Beets Stardew Valley Guide: Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

Stardew Valley is a game that allows the player to craft a farm in their own image. One is never told to fill certain orders to progress like one might do in nefarious games like Farmville, for example.

The player has the freedom to choose the seeds they want to grow and reap the rewards of this cavalcade of options, as each crop has something different to offer. You might grow crops that maximize profits; you might grow crops that make excellent gifts for a special friend in town that you want to become more than friends with.

Or perhaps you just want to grow a little bit of everything and have your farm bursting with color come time to harvest. Whatever your preference, there is something for everyone, and if you want to channel your inner Dwight Schrute, you might want to become a Beet farmer.

Beets in Stardew Valley have some interesting qualities about them that make them a good crop to grow if you want to turn a profit. They serve as a means of creating a resource that is essential for cooking.  Plus, you’ll need to grow these if you want to complete one of the few quest lines within this game. These purple pleasures are full of wonder, and it’s up to you to explore their uses.

However, we wouldn’t leave you alone to fend for yourself. You may be asking us, where can I get Beet Seeds? Or why should I grow them in the first place? Well, we aim to provide all the answers. So without further delay, here is our Stardew Valley Beet Guide.

What Are Beets in Stardew Valley?

Beets are a vegetable crop in Stardew Valley that players do not have immediate access to in the game, as the seeds are only sold in a location outside of Pelican Town.

Beets are a fall vegetable and take six days to mature without any Speed-Gro or help from the Crop Fairy. These can be sold for a maximum return of 220G per Beet, or these Beets can be refined with artisan equipment to make Pickled Beets or Beet Juice, which are sold for 350g and 310g respectively.

How do You Grow Beets in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley Beet Seeds

As mentioned, you won’t be able to simply dander down to Pierre‘s General Store and grab some seeds from them. These seeds are sold outside of Pelican Town, and only players who have been actively working on their Community Center will have access to these seeds.

You see, only players who have completed the Vault Bundle in the Community Center or taken the Joja Route will have access to the Bus.

When the Bus is repaired, players can then travel to the Calico Desert, and once there, they will be able to go to the Oasis Shop. We must also note that you can occasionally purchase these from the Travelling Merchant for somewhere between 100G to 1,000G.

Here you will find Sandy, who will happily sell you some new items only available in the Calico Desert. You can get your hands on Cactus Seeds, Starfruit seeds, and, of course, Beet Seeds. Then to grow these, you will have to wait until Fall as this is the season when these crops grow. Or, if you have access to the Greenhouse, you can grow these crops whenever you like.

Why Should I Grow Beets in Stardew Valley?

There are so many reasons why Beets are a great option to add to your crop rotation in Stardew Valley. While these crops aren’t the most profitable items in terms of the raw materials created, they have other ways of offering value to the player if you know how to use them. So here is a quick rundown of the best uses for Beets in Stardew Valley.


We begin with profits, which admittedly is the least impressive asset of Beets in this game. You can make a 330G profit from each Beet produced if you grow them and use a Preserve Jar to enhance these items, which is over a 300% return on your initial 20G investment per seed.

However, it’s not as scalable as other options, and the amount of time and effort, but it is not conducive with max profits.


This is only relevant for those that decide to go for an added challenge and play the game with remixed bundles. However, if you do, Beets are vitally important when it comes to progression. You will need these for the Remixed Dye Bundle to complete the Bulletin Board.


Stardew Valley Beet

Beets are a surprisingly good gift if you want something that can be handed to just about anyone in the town for a positive response. Evelyn happens to love Beets, making it the ideal gift for her, whereas the majority of the other named characters like this crop.

It would be quicker to tell you who wouldn’t appreciate Beets as a gift, so let’s just do that. Don’t give Beets to Haley, Sam, Jas, Vincent, or Abigail.

The Mill

One of the coolest things about growing Beets is that you can Mill these items and turn them into a new but equally useful resource. If you put Beets into a Mill, you can create Sugar, which is a core ingredient used in quite a few recipes within the game.

You can make minor profits from this process, but the real benefit here is saving money on Sugar, as you will pay 100G for one bag in Pierre’s. Whereas you will get three bags of Sugar for one Beet, making it a much cheaper alternative.

We should also mention how you even come to have a Mill on your farm at all. This is a farm building that players can construct by purchasing the project at Robin‘s Carpentry Shop in the Mountains. To do this, the player will need to invest 2,500G. Plus, they will also have to have 50 Stone, 150 Wood, and 4 Cloth.


As you can with many items in the game, if you take a Beet and use it in the Sewing Machine, you will be able to make a unique garment to add to your wardrobe. In this instance, you will be able to create a Sugar Shirt, which is one of the stranger fashion items within the game. It’s a bright pink T-shirt with a smiling face plastered over it.

We can only imagine that this is to represent a kid that’s hopped up on Sugar and ready to cause chaos. All that being said, it’s a fun little number and one you should add to your collection.


Beets are also vital if you want to complete one of the quests within this game. As quests are quite few and far between in this game, especially ones that have follow-up quests, we are sure you will be motivated to have a go at finishing this one.

This relates to the Mysterious Qi Questline, where the player will need to find a series of items for Mr. Qi and place them in strange areas all over the map. You’ll be asked to feed the sand dragon in the Calico Desert its last meal (a Solar Essence).

You’ll be asked to find a Rainbow Shell for this mysterious stranger, and you’ll also have to grow ten beets and then place them in Major Lewis’ Fridge.

If you do all of these things, you will be awarded 10,000G for your efforts. Plus, you will gain access to the Casino inside of Oasis in the Calico Desert, where you will meet the man himself. You also meet him if you reach level 100 in the Skull Cavern, and he also frequents the Walnut Room on Ginger Island.


Stardew Valley Beet

Then lastly, while Sugar made from Beets is in a lot of recipes, Beets themselves are only used to create one dish. This is the Vegetable Medley. To create this dish, players will need to combine one Tomato and one Beet.

What Other Items Can You Use in the Mill?

Beets are just one of a few items that players can place in the Mill to create new and useful resources. However, you may be wondering what other items can be used to create new ones within this farm building. Well, wonder no more. Check it out below:


If the player uncovers some Unmilled Rice or grows some with the help of Rice Shoots, the player will then be able to take this and place it in the Mill to create a bundle of Rice.

This, much like Sugar, is another key ingredient that is used for cooking, and while not profitable to sell, it facilitates the player in cooking up a storm, which comes with its own benefits.


Then if the player grows Wheat which is a rather inexpensive Summer crop, they can create Flour. Once again, not an item that can be sold for a huge profit but one that is used in multiple recipes and will be invaluable to those Stardew Valley players that are a whizz in the kitchen and never miss an episode of Queen of the Sauce.


Question: Can You Buy Beets in Your First Year? 

Answer: Yes, you can buy Beets in your first year, depending on how efficient you are when it goes to completing your Community Projects. All the player needs to do is gain access to the Bus Repair project, which means the player needs to complete the Vault community center bundle.
If you do that, then one simple bus ride will take you to the Oasis shop, and you’ll be able to purchase these seeds from Sandy. However, this isn’t the case for all crops in the game.
Some of these crops are only available in Pierre’s General Store (or the Joja Mart) in your second year. If you are wondering what these are, here is a quick list below: 
• Red Cabbage
• Artichoke seeds
• Garlic Seeds

Question: Is Building a Mill Worth it?

Answer: Honestly, it’s not something that I personally put a lot of stock in, and I often don’t bother doing so throughout my playthrough. The more convenient option is to simply go to Pierres and pay a little over the odds for the ingredients you need.
I would only concede that those who really love cooking in this game would benefit from this building, as this will save you a bundle in the long run. However, this is only really relevant in the early to mid-game, and I often don’t bother making it a priority to make cloth.
Then by the time I have this resource naturally, spending 100G on some ingredients now and then is chump change. In short, it’s not a big deal if you don’t build yourself a mill. 

Question: What Other Things are in the Calico Desert?

Answer: There are so many cool features that await you in the Calico Desert when the player repairs the bus service. However, you may be wondering what these are. Well, allow us to enlighten you. Check it out below: 
You gain access to the Skull Cavern as long as you reach the bottom of the Pelican town mine and get the Skull Key.
You are able to visit the Oasis Shop and the Casino within, provided you finish the Mysterious Qi quest.
You gain access to cool forage items like Cactus Fruit and Coconuts.
You gain access to the magical pillars that will reward you with the Galaxy Sword if you present a Prismatic Shard when standing in the middle.
You can access the Desert Merchant.

Beets Stardew Valley Guide: Sweet to the Beet!

As you can see from the information above, Beets are a multifaceted crop within the Stardew Valley Universe with more uses than you would expect. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of these veggies in real life, as they taste gross and they stain your clothes like you wouldn’t believe, but in the game, I can’t get enough of these things.

They are a great source of Sugar for cooking and work great for other things too! We hope that this guide serves you well on your farming journey and as always, thank you for reading SdewHQ.

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