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Stardew Valley Explosion Guide: A Gift From The Heavens

Within Stardew Valley, there are a lot of events and activities that are guaranteed to happen no matter how many times you play through this game.

You will always be offered the option of a cat or a dog to keep as a pet, you will always be offered the same crops in Pierre’s General Store during each respective season, and you will always be invited to the various festivals and celebrations that happen in Pelican Town.

Some things are just meant to be, but not all aspects of this game are guaranteed to happen for every player. Some secrets are quite well hidden indeed, and only if the odds are in your favor will you get to see these things firsthand. There are quite a few random events that occur in Stardew Valley, but perhaps none are quite as lucrative and exciting as Explosions.

When an explosion happens overnight, you would think that the player would be overcome with worry. You may be asking at that moment what has happened to my farm, or, are my animals okay. Well, the good news is that everything is absolutely fine, and the even better news is that the explosion is a blessing.

You see, this explosion is caused by a meteorite that crashes on your farm, and as you would imagine, this space rock has quite a few interesting properties that you should take advantage of.

However, you may be wondering how this rare event occurs if there is anything you can do to make this happen, or what you can do with this Meteor when it does crash land on your farm. Well, we intend to give you all of this information and more. So without further delay, here is our comprehensive Stardew Valley Explosion guide!

What is an Explosion In Stardew Valley?

An Explosion in Stardew Valley is a random event that can happen at any point throughout your playthrough. This will happen overnight, and a message on the screen will read, ‘There was an explosion heard in the night.’ No need to panic, though, as when you go outside, you will see that all is as it once was.

However, there will be one new feature on your farm sent from the heavens above. The explosion indicates that a meteor has landed on your farm, full of iridium ore, which is the gateway to many amazing things within this title.

When Does an Explosion Happen in Stardew Valley?

An explosion in Stardew Valley is not a common occurrence. It is incredibly rare, all things considered. Every time the player reaches the end of the day, there is a 1% chance that this event will trigger.

This can happen at any time throughout your playthrough and is one of many random events that occur within the Stardew valley universe. You cannot increase the chances of this happening, and there are no factors that influence the likelihood of this event occurring. It’s purely down to the luck of the draw. 

What Are The Benefits of An Explosion In Stardew Valley?

Pretty straightforward so far, a massive space rock has crash-landed on your property, and this will randomly happen no matter how to carry yourself throughout the game.

However, now that the huge Meteor is taking up space on your farm and serves a weird, otherworldly eyesore, you may be wondering what you do now and how this meteorite can be used to progress within the game. Well, consider your curiosities quenched. Here are the benefits of an explosion in Stardew Valley listed below: 

A source of Iridium Ore

The most beneficial aspect of this Meteor that now lives on your farm is that it contains a rare resource known as Iridium Ore.

This is a resource that players will often not have any access to until they reach the very bottom of the Pelican Town Mines, clear out their Quarry a few times, or have access to the Skull Cavern in the Calico Desert. You can also get Iridium Ore via breaking Geodes, but this isn’t the best source by any means.

What we are saying here is that until you are well into the game, you’ll be lucky to gather enough Iridium Ore for an Iridium Bar within your first year. However, as you always have the potential to be gifted a meteor from up above, you could easily have a boulder in your first season if luck is on your side. 

If you mine this Meteor with a Gold Quality Pickaxe or higher, you will be able to gather the resources from this rock, and the player is guaranteed to receive six Iridium Ore from this otherworldly rock. This means you can get your hands on an Iridium Bar very early in the game and use it for whatever you like, whether that is an Iridium Sprinkler or anything else in the Iridium family. 

A handful of Geodes

While this is not as exciting as the point above, the player does also receive a few Geodes from the Meteor should they decide to mine it, which allows you to potentially get some rare gems, minerals, resources, or artifacts for your efforts. 

A Fun Attraction

Then lastly, a lot of players decide not to mine this rock at all. Much like how players treat Mushroom Trees that sprout out of the ground randomly on your farm, players will opt to incorporate this Meteor into the design and layout of their farm, often placing a fence around the rock so it can be gawked upon like a weird attraction within their farm.

As it has no benefit to the player and takes up valuable real estate on your farm, many players would be against this idea, but for you farmers that go for aesthetic layouts over profitable ones, this could be a fun option. 

What Are The Downsides To an Explosion?

So you may have read the section above and be thinking that, for an explosion, this is a very pleasant experience. Well, in most cases, you are right, but there are downsides to meteors on your farm. So let us give you some quick words of warning so that you are fully prepared for a meteor strike: 

Causes Destruction

One of the worst parts of this random event is that the Meteor isn’t a sentient being and therefore doesn’t care about where it decides to land on your farm. So when it hits the earth, anything that was once in that space will be destroyed. So if you had pathways, crops, machines, or other crafted materials in that area, they will be buried under this huge rock.

This is usually fine as the value of a few crops usually isn’t anywhere near the value of one Iridium bar, so the Meteor is a good trade-off. However, if you happen to lose a bunch of Ancient Fruit crops, or have to do some expensive repairs to your farming infrastructure, then it can be a real issue. We just hope that, in your case, the Meteor lands in a nice open space away from your farming operation. 

Takes up Space

As we mentioned, when this rock lands in Stardew Valley, this eats into the limited farming space that you have access to. Now, in the early game, this is rarely an issue as you are farming in such a small area, then in the late game, this is rarely an issue as you can simply mine the rock to get rid of it.

However, in the mid-game, if this Meteor lands in an awkward spot, this can be a real issue. This is because players have to upgrade their Pickaxe to a gold standard if they want to mine it away. So until you do, this thing will be a permanent fixture on your farm.

It’s not something that will ruin your gaming experience, but it will serve as a constant annoyance until you get rid of it. We suppose, if anything, it is a good motivator to upgrade your tools, so make sure you do. 

Stardew Explosion Top Tips

As you can see, there are positives and negatives of this random event occurring, but in our opinion, at least, so long as you are prepared, this will almost always be a positive experience. However, if you are wondering how to be best prepared for this scenario, we have some helpful tips to get you through. Here is a quick rundown below: 

Hide Your Rare Crops Indoors

One of the worst things that can happen where a meteor is concerned is the big rock crushing rare crops that you are growing. We all know how hard it is to find, grow and multiply Ancient Fruit crops over time.

So if you grow them outside and the Meteor crushes them, this can set your progress back by potentially a few seasons. So what’s the best protection against this? Why, the Greenhouse, of course. This unlockable entity which is earned by completing the Pantry bundle in the Community Centre, allows you to grow any crops you like year-round.

This is an excellent resource, and best of all, no matter how many meteors fall, they will never damage buildings and those things contained within. So if you want to start a very profitable plantation of crops, try to save it for the Greenhouse.

Upgrade Your Pickaxe

If you don’t have a Gold Pickaxe or an Iridium Pickaxe, you won’t be able to mine this Meteor and get the lovely loot within; it’s that simple. So, you need to head over to Clint’s Blacksmith Shop regularly and upgrade your tools. To upgrade your Pickaxe fully, you will need the following: 

  • 5x Copper Bar, 2,000G
  • 5x Iron Bar 5,000G
  • 5x Gold Bar, 10,000G
  • 5x Iridium bar, 25,000G

The best way to approach upgrading the Pickaxe specifically is by choosing times within the season when you won’t have enough time to mine for the entire day. As many players know, you want to dedicate full days to the mines if you want to make a dent regarding the mine levels or to make a profit.

So when you can’t, you might as well give this to Clint to upgrade. Just in case you don’t know, every upgrade takes two days and leaves you without the tool for two days. The best time in my experience to do this is at the start of the season when most of your time is dedicated to watering huge plantations of crops without the help of sprinklers and tending to whatever animals you have as well. 

Invest Your Iridium Wisely

Then once you have mined the goodies within this space rock, we would also suggest that you use the contents wisely, as Iridium Ore is a tough resource to gather until you are well along in this game. So to help you with this, here are a few things that we have identified as the best early game uses for an Iridium Bar: 

  • Iridium Sprinkler (1x Iridium Bar)
  • Crystalarium (2x Iridium Bar)
  • Slime Incubator (2x Iridium Bar)
  • Upgrade Tool to Iridium quality (5x Iridium Bar)
  • Iridium Band (5x Iridium Bar)

What Other Random Events Happen in Stardew Valley?

Then lastly, we thought we would sign off by giving you a quick rundown of all the other random events that can occur within Stardew Valley, offering you their overall likelihood, their core benefits, and what happens in this instance. Check it out below:

The Crop Fairy

  • Likelihood: 1% (Won’t occur when raining)
  • Benefit: 5×5 crop growth

There is a 1% chance that, at the end of the day, a little fairy known as The Crop Fairy will fly down and select one of 100 random tiles on your farm. If one of these tiles happens to be a crop that isn’t grown from Wild Seeds, then the fairy will magically grow this crop to full maturity overnight, along with any other surrounding crops in a 5×5 tile radius. 

The Witch

  • Likelihood: 1%
  • Benefit: Void Egg, Golden Egg, or Black Slime

There is a 1% chance that The Witch will visit your farm overnight and use her dark magic on either your Coop or your Slime Hutch. If they choose the Slime Hutch, you will awake to find a Black Slime amongst your other slime pets.

Then if she chooses your Coop, she will leave a Void Egg, which can then be placed in an incubator and formed into a Void Chicken, which is much cheaper than buying one from Krobus. The Witch can also leave Golden Eggs in the Coop if you have achieved 100% perfection. 

The Owl Statue

  • Likelihood: 0.5%
  • Benefit: Decorative Feature

Then we have the Owl Statue event. This is perhaps the least exciting of all the random events as all that happens is that a strange Owl Statue appears on your farm. The player can interact with this, move it around, and place it anywhere they like as a unique decorative fixture, but aside from this, it has no real value. This event can happen multiple times throughout a playthrough.

The Strange capsule

  • Likelihood: 0.8%
  • Benefit: Hidden Cut Scene 

The player has a 0.8% chance of receiving an alien lifeform on their farm. Overnight a Strange Capsule will be placed on the farm, and the player can interact with this, move it around, stow it away or simply leave it as it is.

If the player leaves it out in the open for three days, the Strange Capsule will lose its luminous blue glow and will then appear in your inventory as an Empty Strange Capsule. This then enables a few events to take place later in the game, where you will see a shadow figure run between bushes to stay hidden. However, aside from a fun little easter egg, this has no real benefit to the player. This event can happen only once throughout your playthrough. 


Question: What is the Best Random Event in Stardew Valley?

Answer: In terms of game-changing events, we would say that a visit from The Witch is the most consistently brilliant event the player can experience. This is because you gain access to Void Chickens, potentially very early in the game. This not only increases your animal product profit margins as you can produce Void Mayonaise. You also don’t have to spend a bucketload of cash buying a Void Egg from Krobus when you enter the Sewers. However, we would say that The Crop Fairy is a very close second. 

Question: Does Luck Affect Random Events in Stardew Valley?

Answer: Within Stardew Valley, the player does have a luck stat that varies from day to day and can be checked via a channel on your TV. Then other factors like carrying a Rabbits Foot or eating some Spicy Eel can also increase this stat. This will lead to better drops in the mines, for example. However, this stat will not affect how often these random events listed above will occur. These are purely decided upon standard RNG. So you’ll just have to cross your fingers and hope. 

Question: Are The Explosion and Earthquake The Same?

Answer: No, not at all. The explosion is a random and very unlikely event, and players could potentially play through years of this game and never witness this once. However, the Earthquake in Stardew Valley always occurs on the third day of Summer and allows players to access the railroad area of the map. If you want to know more about this, you should check out our Stardew Valley Train Guide or our Stardew Valley Earthquake Guide. 

Stardew Valley Explosion Guide: Final Thoughts

As you can see from the information above, the explosion in Stardew Valley is not something to be worried about, but instead something to be celebrated when it plummets to earth.

This event is a chance to get your hands on some rare resources and get a headstart on late-game opportunities that you might have otherwise been waiting quite some time to get started. We hope that this guide has offered you all the information you could need on the subject and as always, thank you for reading SdewHQ!

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