she’d act more ladylike. Caroline worries if Abigail will ever experience life outside of Stardew Valley, while Pierre is conservative in his view of gender roles and how Abigail should behave. The three of them occasionally butt heads over this, but never for too long.

Abigail (Daughter)

Abigail, an eligible bachelorette, and purveyor of all things occult, is the daughter of Pierre and Caroline. While most of the Stardew Valley community loves Abigail for her taste in clothing, hair dye, and hobbies, her parents don’t feel the same way. Abigail is often at odds with them and feels that they’re overbearing in many ways.

We can see some of the tension between Abigail, Pierre, and Caroline in Heart Events. In Abigail’s 6 Heart Event, you’ll meet her in the graveyard, only to be found by Pierre. He says that she needs to go home to help Caroline cook dinner, to which Abigail replies that it’s only because she’s a girl that they expect that kind of behavior. In Caroline’s 6 Heart Event, you’ll find Caroline and Abigail arguing over how the latter dresses.

As a third party, there’s nothing you can do as the player except listen to each character’s problems and understand. Pierre’s family might be a little dysfunctional, but they do care for each other.


pierre general store

Pierre makes it no secret that his store is the center of his life. We can clearly see that from the schedule he keeps; he hardly goes anywhere else!

Every day except for Wednesdays, Pierre follows the same schedule. He wakes up, goes to stand behind the counter at the General Store, goes back to his room, and goes to bed. The store is closed on Wednesdays, but he still doesn’t leave his home. Some of the dissatisfaction he expresses with his domestic life is a little more understandable when you take the doldrum of his daily life into account.

On Fridays, if it isn’t raining, he’ll go to the Stardrop Saloon to unwind after work. However, if it is raining, he stays inside. After you complete the Community Center, Pierre will begin to open the shop 7 days a week to take advantage of JojaMart going out of business. While this is convenient because you can buy supplies without ever worrying about what day it is, one has to wonder if Pierre will ever leave the store again.

Pierre’s General Store

Pierre’s pride and joy, Pierre’s General Store in the middle of Pelican Town, is a useful little shop where you can buy the seeds needed to grow most of the crops in Stardew Valley. Its selection changes depending on the season and it is closed on Wednesdays until you complete all of the bundles for the Community Center. The items and their prices are listed by season below:


  • Parsnip Seeds – 20g
  • Bean Starter – 60g
  • Cauliflower Seeds – 80g
  • Potato Seeds – 50g
  • Tulip Bulb – 20g
  • Kale Seeds – 70g
  • Jazz Seeds – 30g
  • Garlic Seeds (Year 2+) – 40g
  • Rice Shoot (Year 2+) – 40g



  • Melon Seeds – 80g
  • Tomato Seeds – 50g
  • Blueberry Seeds – 80g
  • Pepper Seeds – 40g
  • Wheat Seeds – 10g
  • Radish Seeds – 40g
  • Poppy Seeds – 100g
  • Spangle Seeds – 50g
  • Hops Starter – 60g
  • Corn Seeds – 150g
  • Sunflower Seeds – 200g
  • Red Cabbage Seeds (Year 2+) – 100g


  • Eggplant Seeds – 20g
  • Corn Seeds – 150g
  • Pumpkin Seeds – 100g
  • Bok Choy Seeds – 50g
  • Yam Seeds – 60g
  • Cranberry Seeds – 240g
  • Sunflower Seeds – 200g
  • Fairy Seeds – 200g
  • Amaranth Seeds – 70g
  • Grape Starter – 60g
  • Wheat Seeds – 10g
  • Artichoke Seeds (Year 2+) – 30g



  • Grass Starter – 100g
  • Sugar – 100g
  • Wheat Flour – 100g
  • Rice – 200g
  • Oil – 200g
  • Vinegar – 200g
  • Basic Fertilizer – 100g
  • Quality Fertilizer – 150g
  • Basic Retaining Soil – 100g
  • Quality Retaining Soil – 150g
  • Speed-Gro – 100g
  • Deluxe Speed-Gro – 150g
  • Wallpaper – 100g
  • Flooring – 100g
  • Cherry Sapling – 3,400g
  • Apricot Sapling – 2,000g
  • Orange Sapling – 4,000g
  • Peach Sapling – 6,000g
  • Pomegranate Sapling – 6,000g
  • Apple Sapling – 4,000g
  • Catalog – 30,000g
  • Bouquet – 200g

Buying certain items out of season, like Parsnips in Fall, will result in them being more expensive to the tune of +50% of the original price. Following the Parsnips example, they cost 30g in any season other than Spring. He will only sell seeds out of season after you give him his Missing Stocklist, which can be obtained from Qi’s Walnut Room for 50 Qi Gems.

Pierre also offers upgrades to your backpack. The first backpack upgrade, which costs 2,000g, gives you 12 more slots for a total of 24. The second upgrade costs 10,000g and adds 12 more slots for a total of 36.

Best Gift for Pierre

Here is the best gift for Pierre.

Fried Calamari

Fried Calamari

Pierre only has one gift that he loves: the chewy, golden brown Fried Calamari. If you’re friends with Jodi, she’ll send a recipe for this seafood dish after you reach 3+ Hearts with her. The recipe will allow you to prepare Fried Calamari in your kitchen if you have one built or by using a Cookout Kit, which can be crafted. Otherwise, it can be bought from Krobus’s shop or the Stardrop Saloon whenever it is in stock.

Pierre’s Heart Events

These are Pierre’s heart events:

3 Heart Event

3 Heart Event

Reaching 3 Hearts with Pierre will prompt him to send you a recipe in the mail. The recipe is for Blueberry Tart and it must be very good; Pierre writes “TOP SECRET” at the top of his letter and asks you not to share it with anyone else. 1 Blueberry, 1 Wheat Flour, 1 Sugar, and 1 Egg are required to bake this dessert.

6 Heart Event

Upon reaching 6 Hearts with Pierre, a cutscene will be triggered the next time you enter his store. You brazenly enter Pierre’s room unannounced. I’m not sure what this says about the player, but already in the wrong, you begin to look around the room.

You eventually find what the game refers to as Pierre’s “Secret Stash,” presumably of weed or another drug. Pierre seems so straight-laced that I was really surprised to find it the first time and thought about other secrets he might be keeping from his family.

At this point, Pierre enters and discovers what you’re doing. Shocked to see you and what you’ve found, he asks you to keep it a secret. You can either agree to not tell anyone or say that you’re going to tell Caroline, his wife. The first response will strengthen your friendship with Pierre, while the second will lose you points with him.

Related Quests

Here are the quests related to Pierre.

Community Center Bundles

Community Center Bundles

While there isn’t a quest that specifically involves Pierre and any of the Community Center bundles, he is the character that benefits most when you restore the building to its former glory.

Completing all of the bundles will drive JojaMart out of town, leaving Pierre’s General Store as the only place in town to buy seeds, saplings, and cooking ingredients. Pierre will also open the store 7 days a week as a result of JojaMart closing.

Pierre’s Notice

Randomly on Spring 21 in your second year on the farm, Pierre will send a letter to the player asking to track down some sashimi. If you have the recipe, which you can get by raising your friendship level with Linus to 3 Hearts, all it takes is one fish of any kind to make it. This is quest is easy to complete and will net you a quick 1,000g and +1 Heart with Pierre.

Best Merch Items


For as important as Pierre is to the overarching plot of a small town versus a big corporation in Stardew Valley, it’s a little surprising that he’s not one of the more popular characters represented in merchandise. There seem to be more cool things you can buy based on his store than Pierre himself! I’ve collected a few of my Pierre and Pierre-inspired favorites below:


Question: Can you marry Pierre in Stardew Valley?

Answer: No, you can’t marry Pierre in the original game. Some mods will let you marry previously unmarriable characters, but Pierre is not one of them. He is already married to Caroline.

Question: Where is Pierre’s General Store?

Answer: Pierre’s General Store is located in the middle of Pelican Town. It is to the right of Harvey’s Clinic and north of the Stardrop Saloon.

Question: Why does everyone hate Pierre in Stardew Valley?

Answer: I think this is an interesting topic of discussion within the Stardew Valley community. For many players, Pierre isn’t like the friendly businessman schtick he puts forth. He keeps secrets from his wife, he’s controlling of Abigail, and you can make the case that he has ulterior motives for getting rid of JojaMart.

Pierre can be considered just as ruthless of a businessman as Morris, since driving JojaMart out of town gives him a virtual monopoly on selling goods in Pelican Town. As for myself, I don’t necessarily believe Pierre is that cold; I think he’s doing what he has to do to grow his business and provide for his family.

Pierre Stardew Valley Guide: Conclusion

Despite not being one of the main characters you can spend a lot of time with, Pierre serves an important role when thinking about the themes that Stardew Valley represents.

You have to choose early on whether or not to support rebuilding the Community Center through your own sweat and effort or to simply provide the money for the Joja Corporation to do it for you. Do the latter and you’ll be directly harming Pierre and his small business.

I have always chosen to help Pierre and complete the Community Center bundles. I feel like this makes for a more wholesome Stardew Valley experience and it feels nice to put in the effort to make the other residents happy. I hope this guide has been helpful as you learn more about Pierre, as he’s surprisingly deep and interesting. I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting to know him and the rest of the characters as you play Stardew Valley.

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