Stardew Valley Legendary Fish Guide

Stardew Valley is a game that is filled with several interesting creatures. You have the magical Junimos that will serve as your guide to repairing the community. You have creatures like Flying Serpents, Skeletons, and Slimes that will do their best to send you on a one-way trip to Harvey’s surgery.

Plus, you have an abundance of interesting human residents in Pelican Town who also have compelling stories to tell. However, in this article, we are more interested in the animals that you can capture and use to make a profit. It sounds a little sinister, but with a jaunty soundtrack and a cute pixel art style, we assure you, it’s fine. We are, of course, referring to fish in Stardew Valley.

Fish serve as collectible and sellable assets in Stardew Valley; you can keep them as pets, you can start your own fish farm through the ponds you can build on your farmstead, you can cook them up as a meal, or you can even gift them to someone like Willy who will actually appreciate it.

However, some fish in Stardew Valley is a cut above the rest, sell for huge profits, and offer a huge challenge for any angler that tries to catch them. These are the legendary fish in Stardew Valley.

These fish are special fish that players will need to find within the world and use all of their fishing ability to wrangle. However, if you can do it, you’ll reap the rewards and go down in legend yourself. However, you may be wondering what waters they inhabit and what to expect when you get them on the hook.

Well, we aim to clear all that up for you. So without further delay, here is our Stardew Valley Legendary Fish guide.

What is a Legendary Fish In Stardew Valley?

Stardew valley wiki fishing

While you may be familiar with the usual brand of fish in the lakes, rivers, and mountains of Pelican Town, there are some fish out there that are one of a kind. Legendary fish in Stardew Valley are fish that can only be found in very select areas, often under certain conditions, and can only be caught once.

These fish are usually worth a pretty penny, making them very desirable assets. However, they are also very difficult to fish to catch as their marker bounces around your fishing graphic like a creature possessed; you’ll have to be on your game to keep up with them and reel them in.

These fish also have rather specific requirements, are often acquired by fishing in areas that must first be unlocked by the player progressing through the game, and realistically, some of these fish are near impossible to catch without level ten fishing skills and some fishing accessories and buffs.

Why Should I Seek Out The Legendary Fish?

There are a lot of reasons that Stardew players should seek out these incredible creatures. The thrill of the catch is an obvious reason, but within the context of the game, there are lots of rewards on offer to the player. So let’s run through a few, shall we? Here they are listed below:


As we have mentioned above, these fish fetch quite a price when you throw them into your shipping bin. For example, if you were to reel in the highest possible quality Legend fish, you could sell that fish and bag a whopping 15,000K, all for one fish.

Completing the Collection

stardew valley wiki collecting fish

Another popular reason for nabbing these fish from their underwater hideouts is that it is required to complete your fishing collection. If you manage to complete your fishing glossary and catch all the relevant specimens, then you will be awarded one of the seven rare Stardrops found within the game, offering a permanent boost to your overall energy stats.

Plus, to achieve 100% completion and appease Mr. Qi, you will need to do this anyway, so it’s best to always have one eye on the scaly prize.

Completing Questlines

As we mentioned, you will need to catch all of the fish to hit 100% completion. However, along the way, you will be given a quest by the enigmatic Mr. Qi himself, and you will be tasked with catching the ultimate variants of the legendary fish present in the game before the 1.5 updates.

The ancestors of the vanilla Legendary fish are more difficult to catch and harder to track down than their counterparts. However, if you manage to get them onto dry land, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Adding to your Aquarium

Then lastly, if monetary gain isn’t your primary focus when playing Stardew Valley, you may want to hold onto these Legendary fish.

While they cannot be used for consistent monetary gain via Fish Ponds, they can be kept in tanks as a form of decoration, displaying your fishing prowess for all to see. Is it a little wasteful? Perhaps. However, if you want a signature piece to tie a room together, a legendary sea creature definitely will tick that box.

How to Catch Stardew Valley‘s Legendary Fish – A Guide

Before You Begin

Before you go after these fish, we would like to offer some tips and tricks that may make the process much easier for players that are perhaps trying to track down these creatures for the first time in Stardew Valley. Here is a quick rundown of what you should know:

Don’t Rush In, Level Up

While the urge to catch a legendary fish early in your playthrough can be a very tempting one to give in to, it’s honestly much better to put this task on the backburner, at least for the first year. This is because when you begin in Stardew Valley, your fishing skill is very low, making catching more difficult fish a real battle.

So when you take on a Legendary Fish, even with buffs, this will prove to be a massive struggle. However, if you bide your time, increase your fishing skill and make your margin for error a little larger, you will find that catching each Legendary Fish isn’t an uphill battle, or at least less so.

Get The Best Fishing Rod and Accessories

Stardew valley wiki (Iridium Rod)

If you are still wandering around with a Bamboo Pole Fishing rod and you try to catch a Legendary Fish, it’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight. However, if you gradually build up your fishing equipment and prepare for each entanglement with a Legend of the deep, then you should see better results.

So be sure to invest in an Iridium Rod, lots of bait to cut down on time taken between attempts, and also, be sure to buy the right tackle for each fish. We would suggest the trap bobber in particular. The Trap bobber is great for slowing down the movement of erratic and difficult Legend fish, making them easier to catch.

Use Fishing Food Buffs

While being level ten signals the max fishing level for players, you can use items to boost your level even further temporarily. Increasing the size of your bar on the fishing graphic and allowing you to reel these Legends in with less hassle. You can buy Trout Soup from Willys Fish Shop for a small buff, or you can invest in better buffs like Seafoam Pudding or Chowder, to name but a few.

The Fish of Legend:


Stardew Valley Wiki Angler
Stardew Valley Wiki Angler
  • Location: Pelican Town (In Fall)
  • Difficulty: 85
  • Max Value: 2,700g

We begin with the Angler Fish, a fish that can be caught right in the center of town. In Fall, if the player heads up past the Joja Mart to the highest placed wooden bridge on the map, if they fish on the bridge, facing south, they should eventually hook the Angler Fish.

This Legendary Fish has smooth behavior, which means that it will move consistently with a clear pattern, making this one of the easiest Legend Fish to catch in Stardew Valley. Players will need a minimum of level three fishing to catch this creature.


  • Location: Ocean (In Summer)
  • Difficulty: 95
  • Max Value: 4,500g

Next up, we have the Crimson Fish, which is a big step up from the above entry. To catch this fish, the player will need to have repaired the bridge to the second area of the beach, which requires 300x Wood. Once they have done this, in the Summer, if the player fishes off the west side of the far beach, they can encounter a Crimsonfish.

The only requirements are a level five fishing skill and that the player must fish into a patch of water that has bubbles present. This fish has a mixed behavior setting, meaning that it might zip from top to bottom, move at a steady pace up and down, or move very erratically along the bar.

It means that this fish can be hard or easy depending on the RNG, so if you miss it once, don’t panic, as the next time might be much easier.


Stardew Valley Wiki glacierfish
  • Location: Cindersap Forest
  • Difficulty: 100
  • Max Value: 3,000g

The Glacierfish is another Legend that will provide a moderate challenge and behaves rather similarly to the Crimsonfish. To encounter this one, you will need to fish in Winter, and you will need to fish off the southern-most area of the small island just east of Hat Mouse’s shack.

It is a little jagged area on the island where two wooden bridges allow you to cross and has an area one tile wide where you can stand; you can’t miss it. Players will need to have a minimum of level six fishing to cast far enough to encounter this beast. Plus, the fish will only bite on your hook if you fish where bubbles are present. As mentioned, this fish has a mixed behavior setting, so expect a variety of tactics from this fish to escape.


stardew valley wiki Legend
  • Location: Mountain Lake (Spring When Raining)
  • Difficulty: 110
  • Max Value: 15,000g

Before the introduction of the Legend Fish II, this bad boy was the pinnacle of all Stardew Fishing encounters. This fish can only be caught if the fisherman in question has level ten fishing, as you will have to cast rather far from shore. This fish is encountered near the Pelican Town Mines.

If the player crosses the two wooden bridges in the center of the mountain lake and stands on the southern-most tile of the second island, the player should then aim to cast their line as far as the submerged log. If you manage this, you have a chance of encountering Legend.

This fish is a brute and will not go quietly; it has a mixed behavior pattern, but with a difficulty of 110, the lines between the various styles become blurred, and it all feels very erratic. So be sure to get the best equipment and some fishing buffs because this guy is an escape artist.

Mutant Carp

Mutant Carp Stardew valley wiki
  • Location: The Sewers
  • Difficulty: 80
  • Max Value: 3,000

While the Mutant Carp is the least difficult in terms of stats, we would still argue that the Angler Fish is a little more manageable. To encounter this fish, you will have to unlock the sewers, which means filling up 50% of the museum collection.

So be sure to collect all those gems, minerals, and artifacts you come across. Then once you have access to the sewers, you do not need to fish anywhere in particular. So long as you are in the sewers, fishing in the green sludge, you have a chance of hooking this one.

This fish has a dart behavior style, so it will consistently bounce from top to bottom of the fishing bar. So there are two tactics. Either try to anticipate the movement and follow the fish up and down, or hover close to the middle and catch it on the way between each dart. Either way, this one is a little tricky and may take some practice.

Son of Crimsonfish

Stardew Valley Wiki Son of Crimsonfish
  • Location: Ocean
  • Difficulty: 95
  • Max Value: 4,500

Now, we move on to the ancestors of the Legend Fish of the game before the 1.5 updates. Son of Crimsonfish is out for vengeance and will stop at nothing until they have frustrated you time and time again. Okay, maybe we are building a narrative here, but it is a tricky catch. This one is found in the same place with the same requirements as the Crimsonfish.


  • Location: Pelican Town
  • Difficulty: 85
  • Max Value: 2,700g

Then we have the pink and pretty Ms. Angler. This is the upgrade of the standard Angler fish, and truthfully, it’s still pretty easy to catch. This can be encountered in the same place as the Angler Fish in all seasons, and while it offers difficulty 85, it has a smooth behavior pattern. This means that the pattern of movement is easy to track and keep up with. Meaning that if you need a place to start when it comes to catching fish from the Extended Family Quest batch, this is the one to go for.

Legend II

  • Location: Mountain Lake
  • Difficulty: 110
  • Max Value: 15,000g

Next, we have Legend II, twice as good as the first one would argue. However, in reality, much like the other ancestral fish on this list, it’s basically just a reskin. That being said, Legend II will give you just as much trouble as the original Legend. You can find this fish in the same area near the submerged log, and this will once again test your fishing skills to the absolute limit.

Glacierfish Jr.

Stardew valley wiki Glacierfish Jr.
  • Location: Cindersap Forest
  • Difficulty: 100
  • Max Value: 3,000g

This one is basically the adolescent version of the Glacierfish, which inexplicably means that the sprite gets cool black shades. Aside from this reskin, though, the fish is found in the same place and behaves the same way that the adult Glacierfish does too. It’s a tricky catch, but with good accessories and buffs, we reckon you will manage just fine.

Radioactive Carp

Stardew Valley Wiki Radioactive Carp
  • Location: The Sewers
  • Difficulty: 80
  • Max Value: 3,000g

Then lastly, on the list concerning the Extended Family Quest, we have the Radioactive Carp, a little guy that has spent just a little too long is the disgusting green waste. This angry-looking guy behaves the same way as the Mutant Carp, darting up and down your fishing bar like a sewer demon-possessed. However, if you can get a track on their pattern, you should be able to reel this one in without too much issue.

Other Stardew Valley Fishing Secrets You Should Know

Outside of the legendary fish, there is a wealth of other fish that are needed for the community center bundle, fish that you can only find at the Night Market, and fish that are only available in certain conditions. However, we aren’t focusing on that here.

We are focusing on the super-secret aspects of Stardew fishing, things that only a master angler would know. However, we are here to bridge the gap. So here are all the hidden secrets that you budding fishermen and women need to know.

Secret Fishing Presents

Hidden throughout Pelican Town and beyond, some decorative goodies can be fished out of the water if you know exactly where to cast your line. You can get some really interesting stuff that can be used to jazz up your farmhouse or anywhere else you like.

However, you have to source them first, but we won’t leave you guessing. Here is a list of all the secret presents and where to nab them:

  • Frog Hat: Gourmand’s Frog Cave (Ginger Island)
  • Boat Painting: Only available when you select Beach Farm, fish in the southwest of the farm
  • Decorative Trash Can: Fish in the Community Centre Fountain
  • Foliage Painting: Ginger Island North, River to the west
  • Gourmand Statue: Pirate Cove (Ginger Island)
  • Iridium Krobus: Fish at the southernmost entrance to The Sewers. Requires a level fifteen fishing skill. This can be achieved by having a natural level of ten and then eating a gold quality Seafoam Pudding
  • Wall Basket: Secret Woods Pond
  • Vista Painting: Outside Spa (does not show up in winter)
  • Lifesaver: Willy’s Back Room (Willys Fish Shop)
  • Physics 101: Volcano Caldera (Ginger Island)
  • Pyramid Decal: Southernmost pond in the Calico Desert
  • Squirrel Figurine: Western Edge of the river only accessible via the Volcano (Ginger Island)


Question: How Many Fish Are There in Stardew Valley?

Answer: As of the 1.5 updates for Stardew Valley, there are a total of eighty-three fish in the game. All of which are required to complete your collection and get your hands on that tasty Stardrop from Willy.

Question: Is Fishing Important in Stardew Valley?

Answer: While not strictly essential to enjoy the game, fishing plays a huge role in Stardew Valley, and if you want to have a full and enjoyable playthrough, fishing will almost definitely need to be on your to-do list.

Fishing offers a means of making quick cash, allows you to find treasure, gather trash that can be used to create resources, can find rare goodies by fishing, and best of all, you can use Fish Ponds for farming produce from various fish as well. So while fishing isn’t required, it’s certainly recommended.

Question: What Fish Should I Place In a Fish Pond?

Answer: Honestly, it depends on your playstyle and needs. Some people will like to farm Roe and Caviar as this makes a steady profit. Others will focus on luxury fish that produce uncommon items from time to time. Then others might farm fish that offer resources like Hardwood, for example.

However, if I was to choose my own personal favorite, it would be the Rainbow Trout, as it has a very small chance of producing a Prismatic Shard, and as you Stardew fans will know, these shards are game-changers.

Question: Are There Rare Non-legendary Fish?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. There are rare fish that only show up in specific locations, rare fish that only pop up in certain seasons, and those that only come out when it is raining. They aren’t legendary in terms of difficulty but you will have to know where and when to find them. Here is a quick list of some examples of the rarest fish in Stardew Valley
• Spook Fish
• Lava Eel
• Woodskip
• Sandfish
• Ghost Fish

Become a Legend!

As you can see from the information above, Stardew Valley has a wealth of legendary fish that will put any master angler to the test. These fish are well hidden and won’t be reeled in without a fight. However, with the aid of this guide, we hope that you can gradually add each one to your collection and complete the fish collection in Stardew Valley. Happy fishing, and as always, thank you for reading SdewHQ!

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