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Sandy Stardew Valley Guide: A Woman of Mystery

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Stardew Valley is a farming RPG that invites you to join the cute and idyllic Pelican Town and become part of the community by restoring your grandfather’s run-down farm and taking it over.

The beauty of Stardew Valley is that the tutorial is truthfully just the introduction, and after that, you have complete freedom to explore and engage with the game in whatever way you want to do so! That means you have every right to ignore certain characters that you do not like or are not interested in (I am talking about you, Haley) and regularly engage with whatever characters that you do love and want to be around (Linus).

Most of the characters live in the center of the town and are interesting and odd people that I truly love! Some are outsiders to the town (Like our dear and beloved recluse Linus), while others are central pillars of the town that you see daily, like Pierre, who runs the town shop, or Harvey, who is the doctor of the town, and treats all the residents to their annual check-up!

Some characters you have to work harder to find and get closer to than others. Take Krobus, for example, he lives in the Sewers (cute, right?), and it takes quite a lot of time and effort to meet him! There are also spooky and otherworldly beings like the Dwarf (although I find him quite rude) and the Wizard (who is actually quite cool).

There are, however, also people outside of Pelican Town! You can visit the Calico Desert and meet some new and exciting people there! It does take some time for you to be able to reach Calico Desert (more on this later), but once you are there, you can also meet the mysterious Sandy!

How to Get to the Calico Desert

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There are a few options available in terms of how to get to the Calico Desert, and it really comes down to a matter of good versus evil (or Community Centre versus Joja Mart). The solution to getting to the Desert is to repair the old and run-down bus stop, which is just to the east of your farm. There are, of course, as we discussed, two ways to do this.

If you are going down the route of the Community Centre

If you choose to focus on the Community Centre (which I highly recommend that you do, as it is better for the town, cheaper, and feels so much better), then you can fix the old run-down bus stop by completing bundles within the Community Centre. Specifically, you need to complete all of the Bundles within the Vault room.

The Vault Bundles;

  • 2,500g bundle; is complete by donating 2,500g to the bundle. The reward for completing this individual stage of the Vault Room is three delicious chocolate cakes.
  • 5,000g bundle; is complete by donating 5,000g to the bundle. The reward for completing this stage is 30x Quality Fertilizers to improve the quality of your crops.
  • 10,000g bundle; is complete by donating 10,000g to the bundle. The reward for completing this stage is a 1x lightning rod which will absorb lightning to prevent it from hitting and destroying parts of your farm.
  • 25,000g bundle; is complete by donating 25,000g to the bundle. The reward for completing this stage is 1x Crystalarium which allows you to make copies of whatever crystal you place inside.

In order to fix the old bus stop, you need to complete all four of these bundles, which is a grand total of a 42,500g donation to the Community Centre. Like a lot of other magical parts of the game, our friends, the Juminos, repair the bus stop for you overnight after you complete the entire Vault Room.

Now that you can visit the Desert, you should be ready and excited to meet Sandy!

What Do We Know About Sandy?

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There is really very little that we know about Sandy; she is quite a mysterious character! We know that she works in Oasis in the Calico Desert. This is a small store which opens between 9 AM and 11;50 PM. We also know that Sandy’s birthday is on the 15th of Fall.

We know very little about Sandy’s relationships or friendships, but we do know that she is friends with Emily. When you first interact with Sandy, she mentions that she and Emily write letters back and forth to one another and that Emily had mentioned that a new farmer had joined the town. We also know that at 1 PM, Sandy and Emily go for regular walks to chat and hang out.

Sandy’s Schedule

Sandy is super easy to pin down as she rarely ever leaves the Oasis and can be found there between 9 AM – 11;50 PM on all days, except her birthday on the 15th of Fall when she leaves at 1 PM to walk with Emily.

Sandy’s Shop

Image from Stardew Valley Wiki

We love women in business, and Sandy is such a woman! She runs her own shop (the Oasis) in Calico Desert, which carries a very small fixed stock of items such as;

  • Wall Cactus; This is a lovely indoor plant that costs 700g.
  • Cactus Seeds; These are seeds that can be planted and, after 12 days, will produce every three days. This costs 100g.
  • Random Shirt; When this is purchased, how it looks varies, and it costs 1000g.
  • Rhubarb Seeds; These are seeds that can be planted, and after 13 days, it produces goods. This costs 100g.
  • Beet Seeds; These can be planted and take six days to grow. This costs 20g.
  • Seasonal Plant; This is a small plant that costs 100g.
  • Starfruit Seeds; These are seeds that can be planted and take 13 days to grow. This costs 400g.

The Oasis does also carry a rotating stock which varies depending on what day it is;

  • Ice Cream; This can be purchased on Sundays for 240g.
  • Large Green Rug; This can be purchased on Fridays for 2500g.
  • Coconut; This can be purchased on Mondays for 400g.
  • Jade Hills Picture; This can be purchased on Wednesdays for 5000g.
  • Omni Geode; This can be purchased on Wednesdays for 1000g.
  • Cactus Fruit; This can be purchased on Tuesdays for 150g.
  • Large Brown Couch; This can be purchased on Sundays for 3000g.
  • Honey; This can be purchased on Fridays for 200g.
  • Deluxe Speed Gro; This can be purchased on Thursdays for 80g.
  • Large Cottage Rug; This can be purchased on Mondays for 2000g.
  • Wall Sconces; Available on Tuesdays and Saturdays for 500g.
  • Old World Rug; This can be purchased on Thursdays for 2500g.
  • Quality Retaining Soil; This can be purchased on Saturdays for 200g.

Getting Sandy to Warm up to you

If you want to befriend Sandy, the key is to regularly interact with her and to present her with gifts that she loves. Sandy loves the following items;

  • Mango Sticky Rice; You can cook this if you have 1x Mango, 1x Coconut, and 1x Rice
  • Crocus; This can forage in Winter
  • Daffodil; This can forage in Spring
  • Sweet Pea; This can forage in Summer

Sandy also likes the following;

  • All fruit
  • Wool; You can collect this if you have Sheep or Rabbits on your farm
  • Quartz; This can be found in the Mines
  • Goat Milk; This can be collected if you have Goats on your farm

Sandy is neutral to the following;

  • Winter Root
  • Dandelion
  • Milk
  • Snow Yam
  • Leek
  • Ginger
  • Hazelnut
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Mushrooms; Purple, Common, Chanterelle, Magma, Morel

Sandy dislikes these, and so you should avoid giving them to her;

  • All universal dislikes

Sandy also hates the following;

  • Holly
  • All universal dislikes

You can also ask Sandy to go to the movies with you, if you buy two tickets for the cinema you can give one to anyone you like along with some snacks if you really want to push the boat out!

If you have selected Sandy as your plus one for the cinema, the good news is that she loves all the films that are on show! In terms of snacks, Sandy loves these;

  • Stardrop Sorbet
  • Cotton Candy

Sandy dislikes these snacks;

  • Sour Slimes
  • Joja Cola
  • Black Liquorice
  • Joja Corn

Sandy’s Heart events

There are not many heart events with Sandy; as I said, she is a woman of mystery! There is, in fact only one heart event with Sandy;

  • Seven hearts; Once you reach seven hearts in your relationship with Sandy, she will send you a recipe via the post for some Tom Kha Soup

Sandy’s Quests

The pirates wife quest; In this quest you must give items in exchange for new items down a chain of town members for the end goal, which is an old lady’s keepsake of her late husband; who lives in Ginger Island. The items are as follows;

  • A War Memento from the old lady to Kent
  • Gourmet Tomato Salt from Kent to Gus
  • Gus gives Stardew Valley Rose for Sandy
  • Sandy gives an Advanced TV Remote for George
  • George gives an Arctic Shard for the Wizard
  • The Wizard gives a Wriggling Worm for Willy
  • Willy gives you the pirates locket – which completes the quest when given to Birdie.


Question: What is Sandy’s favorite gift?

Answer: Sandy loves Sweat Pea, Crocus, Daffodil, and Mango Sticky Rice.

Question: Where does Sandy live?

Answer: Sandy lives in the Oasis, which is a shop that you can find in the Calico Desert.

Question: Can you date Sandy?

Answer: Sandy is not an available candidate for marriage or indeed for dating; Sandy can, however, be your friend!

Sandy Stardew Valley Guide: Summary

That concludes everything that we know about Sandy; she is indeed quite closed off and hard to get to know! That does not mean, however, that she is not a good friend to have and that she is not worth pursuing and spending time with, although it is not an option that I often take (as someone who personally does not often visit the Desert).

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