Stardew Valley Junimo Hut Guide

Stardew Valley does a great job at onboarding the player. It offers a simple to understand but tricky to master gaming experience. As the game begins, the player will simply have to manage a plantation of a handful of seeds, clear the farm of debris and make sure to pet their cat or dog once every day.

It’s all very manageable, but the game gets more and more complex as time goes on. Before you know it, you’ll be crafting wine in your basement, managing a fleet of farm animals, overseeing a plantation of thousands of crops, and trying to carve out some time to make friends with the townspeople. It’s crazy just how busy things can get in this relaxing farming simulator.

However, there are several items in this game that players can craft. Their purpose is purely to make life easier for the player. These items automate the farming process, meaning that you can step away from the farm knowing that the job will still get done. These items are things like sprinklers, auto-feeders, auto-petters, and if you are married, your spouse will often share the burden. However, today we want to discuss Junimo Huts.

In this guide, we take a look at these magical farm buildings that players can access in the mid to late game and give you all the information you could ever need surrounding these game-changing structures—wondering what these buildings do and how to get your hands on one? Well, stick around. Here is our comprehensive Stardew Valley Junimo Hut Guide.

What is a Junimo Hut in Stardew Valley?

Junimo Hut

Cost: 20,000G

Items required: 9x Starfruit, 100 Fiber, 200 Stone

Bought From: The Wizard

Requirements: Must complete quest line ‘Goblin Problem’

A Junimo Hut is a farm building that one can acquire in Stardew Valley. However, you won’t find this building in the offerings at Robins Carpentry Shop. After completing a late-game quest, this premium building can only be acquired from the Wizard. You see, the Wizard offers a bunch of magical buildings, and this happens to be one of them.

The Junimo Hut has magical properties, as you would expect from these cute little forest creatures. This building’s core function is to help players collect their harvest without ever setting foot on the plantation and picking the crops themselves. This building is placed in the middle of a plantation as large as 17×17 if the player chooses.

Little Junimos will pop out of the hut when the crops have reached maturity and run around the plot, picking up the crops ready for harvest. When the day is done, the player can return to the hut and collect all of the crops in one swift motion without losing precious time that could be spent elsewhere.

How to get a Junimo Hut In Stardew Valley?

So now that you understand what a Junimo Hut is and how it can up your farming game immensely. You will likely be wondering what you need to do to get your hands on this item. Well, we won’t leave you in the dark on this one; here is a quick rundown below:

A Waiting Game

Firstly, we should mention that this will not be a structure you will have access to for a good while. We would say it will be at least a year in-game before this is even a possibility for you.

You see, to get access to magical buildings, you need to complete certain quests, and to unlock these quests, you need to complete either the Community Centre or the Joja Mart Membership. So focus on doing this as quickly as possible if you want to gain access to Junimo Huts.

Dark Talisman

Dark Talisman

Once you complete the Community Centre, you will get tasked with a new quest called Dark Talisman. You will have to travel to the area where the railroad tracks and the Spa are to trigger this. Then you will notice a golem blocking the path to the Witche’s Hut.

However, you need to get through as the Wizard has asked you to get to the Witches Hut and retrieve his Magical Ink. He can’t go because that’s his Ex-wife, and it’s a little awkward.

So the player then has to travel to the Sewers and talk to Krobus, who will reveal a path to the west of the Sewers that leads to the Mutant Bug Lair; how inviting. You must travel through this area, grab the Dark Talisman, and return to the Golem. You will be allowed past this item, thus beginning the Goblin Problem quest.

Goblin Problem

As you enter the courtyard to the Witche’s Hut, you will notice that a Goblin is standing guard, and he is unwilling to let you past. The game doesn’t offer you any clues about how the Goblin can be moved, but if you have uncovered secret notes and Lost Books, you may have learned that Goblins go crazy for Void Mayonnaise.

So the player must either buy a Void Egg from Krobus and have this turned into Void Mayonaise, or incubate the egg and hatch a Void Chicken, ensuring that they have a constant supply of Void products. Simply take this item to the Goblin, and in an excited frenzy, he will take it and flee, granting you access to the Witche’s Hut.

Here you will be able to use a series of Dark Shrines with assorted powers, but more importantly, you will be able to retrieve the Magic Ink. Bring this back to the Wizard, and then finally, you will have access to the list of Magical Farm Buildings.

Items Required

Then lastly, you will have to acquire the building ingredients for the Junimo Hut. You will need 200 Stone which is very easy to come by, especially in the late game. Then you will also need 100 Fiber.

This is harder to come by, especially if you haven’t saved the Fiber you acquired from clearing your farm at the beginning of the game. However, you will eventually gather enough with regular trips to the Pelican Town Mine and cutting the small patches you encounter around Pelican Town.

Then lastly, you will need to grow nine Starfruit crops. This can be done in the Summer, or if you have a Greenhouse, this can be done at any time. The same goes for Ginger Island, as the climate there eternally mimics Summer’s conditions. To get the seeds, you can either head out to the Calico Desert and buy them from Sandy in the Oasis Shop, or you can occasionally purchase these from the traveling merchant.

Why Should I Get a Junimo Hut?

Junimo Hut 1

Okay, so you now you know the path to getting your hands on a Junimo Hut. However, you may still be asking yourself, is it actually a worthwhile investment. In our opinion, it is one of the best purchases and most value for money offerings in the entire game.

However, we are more than happy to show our work. So here are the main reasons why you should get a Junimo Hut for your farm:


First and foremost, the Junimo Hut is a luxury item that makes your daily routine a little bit easier. While a lot of people live for your rush of serotonin when they get to pluck crops from the ground, others find this a necessary chore to make that sweet cash at the day draws to a close.

So with the Junimo Hut, all you have to do is go about your day and wait for these cute little pals of yours to pick up the goods; then, in one quick interaction, you have a full harvest ready to be shipped. It couldn’t be simpler.


Speaking of going about your day, without a Junimo Hut, a farmer could easily see themselves spending hours of in-game time plucking crops from the ground on harvest day.

However, with a Junimo Hut in place, this allows you to get up and go. Meaning if you want to head to the Calico Desert and hit the Skull Cavern, or you want to head to Ginger Island and work through the Walnut Room tasks, you can. As your crops will be there waiting for you when you return.

Cheap Option 

Junimo Hut 2

We cannot stress enough that the Junimo Hut is a no-brainer for farmers with some funds lying around. The Junimo Hut only costs 20,000G, which is a very reasonable price compared to the Totems and the other magical buildings on offer. This is a very accessible item and one you shouldn’t think twice about buying.

Farm Layout 

Then lastly, if you have been building a farm, you will have likely been planting crops in grids of 3×3. However, unless you are going for the novelty of giant crops, this isn’t the most effective use of space on your farm. So with the implementation of Junimo Huts on your farm and pushing the player toward 17×17 grids, you will naturally move closer to your final farm design.

What Are Other Magical Buildings There?

Junimo Huts are fantastic, but in truth, they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to buildings with magical properties. There are tons of incredible offerings in the Wizard’s Tower. Each has unique powers that will change your farming life forever. However, you may be wondering exactly what these are. Well, we won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here is a quick rundown below:

Desert Obelisk 

Desert Obelisk 

Cost: 1,000,000G

Requirements: 20x Iridium Bars, 10x Coconuts, 10x Cactus Fruit

First up, we have the Desert Obelisk. If you are tired of having to wait for Pam to get to the bus stop before you can travel to the Calico Desert, eating into your Skull Cavern looting time, then you need this Obelisk. This building allows you to teleport straight to the Calico Desert as you please, meaning more time descending the Skull Cavern and, ultimately, more goodies.

Earth Obelisk 

Cost: 500,000g

Requirements: 10x Iridium Bars, 10x Earth Crystals

For half the price of the Obelisk above, you can get yourself an Earth Obelisk. This building allows you to warp straight from your farm to the Mountains. This offers easy access to the Pelican Town Mines, Mountain Lake, and Robins Carpentry Shop.

Gold Clock

Gold Clock

Cost: 10,000,000

Requirements: N/A

Now we have the most expensive and luxurious item in the game, the Gold Clock. When placed on your farm, this item ensures that nothing on your farm degrades over time, like fences and other assets on your farm. Then, in addition to this, it also ensures that no debris like stones or logs appears on your farm.

It essentially means that there will be no more maintenance or upkeep needed, but you’ll have to save up quite a wad of cash for this luxury.

Island Obelisk 

Cost: 1,000,000G

Requirements: 20x Iridium Bars, 10x Dragon Tooth, 10x Banana

The Island Obelisk is yet another totem that allows you to travel somewhere at warp speed, this time to Ginger Island. The player would usually head down to Willie’s Fishing Shop and take his boat out to the Island. Still, with this Obelisk, you can warp straight there and make the most of your time in the Sunny locale of Ginger Island.

Water Obelisk

Water Obelisk

Cost: 500,000g

Requirements: 10x Iridium Bars, 10x Clam, 10x Coral

Then lastly, you have the Water Obelisk, which allows you swift access to the beach in Pelican Town. This will allow you to make the most of rainy days, allow you to catch early morning fish with ease, and generally allow you to catch more fish daily.

Tips for Using Junimo Huts

Then lastly, before we sign off, we want to offer you some tips and best practices when using Junimo Huts on your farm. Some lesser-known facts about Junimo Huts are that Stardew Valley doesn’t communicate to the player all that well. Thankfully though, we are more than capable of filling in the gaps. Here are some helpful things to know about Junimo Huts Below:

Junimos Don’t Like Cold or Rain 


One thing that we want to tell you now so that you don’t learn the hard way is that Juninos do not collect any crops when it is raining. Seems that they aren’t equipped for a little precipitation. Then this also applies to the wintertime. We know that winter isn’t exactly the best time to farm crops, but even if you somehow manage it, the Junimos will not be up for helping.

Junimos Don’t Harvest Everything.

We must also inform you that Junimos don’t always collect the crops you grow. Firstly, the Junimos will not harvest Giant Crops. It’s a big ask for the tiny Junimos to somehow break down these huge specimens, so we guess that is fair enough.

However, it’s also worth noting that they do not collect forage items that are grown using wild seeds that correspond with the various seasons. They simply won’t collect these, so it will be a manual job if you are growing these and it’s time to harvest.

The Power of Gems


Then lastly, if you have read Secret Note #24, you will know that if you place gems in the storage of each Junimo Hut, you can alter the colour of each Junimo. So if you like the traditional green ones, you’ll want to fill the huts with Emeralds. If you want blue Junimos, you’ll want to use Diamonds, and so on. It’s nothing more than a novelty, but it’s a fun little mechanic that we thought we would share with you.


Question: What Are Junimos?

Answer: Junimos are little forest sprites that players will encounter in Stardew Valley. Aesthetically they look like sentient little apples, and by all accounts, they are adorable. These magical creatures have taken up residence in the Community Center. When the player arrives, they will work to restore this building to its former glory. This explains that when the player fixes the Community Centre, Junimo Huts becomes available. These creatures are the keepers of the forest and are quite remarkable. They even have their own alphabet and language.

Question: Can You Place Junimo Huts On Ginger Island?

Answer: Sadly not. While players will be able to pack as many Junimo Huts onto their main farm as they want. However, when it comes to the plot of land that you inherit on Ginger Island, what you see is what you get. You can add sprinklers and other machines to help you automate the place. Still, buildings are sadly out of the question, even magical ones.

Question: Where Can I Play Stardew Valley?

Answer: Thanks to the widespread popularity of this indie gem, gamers can play this game on multiple platforms. Players can access this game on PS4, Xbox One, PSP, PC, IOS, Android, and PSP. This game has also recently been added to Xbox Game Pass.

Stardew Valley Junimo Hut Guide: Build Your Junimo Army!

As you can see from the information above, Junimo Huts are incredible structures that, once you have, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Plus, it has to be said that unlike the other magical items on offer from the Wizard, Junimo Huts are easy to get the required items for building, and they don’t break the bank either.

With these buildings on your farm, you’ll have more time to run around and do other fun activities, so it’s a no-brainer. We hope that this guide serves you well, and we hope that the Junimos you recruit do as well. As always, thank you for reading SdewHQ.

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