Sandfish Stardew Valley Guide: Intro to Stardew Valley Fishing

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Desert fishing is a whole new kettle of fish! Just when you think you understand the ins and outs of Fishing and the intricacies of the Town, you suddenly realize you can visit a whole new place! Sandfish is a fish that is found in the Calico Desert, which means a lot of money is needed to even get there, and that’s before anything is caught! (But you will find more on this later).

Luckily, catching fish is not difficult in itself as the sandfish has a mixed behavior and can be caught in any weather or season!

Bottom Line Up Front

The Sandfish can be found only in the Calico Desert and be found between 6 am, and 8 pm, but can be found in any weather or season. To get to the Desert, you will need to complete the Vault Room in the Community Centre, which will need 42,500g in total to complete the Bundle.

This will then repair the Bus Stop east of your farm, which allows you to travel to the Desert. However, if you go for the JojaMart path, you will need to pay 40,000g to repair the Bus Stop. The Sandfish is needed to complete the Specialty Fish Bundle within the Community Centre but can also be used to create Maki Roll, Sashimi, and Quality Fertilizer. While Sandfish can be gifted, it is not very popular.

How to obtain Sandfish


Outside the homes in Stardew Valley, within Pelican Town there are some Trash Bins; you can rummage through these Bins once per day for each Bin in the Town; this is a super exciting part of the game as the Bins can truly provide anything, and you will never know what to expect!

While it is possible to get Sandfish from the Bins, it is quite unlikely, and I would rely on this if you are on a deadline!


The Sandfish can be caught regardless of fishing level, but can only be found when fishing in the Calico Desert and can only be found between 6 am and 8 pm, although the Sandfish can be found in any season!

The Sandfish has a mixed behavior pattern which means that it tends to move in a basic pattern which is what contributes to its difficulty rating of 65/100 meaning it does not require an awful lot of fishing skill (part of this is likely due to the limitations and requirements to even get to the Desert in the first place (but more on this later).

If you wish, you can also attach Magic Bait to your fishing rod, which will allow you to catch the Sandfish at any time of day, which should make it somewhat easier to catch! It is important to note that Magic Bait cannot be attached to the basic training rod fishing rod! You can purchase a more advanced fishing rod from Willy’s fish shop.

Once caught, the Sandfish can be sold for 75g at a base level, 93g at a silver level, 112g at a gold level, and 150g at an iridium level. The Sandfish can also be consumed to provide 13 energy and five health at a base level.


While you cannot purchase Sandfish in Pierres General Store or the Stardrop Saloon, it can be found in the Travelling Cart, which visits Pelican Town on Sundays and Fridays!

This Cart has a small selection of supplies and is often items that you will need for the Community Centre or even for Quests; however, you will feel the cost of this! In the Travelling Cart, you can expect to pay anywhere between 225-1000g for one Sandfish!

Reaching the Desert

To reach the Desert, you need to repair the old Bus Stop West of Pelican Town; to do this, you need to complete the Vault Bundle within the Community Centre.

To complete the Vault Bundle, you need to make four quite large donations of;

  • 2,500g
  • 5,000g
  • 10,000g
  • 25,000g

This is a total of 42,500g, so it can take some time to complete!

Alternatively, if you choose to protect the Joja Mart, the Bus Station will cost 40,000g to repair.

Uses of Sandfish

Sandfish in cooking

Sandfish can be used to create any of the following recipes within Stardew Valley;

Maki Roll

Maki Roll can be created using 1x Seaweed, 1x Rice, and 1x Sandfish. Once the Maki Roll is ready, you can either gift it to others, sell it or consume it yourself. If you choose to use the Sandfish for yourself, it can provide you with 100 Energy Points and 45 Health points.

This often makes it an attractive option to bring to the Mines with you as a buffer for the monsters and beasts you may face there or to replenish lost energy from breaking open treasures. If, however, you want to sell the Maki Roll, you can do so and earn 220g.

Before you can create Maki Roll, however, you first need to get the recipe either from the Stardrop Saloon by purchasing it for 300g or by listening to the Queen of the sauce recipe channel on the 21st of Summer in your first year.


Sashimi can be created using just one Sandfish. Once the Sashimi is ready, you can either gift it to others, sell it or consume it yourself. If you choose to use the Sashimi for yourself, it can provide you with 75 Energy Points and 33 Health points.

If, however, you want to sell the Sashimi, you will get 75g. To create Sashimi, you need a recipe that can only be obtained by having a good relationship with Linus! Once you and Linus reach three hearts in your friendship, he will provide you with the Sashimi recipe in the mail.

Quality Fertilizer

The Quality Fertilizer can be used to apply on tilled soil before planting anything to increase your chances of getting quality Crops in return. To create the Quality Fertilizer, you will need 1x Sandfish and 2x Sap. If for any reason, you do not want to use the Quality Fertilizer, you can sell this for 10g. To unlock the recipe for Quality Fertilizer, you must be an eager and devoted farmer as you must have farming level nine first.

Sandfish as gifts

Sandfish can be gifted to others; however, it’s not the best gift you can give or a very popular one! It is loved only by Penny (who knows why!?) while Demetrius, Leo, Elliot, Linus, Sebastian, Pam, and Willy are neutral to it. Everyone else within the village does not like it, and even Evelyn, Haley, and Pierre hate the Sandfish!

Sandfish in crafting

Sandfish can also be used within the sewing machine to create the Fish Shirt (Although this offers no strategic advantage and is just a bold fashion choice!)

Quests with Sandfish

Sandfish are not needed for any progression or story-based Quests; they may from time to time be requested on the Help Wanted board outside Pierre’s General Store by anyone within the Town. Once you fulfill the delivery quest of 1x Sandfish, you will be rewarded with 225g and 150 Friendship points between you and whoever had requested the item!

Sandfish in the Community Centre

If you are particularly interested in completing the Community Centre and restoring justice to Stardew Valley, the Sandfish will be of vital importance to you! 1x Sandfish is needed to complete the Specialty Fish Bundle within the Fish Tank of the Community Centre.

The reward for completing the Speciality Fish Bundle is 5x Dish of the Sea meals! Which can be brought to the Mines for a big day of adventuring or be used after a lot of manual labor in terms of fishing or chopping Trees (depends on your preference, really, but I’ve always preferred Mining).


Question: How much can I sell a Sandfish for?

Answer: Sandfish, at a standard level, sell for 76g. While at a silver quality level, you can earn 93g and 112g at a gold level. At its highest iridium quality level, you can sell a Sandfish for 150g.

Question: When can you catch a Sandfish?

Answer: Sandfish can be caught in any season, which is good news for those super eager to catch one (no long waits); however, they can only be caught between 6 am and 8 pm.

Question: What is the purpose of the Sandfish?

Answer: The Sandfish’s primary purpose is that it is required to complete the Community Centre, specifically the Speciality Fish Bundle within the Fish Tank. Outside of this, the Sandfish make an acceptable (but not great gift) or can be used to create standard dishes (although as it is hard to find, I would perhaps consider making these dishes with a different kind of fish) and can be sold or eaten!

Sandfish Stardew Valley Guide: Summary

The Sandfish is only essential if you plan on completing the Community Centre; if this is your goal, you need to wait first until the Vault is complete with visiting the Desert.

Once you have obtained one Sandfish, I highly recommend giving this priority to the Community Centre; after this, you can gift the Sandfish to Penny. Otherwise, this could be a good source of income if you sell these onward, or save them from taking on days when you plan on spending a lot of energy or lose a lot of health!

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