Red Snapper Stardew Valley Guide

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One of the many available skills in Stardew Valley is Fishing! It is challenging but also rewarding; you can almost pretend you are really out in the fresh air just fishing away!

One of the biggest struggles of fish in Stardew Valley is there are just so many and so many different types of fish which are all found in different places, at different times, in different seasons, in different weather (AHHH). It can be a little overwhelming, to say the least!

There are Ocean fish, River fish, and Lake fish! A good place to start if you are feeling overwhelmed is to look into a specific type of fish; I always started by learning only the fish I felt I needed to (Fish for the Community Centre)

Whether you are keen on Fishing or just want to progress the Community Centre, the Red Snapper might be of interest! (I can only assume so if you’re reading this article). Lucky for you, the Red Snapper is not hard to catch, although it is hard to find! But there will be more on this right below!

Bottom Line Up Front

The Red Snapper can be found in the Ocean but only when it is raining and when it is Fall or Summer between 6 am and 7 pm. You can also use a Rain Totem in Winter if you are interested.

Red Snapper can be donated to the Community Centre in the Ocean Fish bundle in the Fish Tank. Red Snapper is a poor gift, and only Leo, Linus, Demetrius, Elliot, Pam, Willy, and Sebastian are neutral to it. Red Snapper can also be used to create Maki Roll, Quality Fertilizer, and Sashimi.

How to Get Red Snapper

Red Snapper

Fishing is My Passion

Red Snapper is an Ocean fish that can only be found/caught in the Ocean; it is relatively easy to catch and only has a difficulty rating of 40 and has a Mixed behavior pattern. The Red Snapper can only be caught in Summer and in Fall when it is raining and between the hours of 6 am and 7 pm. The Red Snapper can also be caught in Winter, but only using a Rain Totem.

As you can imagine, the Red Snapper can be considered elusive! To make it easier for you to catch, you can always get some Magic Bait and attach it to your fishing rod, and then you can catch the Red Snapper at any time, any season, and in any weather!

To get the Magic Bait (which I highly recommend you do), you should visit Ginger Island and head to the west to QI’s Walnut Room. Here you can purchase 20 Magic Bait for 5 QI Gems.

The Secret Ingredient is a Crime

Although it’s not technically illegal, rummaging through people’s bins is frowned upon by all the residents (except, of course, Linus, who is an angel). There is definitely a thrill that comes through going through people’s rubbish; this is because you can get anything literally from them.

Sometimes it is disappointing, and you can get rubbish and broken CD’s, however the best of times you can get some really valuable and cool stuff like Diamonds, clothes and of course fish (including Red Snapper)

The item generation in the bins is completely random, and so you are not guaranteed anything, so the bins aren’t reliable if you need something in a rush.

Paying Extortionate Prices

If you are a fan of spending much too much money for one fish, then I’d recommend regularly checking the Travelling Cart, which visits on Fridays and on Sundays between 6 am and 8 pm. They have a small stock and so have random items, and you can’t be sure they will have what you need. Here you can expect to pay anywhere between 150-100g even though the fish only sells for 50g (extortionate, I told you).

Uses for Red Snapper

Fishing Red Snapper

A Snapping Gift!

Who really likes getting surprised with a dead fish anyway? No one is the answer if you’re thinking about the residents of Pelican Town! Truth be told, everyone in the town hates or dislikes Red Snapper, with the exception of Demetrius, Elliot, Pam, Leo, Linus, Willy, and Sebastian, who are neutral to it.

Neutrality is not to be looked down on; however, giving a gift that someone is neutral to does improve your friendship by 20 points! While this is not as effective as giving a gift that someone likes, which provides 45 points, and a gift that someone loves provides 80 points.

Red Snapper in the Community Centre

If you love the Community Centre as much as I do, it will right up on there on your priority list (after getting a bin lid as a hat, right?) If you find yourself in possession of a Red Snapper, I have some good news as it is required for the Community Centre!

Within the Fish Tank in the Community Centre, there is an Ocean Fish bundle which requires;

  • 1x Sardine
  • 1x Tuna
  • 1x Red Snapper
  • 1x Tilapia

The reward for completing the Ocean Fish bundle is five Beach Warp Totems; these are single-use items and can be used to quickly travel to the Beach! This is super helpful if you are in a rush and have a busy day ahead of you!

The reward for completing the entire Fish Tank is the huge boulder that blocks off a portion of the River beside the Mines (east of Linus’s tent). The removal of the boulder means that you will now be able to pan the water for goods and resources such as Gold and Iron!

Red Snapper in Quests

Red Snapper is not needed for any of the key story-based progression within the game; however, it may from time to time be requested from a community member on the ‘Help Wanted’ board outside of Pierre’s General Store in Pelican Town.

When an order is placed on the board, completing the order will improve the relationship between you and whoever had placed the order by 150 friendship points as well as 150g (but the true gift is always friendship, right!)

A Crafty Fish!

For our fashion kings and queens, you can even use Red Snapper in the sewing machine in order to create a Sailor Shirt, which is adorable! Crafting clothes in the game is somewhat of a thankless task; yes, you’ll look amazing, but there is no strategic advantage or buffer associated with creating or wearing any of the clothes.

I am Cooking Up a Storm with a Red Snapper!

Stardew Valley Maki Roll

There are not many available recipes that utilize the Red Snapper; in fact, there are only three! These three recipes can also be completed with literally any fish in the game, so if you have some Red Snapper you want to get rid of, stay tuned!

Quality Fertilizer

The good thing about Quality Fertilizer is that it can seriously help you turn a profit! Quality Fertilizer can be applied to tiled soil but must be done before planting; once the Quality Fertilizer is applied, you can then plant whatever you intend to.

Once this is done, it means that you are more likely to get increased quality products such as silver or gold level produce. If you want to create a Quality Fertilizer, you will need 1x Red Snapper and 2x Sap.

To receive the recipe for the Quality Fertilizer, however, you will first need to reach farming level nine, which in turn will automatically provide you with the recipe. If, for any reason, you want to sell the Fertilizer instead of using it, it can be sold for 10g, although I do not recommend it as it’s not really worth it for the produce invested!

Maki Roll

Maki Roll is a dish similar to Sushi and can be made if you have 1x Red Snapper, 1x Seaweed, and 1x Rice. When you eat the Maki Roll, you will get 100 energy points and 45 health points; this makes it an excellent dish to take with you for a heavy day in the Mines or a big day of Fishing so you can replenish your energy.

You will need the recipe in order to make the Maki Roll; you can get this by watching the cooking channel on the TV in your home (called the Queen of the Sauce) on the 21st of Summer (think of it like watching morning TV to learn new things) If this doesn’t work for you or you miss the show you can purchase the recipe from Gus at the Stardrop Saloon for 300g (but its better to save money where you can) Speaking of which you can also sell Maki Roll for 220g.


Sashimi is a raw fish dish (A big nope from me, but basically like Salmon). Sashimi can be made with only one Red Snapper and can then be eaten to provide you with 75 energy points and 33 health points.

You can only learn the recipe for Sashimi by becoming friends with Linus (which should be your goal regardless as he is the sweetest and best resident of Stardew Valley, in my opinion). Once you reach three hearts in your friendship meter with Linus, he will send you the recipe in the post! You can also sell Sashimi for 75g.


Question: How Can I Use Red Snapper?

Answer: Red Snapper can be used to create Maki Roll, Sashimi, and Quality Fertilizer. Red Snapper can also be used to donate to the Community Centre or to make some clothes. You can also sell Red Snapper or gift it to others.

Question: How Much Does Red Snapper Sell for?

Answer: Red Snapper is not a very impressive fish and sells for 50g at a base level, 62g at a silver level, 75g at a gold level, and 100g at an iridium level.

Question: Who Should I Gift Red Snapper to?

Answer: Red Snapper isn’t liked or loved by anyone; only a small handful of people are even neutral to it. Elliot, Leo, Linus, Demetrius, Pam, Willy, and Sebastian are neutral to it.

Red Snapper Stardew Valley Guide: Summary

That concludes (hopefully) everything that you need to know about Red Snapper fish! I really hope this helps you start to get grips with Fishing or, even better, helps you progress to the Community Centre as it is such an exciting milestone in the game!

Best of luck and happy Fishing!

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