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Stardew Valley is known and loved not only for its wholesome developer and even sweeter storyline but for all of the available paths you have as a player!

Whether you enjoy crafting, mining, farming, or fishing, there is always something to do within the game, even if you do not enjoy fishing or are naturally drawn to it; the benefit of the Community Centre is that it serves as a gentle nudge and introduction to fishing (which can be daunting).

As someone who may be new to fishing, there is a lot to get your head around, there are different types of Fish found in different locations, and each of these has its restrictions on what time, season, and even what weather it is available in. There are 18 River fish alone, and Tiger Trout is just one of these, but luckily for you, this guide will explain everything you need to know!

Bottom Line Up Front

Tiger Trout can be caught in the River in Pelican Town or Cindersap Forest between 6 am and 7 pm during Fall and Winter; they can be hard to catch as they have a darting behavior pattern and so can be hard to predict. Adding Magic Bait to your fishing rod will mean that you can catch the Tiger Trout in any season and at any time (although they will still only be found in Rivers).

Tiger Trout can also be purchased (at random) from Krobus‘s shop on a Wednesday or from the Travelling Cart, which visits on Sundays and Fridays.

Tiger Trout can be used to create Maki Roll, Sashimi, Quality Fertilizer, and a Fish Shirt. Tiger Trout can be donated to the River Fish bundle in the Community Centre but is not needed for a quest and does not make a good gift to others.

How to get Tiger Trout

Catching Tiger Trout

Tiger Trout can be caught in the River, either within Pelican Town or within the Cindersap Forest. Tiger Trout can, however, only be found in Fall or Winter, between 6 am and 7 pm, and caught during any weather. While Tiger Trout has a difficulty of 60, it has a darting behavior pattern which can make it tricky to catch as it moves quickly and erratically around the bar.

Magic bait can be added to fiberglass or an iridium fishing rod to catch the Tiger Trout without any restrictions on time or season.

Buying Tiger Trout

Tiger Trout can be hard to find if you want to buy it; it can at times be found in either Krobus’s shop or the Travelling Cart. In Krobus’s shop, it may randomly be available on Wednesdays, although there is no guarantee; the same applies to the Travelling Cart, which visits on Fridays and Sundays just west of Marnie’s Ranch.

Stealing (not really)

You can look through everyone’s bins in Pelican Town (if you are so inclined, which I always am) to see what goods you can find! Anything can be in those bins, rubbish, live animals, clothes, even crystals! So while you can find a fish, it is hard to find the exact Fish you want in the time frame you need it in.

Uses for Tiger Trout

Tiger Trout in recipes

If you enjoy cooking in Stardew Valley, then fish are a stable and reliable way to consistently produce meals and items! Any fish can be used to create the following three recipes;

Maki Roll

Much like in real life, this is a version of rolled Sushi and, as such, requires 1x Fish, 1x Seaweed, and 1x Rice. The dish is, of course, edible and, as well as tasting great (if you like Fish), also benefits you by adding 45 health points back to your health bar and replenishing your energy bar with 100 points. All of the dishes that you make can be sold onwards if you do not want to eat them; in this case, Maki Roll sells for 220g per dish.

Maki Roll also makes a good gift for other residents, except Krobus, Leo, Emily, and Evelyn, who dislike and hate the Maki Roll. This makes Maki Roll a fairly safe bet for gifting onwards. Like any dish in Stardew Valley (and in life), you need the recipe to make it. To get the recipe for the Maki Roll, you can either purchase it from Stardrop Saloon for 300g or learn the recipe from the Queen of the Sauce channel on the 21st of Summer.


While sliced raw Fish isn’t to my taste, it is enjoyed by most of the residents in Pelican Town except (again) Krobus, Leo, Evelyn, Emily, and Ken. Sashimi is also super easy to make, and you only need 1x Fish of any kind to create it; if you don’t want to gift the Sashimi, you can also take it with you as a snack on your adventures as it can help refuel by providing 75 energy points and 33 health points.

To get the recipe for Sashimi, Linus is your best friend (literally). Once you reach three hearts in your relationship with him, he will post the recipe out to you. Sashimi can also be sold for 75g per dish.

Quality Fertilizer

This is a farmer’s best friend; when this is applied to your soil before you plant any crops, it increases the chance that you will have high-quality crops (hence the name). To create the Quality Fertilizer, you need 1x Fish and 2x Sap. Quality Fertilizer makes you money by giving you high-quality crops and so is not worth selling onward, as it only sells for 10g.

Tiger Trout as a gift

Here is a raw fish. Can we be friends? When you think of carrying around a raw fish and then gifting it to someone you don’t know (or even do know) is pretty weird, right?

Unsurprisingly then, Tiger Trout is not a welcome gift to the people of Stardew Valley. Only Willy (the town fisherman, so duh, right?) likes getting Tiger Trout as a gift, while everyone else in Pelican Town either dislikes or hates it!

This means it is not a good idea to gift Tiger Trout to residents as it will damage your relationship with the recipient, except for;

  • Demetrius
  • Elliot
  • Leo
  • Linus
  • Sebastian
  • Pam
  • Willy

Tiger Trout in the Community Centre

Anyone eager to finish the Community Centre will be glad to hear that Tiger Trout can be donated to the River Fish bundle in the Fish Tank of the Community Centre. Which gets you one step closer to closing down that nasty Joja Mart (one of my favorite parts of the game). To complete the River Fish bundle, you will need;

  • 1x Sunfish
  • 1x Catfish
  • 1x Shad
  • 1x Tiger Trout

The reward for completing the River Fish bundle isn’t exactly exciting; you get 30x pieces of bait which can be added to your fishing rod. The benefit of using bait is that it is quicker to fish and catch fish. As a result, the bait reduces the delay before you get a catch on your fishing rod. The bait, however, requires either a Fibreglass rod or an Iridium rod and cannot be applied on your training rod; the rod upgrades can be easily purchased at Willy’s Shack.

To complete the entire Fish Tank, you will also need to complete;

  • River Fish bundle
  • Lake Fish bundle
  • Ocean Fish bundle
  • Night Fishing bundle
  • Crab Pot bundle
  • Specialty Fish bundle

Once all of these bundles are complete, you will be able to pan for valuable items in the water, as the boulder left of the Mines is removed as a reward for completing the Fish Tank.

Tiger Trout in crafting

Do you want some clothing that screams ”Pro fisher”? The great news is that if so, you can use the Tiger Trout in the Sewing Machine to create a fashionable shirt with a lovely fish on it! The fish shirt (while incredibly stylish) won’t give you any advantage other than being extra stylish and alluring to the single members of Stardew Valley.

Tiger Trout in Quests

Tiger Trout is not central to any storyline-based progression and is not required to progress through the game. Tiger Trout can sometimes be requested as an optional quest by either Willy or Demetrius.

Help Wanted Board;

  • Willy may request the Help Wanted Board, asking for 1-4 Tiger Trout, for which he will pay 150g per Fish (Plus, you even get to keep and then sell on the Fish!)

Tiger Trout in the pond

Tiger Trout is not a good addition to your pond, as they are the only Fish; that, once placed inside, will not reproduce.


Question: How much does Tiger Trout sell for in Stardew Valley?

Answer: The sale price varies depending on the quality of the Fish; at a basic level, you can sell one Tiger Trout for 150g, 187g at a silver level, 225g at a gold level, and 300g at an iridium level.

Question: Where can I find Tiger Trout in Stardew Valley?

Answer: As they are river-dwelling Fish, you can find the Tiger Trout in the River at Pelican Town or the River in Cindersap Forest.

Question: Can I put Tiger Trout in my pond in Stardew Valley?

Answer: Tiger Trout can be placed in your pond at your farm. However, they cannot reproduce, so this may not be a good choice for you, depending on your goal.

Tiger Trout Stardew Valley Guide: Summary

Hopefully, you now have all the information you need to catch Tiger Trout and all the information you need to understand how beneficial it is once you have it! Remember to stay patient as it is a tricky little fish to catch, and if all else fails, you can always purchase it!

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