Walleye Stardew Valley Guide

Walleye Stardew Valley Guide

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Fishing is one of the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding aspects of Stardew Valley. Part of the challenge is coming to terms with all the different types of fish, the different weather, seasons, and even times they are available!

Walleye, in particular, is an important fish that is worth prioritizing as it is required for the Community Centre, which is often a key goal for many Stardew Valley players!

Bottom Line Up Front

Walleye is a river-dwelling fish found only in Fall in the rain or Winter using a rain totem. Walleye can only be caught between 12 pm, and 2 am in the Pelican Town river or the river at Cindersap Forest. You can remove all these restrictions by upgrading your rod to fiberglass or iridium and applying Magic Bait as them. The Walleye can be caught in any weather, time, or season.

Walleye is not a good gift, and only Elliot, Demetrius, Linus, Leo, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy are neutral to it, and everyone else hates or dislikes it. Walleye is, however, required for the Night Fishing Bundle in the standard Community Centre and the Quality Fishing Bundle in the remixed Community Centre bundles.

How to get Walleye

Fishing for Walleye

Walleye is a River dwelling fish and can be found in the River at Pelican Town or in the Cindersap Forest. Walleye can only be caught in Winter or Fall when it’s raining; this means that as it doesn’t usually rain in Winter, it can be caught in Winter if you use a rain totem. Walleye can only be caught between the hours of 12 pm and 2 am.

Walleye is fairly easy to catch as it only has a difficulty rating of 45/100 and has a smooth behavior pattern, meaning it does not make sudden unpredictable movements.

If you want to catch Walleye when it is not raining, at any time, and in any season, you can apply Magic Bait. To apply Magic Bait, you will need a new Rod as the starter Rod is not advanced enough; you should purchase either a Fibreglass or Iridium Rod from Willy.

Purchasing Walleye

Walleye can, on occasion, be found in the Travelling Cart. The Travelling Cart visits only on Fridays and Sundays between 6 am and 8 pm. The Travelling Cart carries a small selection of items, and so no one item is ever guaranteed; here, you can expect to pay much more than items are worth and so can pay anywhere from 315-1000g for one Walleye.

The Travelling Cart can be found south of your Farm through the bottom exit and the to the left.

Stealing Walleye

Is it stealing if it is not illegal, just frowned upon? Once per day, you can look in each bin found outside the homes in Pelican Town. Looting through these bins gives you the chance of keeping whatever is inside, although you can sometimes literally receive rubbish!

There is also the chance (and indeed the entire appeal) that you will find something exciting; in the past, I have found Diamonds, a Squid, and gotten to keep the bin lid as a rather fashionable hat! As you can receive any random item from the bin, you may find a Walleye. However, it is not guaranteed.

While it is okay to look through the bins, if any of the residents see you doing this, they will judge you harshly!

Uses for Walleye

Walleye as a gift

Walleye is not a very admired gift and is hated or disliked by the majority of the residents of Stardew Valley. Some residents, however, are neutral to Walleye; these include Elliot, Demetrius, Linus, Leo, Willy, Pam, and Sebastian. While neutral gifts are not the most effective way of improving your relationships with others, they do still improve it, as gifting a neutral gift provides you with +20 friendship points between you and the recipient of the gift.

Walleye in Recipes

As with most other fish within Stardew Valley, Walleye can only be used in three core recipes which can also be made with any other fish, these include;

Maki Roll

Maki Roll is a dish which, when eaten, can provide 45 health points and 100 energy points. If you want to create Maki Roll, you will need 1x Seaweed,1x Rice, and 1x Walleye. Before you can make Maki Roll you first need to receive the recipe, which you can obtain by watching the Queen Of Sauce channel on the TV inside your Cabin on your Farm (This is a cooking channel, think Gordon Ramsey but much more wholesome).

Watching this channel provides you with different recipes on different days, so for the Maki Roll recipe, you need to watch this channel on the 21st of Summer during your first year. If you cannot watch the TV on this day or if you forget, you can also purchase the Maki Roll recipe from the Stardrop Saloon for 300g.

While the Maki Roll is a good source of energy and health and so makes it a great addition to any exploring, you can always sell it for 220g if you do not wish to use it.


Sashimi, when eaten, can provide 33 health points and 75 energy points. To make Sashimi, you will need just one Walleye, but you will also first need the recipe. Linus will provide you with the recipe for Sashimi once you reach three hearts in your friendship with him, so I highly recommend making Linus a close friend by regularly interacting with him and giving regular gifts (he is also the sweetest character, so why wouldn’t you?) If you don’t use the Sashimi as fuel and health on your adventures, you can sell it for 75g.

Quality Fertilizer

Quality Fertilizer is a crop tool that can only be applied to the soil which has been tiled, this must be done before you plant any crops, or it will not work. Quality Fertilizer is used to improve the chance of getting quality crops, such as silver and gold level crops.

To make a Quality Fertilizer, you will need 1x Walleye and 2x Sap. You can only receive the recipe for Quality Fertilizer after you have unlocked farming level eight. There is not much point in selling Quality Fertilizer as it is not worth much (10g), but this can be done if you want to.

Walleye and the Community Centre

Walleye can be used in donations to the Community Centre. In the standard Community Centre bundles, Walleye is required for the Night fishing bundle, which requires;

  • 1x Walleye
  • 1x Bream
  • 1x Eel

The reward for completing the Night Fishing bundle is a small glow ring that can be worn on your character and emits a small circle of light around you as you move, which is beneficial for nighttime exploration in general but in particular the Mines as it can be very difficult to see and navigate your way through these.

The Night Fishing bundle can be found in the Fish Tank section, completing the following;

  • River Fish bundle
  • Lake Fish bundle
  • Ocean Fish bundle
  • Crab Pot bundle
  • Specialty Fish bundle

Completing all of these bundles rewards you by removing the large boulder which blocks the water just to the west of the Mines, which means you can pan the water for valuable materials. If you choose to remix the bundles within the Community Centre (although I rarely do as I have now gotten into a routine), the Walleye can be used within the Quality Fish bundle in the Fish Tank.

Walleye in Quests

Walleye are not needed for any progression or story-based Quests. However, they can be requested on the Help Wanted Board, which is found outside Pierre’s General Store. Completing the request for one Walleye will reward you with 315g and 150 friendship points between you and whoever had requested the Walleye.

Walleye in Crafting

For the fashion icons amongst us, Walleye can be used in the Sewing Machine to make one Fishing Vest if you admire the fisherman aesthetic (I am sure this is popular with some of the residents in Pelican Town, specifically Willy). It is important to note that there is no advantage or buff applied when wearing this item.


Question: Do I need Walleye for the Community Centre in Stardew Valley?

Answer: One Walleye is needed for the Night Fishing Bundle in traditional Community Centre bundles, while in remixed bundles, the Walleye can be used in the Quality Fish Bundle (both of these bundles are found in the Fish Tank section of the Community Centre)

Question: How much does Walleye sell for?

Answer: At a basic level, Walleye sells for 105g, while at a silver level, it sells for 131g and 157g at a gold level. Walleye can also sell for 210g at an iridium level.

Question: How do I get a rain totem?

Answer: You can create your rain totem once you reach foraging level eight and receive the recipe; after this, you will need 1x hardwood, 1x truffle oil, and 5x pine tars.

Walleye Stardew Valley Guide: Summary

The Walleye is a relatively easy fish to catch, although I appreciate they can be hard to find. Magic Bait is your best option here if you do not want to wait until it is raining during your first summer as this removes this requirement, and you will be able to catch them in any weather!

Once you do have one Walleye, I would personally recommend donating it to the Community Centre as this is its main purpose; after this, the uses for Walleye are the same as any other old fish!

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