Woodskip Stardew Valley Guide

Woodskip Stardew Valley Guide

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The allure of the amazing Stardew Valley is that there are so many skills you can engage with at any given time. You can farm amazing crops, mine for exciting gems or crystals, craft fashionable clothes or accessories, cook delicious meals, and of course, fish for fresh produce.

Fishing, in particular, opens up so many avenues for you; you can sell the Fish, gift it onward to other residents to improve your relationship with them, use the Fish for cooking new dishes, and even use the Fish to create some clothing.

Fish are also needed at the Community Centre, which is one of the most exciting milestones of Stardew Valley, as there are six fish bundles just for the Fish Tank room of the Community Centre; you will need to explore fishing. It can be hard to get to grips with fishing, as different types of Fish can only be found in specific locations, at specific times of day, specific weather, and specific seasons!

It is no surprise then that you may need a guide to understand each specific Fish, as who could remember everything?! The Woodskip is a special fish, and everything that you need to know about it can be found below.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Woodskip is easy to catch, with a difficulty rating of only 50/100 and a mixed behavior pattern, which is more basic and less complicated. The Woodskip can be caught in any weather, at any season, and at any time of day. If you struggle to catch the Woodskip for any reason, you can always purchase one from the Travelling Cart, which visits on Sundays and Fridays between 6 am and 8 pm just to the west of Marnie‘s Ranch.

Once caught, Woodskip can be used to create Maki Roll, Sashimi, and Quality Fertilizer. You can also use Woodskip to create a fishing vest that can be worn to make yourself look even more fabulous (but offers no strategic advantage) Woodskip are needed to complete the specialty fish bundle in the fish tank in the Community Centre.

Woodskip is not a good gift, the majority of residents do not enjoy Woodskip, and some even hate Woodskip. Woodskip is not needed for quests.

How to get Woodskip

How to Get Woodskip When You Are Fishing

If you want to fish to catch a Woodskip, you should fish only in the Secret Woods pond or in the pond on your Forest Farm. Luckily, unlike other Fish, the Woodskip can be caught in any season, at any time, and in any weather.

Even better, the Woodskip only has a difficulty of 50/100, and so once you have located the Woodskip, it should not be difficult to catch; it also has a mixed behavior pattern which means that it has a basic movement pattern and so again; should not be hard to catch.

Once you catch a Woodskip, it can be sold for;

  • 75g at a basic level
  • 93g at a silver level
  • 112g at a gold level
  • 150g at an iridium level

Where to Buy Woodskip

If you want to purchase Woodskip (although I would not recommend it unless your motivation for doing so is to complete the Community Centre), you have a chance of finding it in the Travelling Cart. The Travelling Cart visits only on Fridays and on Sundays; it can be found just to the west of Marnie’s Ranch.

It is open from 6 am until 8 pm and carries a very small stock which mostly consists of hard-to-find items that are required for the Community Centre. You have a chance of finding the Woodskip there, although it is not guaranteed; the Woodskip is also sold at an inflated price of anywhere from 225g-1000g.

How to Loot for Woodskip

All of the bins in Pelican Town are found outside the residents’ houses, and each contains a random item that could be found every day.

To loot through the bins, approach it and select it; the bin lid will pop up, and whatever was inside will go to your inventory. Not everything in the bin is exciting; you can get literal rubbish! You can also, however, find exciting or valuable items, including the Woodskip.

Uses for Woodskip

Woodskip as a gift

Something that I have learned in my time playing Stardew Valley is that no one likes Fish! I mean, yes, people enjoy fishing for and eating Fish; however, no one likes to receive a fish as a gift! When you think about it, though, it makes a lot of sense. When you gift someone a fish on its own, you are technically walking up to and handing someone a raw fish (gross, right?).

The majority of the residents of Pelican Town understandably do not enjoy being gifted a raw fish, but as always, with everything, there are a few exceptions.

A small handful of the residents of Pelican Town are neutral to Woodskip as a gift; these include; Elliot, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, Willy, and Demetrius. While it is more effective to give presents which the residents like or love, neutral gifts are not to be sniffed at! If you give someone an item which they are neutral to, it does still provide you with twenty friendship points in your relationship with them!

The other residents of Stardew Valley dislike Woodskip, and so presenting any of them with Woodskip would actually result in you losing twenty friendship points in your relationship with them, so always remember to check each character’s like and dislike before you present them with something!

A small handful of the residents hate Woodskip, such as; Haley, Pierre, and Evelyn. Presenting any of these characters with a Woodskip would result in you losing forty friendship points in your relationship with them.

Woodskip in Recipes

When it comes to creating recipes, Woodskip is not much different from any other fish which you can catch and cook with. There are only three recipes available that use Fish and the Fish which you use does not matter. Anything, for example, that you can make with a Walleye, you can make with a Woodskip. All available recipes which use Fish can be found below;

Maki Roll

The Maki Roll dish is based on a real-life recipe that consists of Rolled Sushi. Not surprisingly, then, Maki Roll is an edible dish that requires 1x Fish (of any kind, including Woodskip), 1x Seaweed, and 1x Rice before you can make the Maki Roll however you need. To know the recipe!

To get the recipe, you first need to either purchase the recipe from Stardrop Saloon for 300g or learn the recipe from the Queen of the Sauce channel on your TV in your cabin (like watching morning television, I guess). You can only learn the recipe from this channel on the 21st of Summer during your first year. If you do not want to wait until Summer, you can purchase the recipe, but to save money, I would always recommend learning it from the channel.

Once the dish is ready, it can provide some helpful nutrients for you; it will provide you with 100 energy points as well as 45 health points. This makes it a useful addition to any big adventures, particularly the Mines, as you may lose health as well as energy if you encounter some enemies.

If for any reason, you do not want to eat the Maki Roll, you can always gift it onwards as the majority of the residents like or are neutral to Maki Roll (except for Krobus, Leo, Evelyn, and Emily). You can also sell the Maki Roll for 220g.


Sashimi is another dish based on a real-life meal that is made of raw Fish and originates in Japan. Understandably then, Sashimi is relatively easy to create as it only requires 1x Fish (again of any kind, including Woodskip). Just like any other dish, before you can create it, you need to learn the recipe.

Unlike Maki Roll, you cannot purchase the recipe for Sashimi anywhere; the only way that you can get the recipe is to befriend Linus. Once you reach three hearts or more in your relationship with Linus, he will share the recipe with you in the post. The benefits of consuming Sashimi are that it will provide you with 75 energy points and 33 health points.

If you do not want to consume the Sashimi, you can also gift it to another resident of Pelican Town; just do not gift it to Leo, Krobus, Kent, Emily, and Evelyn as they dislike or hate the Sashimi. If you don’t want to gift or eat the Sashimi, you can sell it for 75g.

Quality Fertilizer

As you can guess by the name, this is not another edible dish. Quality Fertilizer is a tool that can be applied to the soil to improve the quality of the crops which you then grow. For the Quality Fertilizer, it will only work if it is applied to tilled soil and not untouched soil.

To make the Quality Fertilizer, you will need 1x Fish (of any kind, including Woodskip) and 2x sap. To know how to make Quality fertilizers, you cannot purchase or learn the recipe; you are provided with the recipe for Quality fertilizers once you reach farming level nine.

Woodskip in Crafting

When it comes to tailoring, Woodskip can only be used to create one thing, unfortunately. I have never been a big fan of creating clothing because it doesn’t offer any advantage or benefit to your gameplay. If you are a fan of tailoring, however, you can use Woodskip in the sewing machine to make a Fishing Vest if you want everyone to know that you are an avid fisher.

Woodskip in the Pond

If you want a constant supply of Woodskip, you can place the Woodskip in the pond on your farm; and here, they will reproduce every two days. You could then use the extra Woodskip for creating dishes or gifting to others or perhaps continue to sell Woodskip for some extra income.

Woodskip in the Community Centre

Woodskip can also be used to donate to bundles within the Community Centre. Within the Community Centre there is a fish tank which contains the Specialty Fishing Bundle, to complete this you need;

  • 1x Pufferfish
  • 1x Ghostfish
  • 1x Sandfish
  • 1x Woodskip

The reward for completing the Specialty Fishing bundle is five Dish o the Sea dishes. These can be consumed to provide you with 125 energy points and 56 health points. The dish can also be gifted to any of the residents, except for Krobus and Leo.

To complete the fish tank, you will also need to complete the following bundles;

  • Crab pot bundle
  • Night fishing bundle
  • Ocean fish bundle
  • Lake fish bundle
  • River fish bundle

The reward for completing the entire Fish Tank is that the boulder west of the Mine will be removed, which then allows you to pan in the water for some extra goods such as gold and iron.

Woodskip in Quests

Woodskip is not required for any story-driven quests within the game.


Question: Where do I find a Woodskip in Stardew Valley?

Answer: You can find Woodskip either in the pond at your Farm or in the Pond at the Secret Woods.

Question: How hard is a Woodskip to catch in Stardew Valley?

Answer: Woodskip should be easy to catch in Stardew Valley as they only have a difficulty rating of 50/100, and it has a mixed behavior pattern, which means its behavior should be easily predicted.

Question: Where can I buy a Woodskip in Stardew Valley?

Answer: Woodskip can only be bought in the Travelling Cart, which visits the town on Fridays and Sundays only. The Travelling Cart can be found south of your Farm and then west of Marnie’s Ranch. The Travelling Cart has a small rotation of stock, and so the Woodskip is not guaranteed each time you visit. You can also expect to pay anywhere between 225g-1000g, so make sure to save up!

Woodskip Stardew Valley Guide: Summary

There are a lot of potential uses for Woodskip, as you can see from this article! Some are certainly more exciting than others, and I would always prioritize the Community Centre once you receive your first Woodskip.

This is because once the Woodskip is donated to the Community Centre, there are not many exciting uses yet; all the dishes and items you can make with the Woodskip can also be made with literally any other fish! The Woodskip is not difficult to catch, so I hope that you have all the success that you need and that this guide has equipped you for many exciting adventures!

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