Evelyn Stardew Valley Guide

Evelyn Stardew Valley Guide

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Part of what has always amazed me about Stardew Valley is how incredibly detailed all of the character‘s background stories, and progression is. No character is exactly what they first seem when you meet them. I mean Hayley? I couldn’t believe she would ever grow on me!

Stardew Valley is also praised for being diverse with so many interesting characters of all ages and occupations, with all kinds of backgrounds. The developer Concerned Ape is an amazing one-man band when it comes to game development; he literally made the game on his own!

While Stardew Valley is fiercely protected by its fan base because it is wholesome and sweet, they do not shy away from difficult topics either. It takes a special kind of skill to balance a wholesome game like Stardew Valley with dark and complicated plotlines, as well as some shocking adultery (not to name any names.)

No matter what kind of player you are, there is something for everyone in Stardew Valley when it comes to loveable characters. I personally have always been a big fan of Linus (who isn’t, though, right?) Other adorable and endearing older characters include George (the grumpy but sweet old man archetype never gets old – pun intended) and, of course, his wife, Evelyn.

There is so much more to Evelyn than being an adorable old lady, so sit tight, and let’s learn more about the resident Grandmother of Stardew Valley!

Evelyn’s Family


Evelyn is an older lady (imagine a stereotypical grandmother) who has a husband called George (think adorable but grumpy old man) Evelyn and George live together at 1 River Road (just above the Stardrop Saloon) with their grandson Alex.

Part of the beauty of Stardew Valley is mixing reality with wholesome and sweet moments, and much like other characters, Evelyn’s life is not without a touch of sad but realistic life events which happen to us all! There is a note in Evelyn’s drawer in her bedroom, which reveals a note that Evelyn’s daughter had written to her explaining that as she is about to pass away, she wants Evelyn to look after her son Alex.

Despite this tragic background, Evelyn is a very sweet and wholesome character, like a cartoon grandmother. In fact, when you first meet Evelyn, she even tells you that you can call her Granny if you like!

Gifts for Evelyn

If you want Evelyn to become your best friend, I highly recommend giving the gifts that she loves—presenting any of the residents within Stardew Valley with a gift that they love means that your relationship meter with them will increase by 80 points and will certainly help you on your way to getting a new bestie.

Everyone in Pelican Town has their own personal preferences when it comes to receiving gifts, so it is important to check what likes and dislikes each resident has before you present them with a gift; if you accidentally give someone a gift that they dislike or even hate, you will actually lose points in your relationship meter with them (actively damaging your friendship).

The absolute best day to give anyone a gift in Pelican Town is on their birthday as it rewards you with 8x the points that you would get if you present the same gift on any other day; Evelyn’s birthday is on the 20th of Winter.

So! You want to give a gift to Evelyn, and you want to make sure its a gift she will absolutely love. Here are some options (additional to all of the Universal loves within Stardew Valley, which are true for everyone);

  • Tulips; Who wouldn’t love this pretty and beautifully smelling flower! Remember this is only available in Spring.
  • Fairy Rose; This is a beautiful light pink flower that can only be grown in Fall from Fairy Seeds and cannot be foraged, unlike the Tulip. If you struggle to find this, you can also buy it from the Travelling Cart, which visits on Fridays and Sundays – although I wouldn’t say it is necessary to spend money on gift-giving as it is easy to farm or forage for great gifts.
  • Beet; This is a vegetable that is only available in Fall
  • Chocolate Cake; Who doesn’t love chocolate cake? You can home make a chocolate cake if you like (while this is definitely more meaningful in real life than purchasing one); however, it can be easier to purchase one from the Stardrop Saloon if you prefer! If you do want to make your own chocolate cake, you will need 1x Egg, 1x Wheat Flour, and 1x Sugar.
  • Stuffing is; Bit of a weird one if I’m honest! Although I do love stuffing, it is a strange gift, but all that matters is that Evelyn loves it! Much like the chocolate cake, this can either be made or purchased from the Stardrop Saloon. If you want to make this for yourself, you will need 1x Bread, 1x Cranberry, and 1x Hazelnut.
  • Diamond; Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? I can’t imagine anyone saying no to a gift of a Diamond, and Evelyn is no exception; although if you have Diamonds and a Tulip, for example, why not gift the Tulip and sell the Diamond as its so valuable?

If you don’t have any of these items or are struggling to find them, you can always present Evelyn with a gift that she likes; this will still provide 45 friendship points! Here are some of your options (again, this is separate to all of the universal likes in Pelican Town);

  • Daffodils; Flowers seem to be a theme and somewhat of a safe bet, right? This particular flower can be found in Spring.

There are also gifts which Evelyn is neutral; while this doesn’t sound like much, neutral gifts can still provide 20 friendship points and so is not to be sniffed at! Some neutral gifts for Evelyn (again further to Universal neutral gifts);

  • Mushrooms; Both Chanterelle, Magma Cup, Purple, Morel, and Common
  • Dandelion; These can be found in Spring
  • Winter Root; A vegetable found in Winter
  • Leek; A vegetable found in Spring
  • Ginger; Found in Ginger Island
  • Hazelnut; Can be found in Fall
  • Snow Yam; Found in Winter
  • Eggs; This does not include Void Eggs
  • Fruit; This does not include Spiced Berry or Salmonberry)

If you want to be Evelyn’s friend, you really need to avoid giving the gifts that she doesn’t like, such as;

  • Wild Horseradish
  • Quartz

You should absolutely not give Evelyn any of the following, as she hates them;

  • Fish of any kind; including Trout Soup, Sashimi, Maki Roll and Fried/Spicy Eel
  • Spiced Berry
  • Garlic
  • Clay
  • Holly
  • Clam
  • Salmonberry
  • Coral

Evelyn’s Movie Preferences

evelyn stardew valley

If you purchase the Movie Theatre bundle from the Joja Mart or complete the Missing Bundle after completing the Community Centre, a Movie Theatre will open in town!

The Movie Theatre shows a small range of screenings which can be attended for 1000g per ticket; you can also purchase another ticket and present this to any of the residents as a gift; to do this, you should also know which of the screenings each resident likes.

When it comes to movies, Evelyn loves;

  • Zuzu City Express
  • The Miracle At Cold Star Ranch

Evelyn also likes;

  • The Brave Little Sapling
  • Journey Of The Prairie King
  • Wumpus
  • Exploring Our Vibrant World

Evelyn does not like;

  • Mysterium
  • It Howls In The Rain

Like any good Cinema, there are, of course, snacks! If you are taking someone to the movies, you can also get them some snacks if you are feeling kind! It is important, much like all other gifts, to ensure that the resident enjoys the snack you want to present them with.

Evelyn loves these snacks;

  • Star Cookie
  • Cappuccino Mousse Cake
  • Stardrop Sorbet

Evelyn also does not like these snacks;

  • Popcorn
  • Fries
  • Personal Pizza
  • Salted Peanuts
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Joja Cola
  • Black Liquorice
  • Nachos

Evelyn’s Schedule

So you have the perfect gift for Evelyn, but what good is that if you can’t find her! Like all other residents in Pelican Town, Evelyn has similar routines on set days which can make it easier to find her!

The Doctor’s office;

  • Evelyn can be found at the doctor’s on the second of every month. She is also at the doctor’s on the 23rd of every month to accompany George to his appointments.

On rainy days;

  • On rainy days Evelyn spends all of her time indoors (which I, of course, would recommend as she is older and more at risk). Evelyn goes to bed at 9;30 on rainy days.

Normal schedule;

  • On a typical day, Evelyn will leave her house at 1 pm and look after the plants in the square; at 4, 30 Evelyn returns to her home. At 9;30pm, Evelyn goes to bed.

Community Centre repaired on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Saturday’s;

  • Evelyn leaves her house and goes to the Community Centre at 12; 10 pm. Evelyn will spend some time in the crafts room before going home again at 4;30pm. As usual, Evelyn will then go to bed at 9;30pm.

Evelyn’s Heart Events

So you know exactly what Evelyn likes and loves, and you also know how and when to find her in order to present her with all of these lovely gifts! As you do that, your relationship with her will progress, triggering certain Heart Events;

  • To reach four hearts, all you need to do is visit Evelyn at home; she will then offer you some of her famous homemade cookies and offer you the Cookie Recipe as well!
  • To reach seven hearts; This can be achieved by gift-giving and visiting Evelyn; once you reach seven hearts, Evelyn will share a recipe with you in the post. The recipe that she shares with you is for Rice Pudding.

Evelyn’s Quests

There is only one main Quest with Evelyn;

  • On the 15th Spring on the second year, Evelyn requests one Leek (a known favorite of George’s), and suppling Evelyn with one Leek will reward you with 500g and also improve the relationship with her by one heart.


Question: What are the best gifts for Evelyn?

Answer: The best things to give Evelyn are Tulips, Chocolate Cake, Diamonds, Beets, Stuffing, and Fairy Rose!

Question: Who is Evelyn?

Answer: Evelyn is an older female resident of Pelican Town who lives just above the Stardrop Saloon with her husband George and grandson Alex.

Question: When is Evelyn’s birthday?

Answer: 20th of Winter

Evelyn Stardew Valley Guide: Summary

That is everything there is to know about our favorite resident Grandmother Evelyn! As you can see, she is super sweet and also super friendly! I hope you do befriend her as she has so much love and friendship to give!

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