Penny Stardew Valley Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Penny

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Whether you love playing 2D games or are just exploring a fantastic indie game many consider an absolute gem, Stardew Valley will be an excellent breather for you. The game explores themes of freedom and just simply living a life outside the shackles of the corporate world. And that theme touches a lot more than tending your farm or growing your crops.

In Stardew Valley, you get to play a game where the end goal isn’t about being the best or competing with others. It’s a raw and unfiltered reality. And what’s more?

You get to live your wildest dreams in this 2D world, be it fight monsters in the mine, rebuild the community center, grow your favorite crops, and fish. However, it’s never a requirement. You get to work on your schedule and live life how you’ve always wanted.

This kind of freedom also extends to your in-game relationships. You can choose to start a romance and marry one of the 12 single villagers in Pelican Town. One of the potential love interests is Penny. She is a timid girl who lives with her mom in a trailer near the river. Are you interested in getting to know more about this character? In this blog, you’ll get to know Penny’s favorite gifts, her schedule, and all of her Friendship heart events.

Bottom Line Up Front


Penny is one of the single villagers you can marry in the indie video game Stardew Valley. She lives with her mom in a small trailer by the river. Whenever her mom is out day drinking at the saloon, Penny quietly does her chores in the small room she is forced to call home. 

Penny’s essentials:

When you give a gift to Penny on her birthday, she will give extra points. Like many NPCs, she also has a yearly clinic visit and an annual trip to the Night Market.

Birthday: Fall 2

Home Location: Pam’s Trailer

Family: Pam (Mother)

Friends: Sam, Maru 

Clinic Visit: Winter 4

Night Market Visit: Winter 15

Occupation: Tutor

Marriage: Yes

Penny: Appearance, Personality, and Hobbies


penny appearance

Penny looks rather cute and innocent in her yellow blouse. She sports short ginger hair that’s curled at the end. You can also notice that Penny loves to keep her hair neat on one side. She has big, oval green eyes that add a unique appeal of softness to her look. Penny also loves to smile and wears a charming half-smile whenever you talk to her. 

In the first iterations of the game, Penny looks exceptionally different. She has shoulder-length fringes, and she also wears a pink and yellow shirt with floral details. So, the Penny character underwent several design iterations and developments throughout the years. 


It’s without a doubt that Penny is a sweet and shy villager without any grand ambitions other than settling down and starting her very own family. That’s why she loves to hang out with kids. She is modest and not akin to her mom, who loves to revel in the saloon.

Her friendly attitude is very tempered by politeness. However, she is quick to judge inappropriate behavior; anything wrong that you’ll do will impact her opinion about you. She

So, it seems that this unassuming character has a very black-white perspective about life and other people. You can only be two things to Penny: decent human being or you’re someone to avoid; not that she’ll ever show her disapproval other than simply being coolly polite. 

If you’re trustworthy and dependable, loves kids, and want a big family, Penny is a good match for you. 


When she’s not busy finishing up chores or tutoring, Penny loves to cook during her free time. However, her skills are highly questionable. One of her heart events even involved cooking while you taste the recipe she invented. 

Aside from cooking, she likes to hang out in the local library to read books. Well, she’s really into expanding her knowledge and exploring the world through pages. This comes in handy for her profession as a teacher to Vincent and Jas, which she admits isn’t always easy, though she still enjoys doing it.


penny tutoring

Knowing Penny’s schedule is essential, especially if you want to build a better relationship with her. Being around the specific times for the heart events increases your chance to marry her. So, are you ready to know her schedule? 

Usually, you can find Penny in town reading or cleaning up at the trailer. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, she tutors the kids, Jas and Vincent, at the museum. She also walks both of them home after the tutoring session. So, you might be able to catch and greet her too. She doesn’t need to tutor in the summer because the kids are also on a break.

During the Saturdays in Spring and Fall, Penny spends time with them in the town playground. So, it’s no doubt that she loves kids. Whenever it’s raining, you can find her inside the trailer or visiting the museum or library, browsing different books and artifacts.

On the 4th of Winter, she has her annual appointment at the clinic.


Penny and her mother, Pam, have this unique kind of relationship. Growing up in a trailer, she had quite a hard life as a child. Many fans of the franchise even consider Pam’s relationship with Penny as an abusive one. However, despite her rough childhood, Penny remained cheerful and merry. 

She even made friends with a couple of villagers in Pelican Town. If the player hasn’t chosen her, she is close friends with Sam and even dances with him at the Flower Dance. She is also close with Maru and loves to hang out with her in the museum; both of them are into books and reading. 

Aside from that, she loves to be around the local children, Jas and Vincent. So, Penny has built a good relationship with the other villagers. 

Best Gifts for Penny

Giving gifts is one of the easiest ways to build your relationship with Penny. But of course, it’s also important what kind of gifts are her favorites.

The following gifts are among Penny’s “love” items. So, if you’re trying to max out your friendship level with Penny as quickly as possible, you can try giving her any of these gifts whenever you want. Don’t forget to provide her with these gifts on her birthday on Fall 2.  

When Penny receives these gifts, she usually says, “Thank you! I really love this!”



Diamonds are minerals you can obtain from the Mines on the higher floors 50 and up. You can also find and mine them on Gem Nodes in the Mines on any floor. 

Whenever you fight a monster on the bottom of the Mines, it may drop a diamond once defeated. Pro tip: Red, Purple, Copper, Iron Slime, or a Duggy. 

In some instances, a Wilderness Golem may drop a diamond. However, the chances are very slim (0.1% chance). Since diamonds are extremely difficult to obtain and find, you can build a Crystalarium. This equipment allows you to make copies of any gem inserted into it continuously. With this equipment, you can easily create your relationship and friendship level with Penny and other characters in Stardew Valley as well. 


Emeralds are minerals obtained from mines, quarries, and geodes. Typically, you can get them on Emerald Nodes and Gem Nodes. You can also find emeralds panning or inside Fishing Treasure Chests. If you are lucky, you may also find emeralds in a garbage can after you’ve reached the bottom of the mines. You can also receive this as a gift during the Feast of the Winter Star. 


If you love farming and growing crops, Melons might be the easiest gift to give Penny. It is a crop that can be grown during the Summer season. It will take 12 days for melon seeds to mature. Giving Penny a high-quality Melon might not seem to make any difference, but it does. 

A silver quality melon gives 10% bonus points, a gold one would give 25%, and an iridium quality would give an extra 50% bonus points. 



You can grow your own Poppy from Poppy Seeds in seven days. It is a common flower that is universally hated by many. However, Penny loves Poppies; she is the only villager who loves receiving this gift. 

Whenever you’re growing Poppies, you can keep those high-quality ones for gifts and can sell some to the shipping containers or stores. If you haven’t kept and grown Poppies, you can easily buy them from the Travelling Cart for around 420-1000g. 

Poppyseed Muffin 

Do you have a knack for cooking? You can prepare and make your own Poppyseed Muffin as a gift to Penny. You can cook one in the kitchen of an upgraded farmhouse or through a cookout kit. 

Prismatic Shard

A Prismatic Shard is among the rarest items you can find in the game. It is beneficial as well since it can help you accomplish your quests. And it is also a perfect gift that Penny will absolutely love. It’s a shiny multicolored stone that’s absolutely hard to miss but rather tricky to find. So, gifting one might be hard too. 

Red Plate

Penny is a foodie and undeniably loves to eat and cook food. That’s why giving her a Red Plate would be an incredible gift. You can get the dish recipe from Emily once you reach seven hearts on the friendship scale. The ingredients of this dish are fairly simple and readily available. You only need two crops: red cabbage and radish. Sounds simple enough, right? 

Like the Poppyseed muffin, you can make it either in the kitchen, by using a cookout kit, or if you have an upgraded farmhouse.

Roots Platter

Roots platter is also another cooking dish that Penny loves. You only need two ingredients to make this recipe. And as the name suggests, it only involves root crops like a piece of cave carrot and winter root. 



You can find this fish in the pond in the desert during all seasons. So, you can start fishing for a sandfish as a gift. It can be caught regardless of the time of day using Magic Bait. 

Sometimes, you can also score this randomly inside garbage cans after unlocking the dessert. If you have a lot of gold, you can buy one at the traveling cart for 225-1000g. 

Tom Kha Soup 

Tom Kha Soup is a cooked dish that can be prepared inside an upgraded farmhouse or a cookout kit. You can obtain its recipe by buying it from a traveling merchant. You will only need three items to make a Tom Kha Soup: Coconut (1), Shrimp (1), Common Mushroom (1).

Penny’s Most Hated Gifts

Since you already know Penny’s favorite gifts, it’s also essential to know which items should you avoid giving. So, here’s a list of items that will elicit a negative and upset reaction from Penny. 

“Ugh… I’m sorry, but I absolutely hate this.”

  • All Universal Dislikes (except Poppy and Red Mushroom)
  • Beer
  • Grape
  • Holly 
  • Hops
  • Mead
  • Pale Ale
  • Pina Colada 
  • Wine
  • Rabbit’s Foot

Heart Events

Two Hearts

Two Hearts

The scenario for you to get Penny’s Two Hearts Event happens in the town between 9 am to 2 pm during sunny weather. One of the villagers, George, tries to access his mailbox but can’t reach the letters inside it. Penny walks by and assists him. However, George complains about it. You can either choose to side with Penny, George, or remain neutral. Your decision will largely influence her affection towards you. 

Here are the choices:  

  • “I was. You did a kind thing there, Penny.” +50 friendship points.
  • “I was. You should’ve asked instead of assuming George wanted help.” Unknown friendship points.
  • “I’m just taking a walk, minding my own business.” No change in friendship points.

Afterward, she will mention how difficult growing old must be. You can respond to her statement based on your opinion. However, none of the options impact Penny’s affection for you.

Four Hearts

To get the Four Hearts Event, you need to enter Pam and Penny’s trailer in the morning or midday when only Penny is there to trigger the event. You catch Penny having a hard time cleaning the trailer during this moment. She is extremely embarrassed at first, but you automatically offer to assist her. 

Both of you have made the trailer spic and span just before Pam shows up. When Pam arrives, she and Penny get in an argument while you’re still present. 

Six Hearts 

Like the Four Hearts Event, you also need to enter Pam and Penny’s trailer; this time, you need to enter it at midday when only Penny is present to trigger the event. You can see Penny, who just finished cooking a new recipe she invented. She lets you taste her food, and as you take a bite, you know how terrible it was. She asks for your opinion, and your answer will impact her affection for you.

  • “(Lie) Mmm! That was delicious!” +50 friendship points
  • “Uh… can I get the rest to go?” -50 friendship points
  • “Well it’s definitely unique… how did you get it so rubbery?” No change in friendship points.

Whatever choice you pick, Penny thanks you for being a taste-tester and invites you to watch a movie with her. 

Eight Hearts

8 hearts penny

The scenario of the Eight Heart Event happens in the Forest between 9 am to 4 pm. You need to enter the forest area with Leah, Marlon, and Marnie’s houses during a time when Penny is in her “free time.”

You can immediately notice that Penny is having a picnic with Jas and Vincent; these kids are playing by the water. She mentions that she brought the children on a field trip and starts to ask a favor for you to be her guest speaker. Penny suggests that you talk about country life. You can either respond: 

  • “I’d love to!” +10 friendship points.
  • “Sure.” no change in friendship points.
  • “No… I can’t stand kids.” -1500 friendship points.

This is quite a long Hearts Event. She proceeds to teach the children while allowing you to say your opinion on different subjects. The kids will ask you varying questions based on your answers. 

Afterward, Penny talks to you about how tough it is to teach the kids. However, she doesn’t mind and actually enjoys seeing them grow and learn new things. She enthusiastically asks you whether you want to have kids. Your response will affect her affection for you.

  • “I haven’t really thought about it.” no change in friendship points.
  • “Absolutely. I want a big family.” +20 friendship points.
  • “I guess so. It’s a natural urge.” +20 friendship points.
  • “No, I don’t think I’d be good at it.” +10 friendship points.
  • “No, The world’s crowded enough already.” -10 friendship points.
  • “No, I don’t want to be tied down with a family.” -10 friendship points.

Ten Hearts

The Ten Hearts Event happens inside the Spa from 7 pm to 12 am. You will receive a message from Penny. In the message, she asks you to meet her in the bathhouse after dark. When you arrive at the said spot, she will ask you to confess her feelings for you. Your answer will greatly determine her affection for you. 

  • “I feel the same way about you.” no change in friendship points.
  • “Sorry, but I don’t like you in that way…” -1500 friendship points.



You can trigger the marriage event by visiting the east part of the beach on a rainy day. This area is only accessible after donating 300 pieces of wood to fix the bridge. There you’ll spot an old mariner who sells a precious item. You should give this to Penny to let her know you want to marry her. She will agree and then ask for three days to prepare the ceremony. After the wedding, you get to live together in your own home. 


Question: What does Penny like in Stardew Valley?

Answer: Gifting in Stardew Valley is very similar to gifting in real life. So, every character in Pelican town has specific items they like and love. For Penny, she likes the following: 
• All Universal Likes (except Algae Soup, Beer, Mead, Pale Ale, Pale Broth, Piña Colada, & Wine)
• All Milk
• All Artifacts
• Foraging on Spring: Dandelion, Leek 
You can find all the items she loves in the “Best Gifts for Penny” section above. 

Question: Is Penny Good to Marry?

Answer: Out of the 12 eligible candidates for marriage during the game, Penny is the easiest to woo. She is such a kind and shy character that she a crowd favorite e when it comes to marriage in Stardew Valley. 
As you get closer to Penny, you will help her educate the children and deal with her alcoholic mother. But be warned, Penny can’t cook well at all, so you might be busy in the kitchen. 

Question: Where does Penny live in Stardew Valley?

Answer: As a character in Stardew Valley, Penny lives in Pelican Town with her mother. They both live in a trailer which is just east of the center of town, west of the river. 

Question: Is Penny treated badly by Pam?

Answer: With Pam verbally blasting Penny all the time, trashing the house, and treating others poorly, Penny accepts all the abuse and internalizes it, thinking it’s the only way to deal with Pam. Her mother is angrily blasting everyone around her, so Penny is overly friendly and nice to everyone to make up for it

Question: Does Penny have a crush on Sam?

Answer: Penny and Sam are very close friends; they’re actually a friendship trio with Maru. However, there are some situations where Penny seems to have a crush on Sam. This hot gossip is even the talk of the town and can be evidently seen in the games. For example, if you don’t invite Sam or Penny to the Flower Dance, they will attend and dance together. 

Question: How Old Is Penny? 

Answer: The age of most characters are actually not stated. However, the estimated age of Penny is around 19 to 24, the same as Abigail, Haley, Sebastian, Penny, Maru, Alex, and Sam.

Bottom line: Penny Makes a Wonderful Wife 

Are you interested to start building your relationship with Penny? Of course, who wouldn’t be? Penny is a sweet and charming character with an interesting background. She’s an all-in-one package who loves to teach and hang out with kids. 

As a certified resident bookworm in Pelican Town, you will often stumble upon her reading in town. Whenever she’s not reading, she tutors Jas and Vincent in The Museum (not during the summer). She’s not a very active girl, so you won’t really worry about finding her around town. If you want to settle down with Penny in the game, we hope this guide has helped you understand her character better. 

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