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Are you fond of playing relaxing simulator games? Well, you should try playing Stardew Valley. While the game is practically half a decade old, it continues to attract many virtual farmers, and for a good reason. It is one of the most engaging yet relaxing games you could ever play. 

As you immerse yourself into the game, you’d be captivated with its Harvest Moon-esque impression, intuitive gameplay mechanics, cute 8-bit character design, and of course, charming and likable characters. 

Even I have spent countless hours harvesting crops, tending my farm, and fighting monsters through the mines. While it takes a lot of time to turn your grandpa’s arid land and old farmhouse into a lively farm, you’ll meet a lot of exciting characters along the way. 

One of which is Pam. She lives with her daughter Penny in the trailer in town. Once you repair the bus at the Community Center, she will become the bus driver. She seems like an odd woman with alcoholic tendencies. However, you will appreciate her efforts in making you feel welcomed as the new guy/girl in town. 

Are you ready to learn more about Pam and her life? We’ve got you covered! This Pam Stardew Valley guide will teach you more information about Pam, including her schedule, relationships, best and worst gifts, and even heart events. 

Bottom Line Up Front

Pam is the mother of Penny, one of the twelve single villagers you can marry in the indie video game Stardew Valley. She lives in a small trailer by the river. You can usually find her drinking at the saloon during the day. Pam lounges on her trailer or visits Gus’ home whenever she is not in the pub. 

Pam’s essentials:

When you give a gift to Pam on her birthday, she will give extra points. Like many NPCs, she also has a yearly clinic visit and an annual trip to the clinic.

  • Birthday: Spring 18
  • Home Location: Trailer
  • Family: Penny (Daughter)
  • Friends: Gus
  • Clinic Visit: Spring 25
  • Occupation: Bus Driver
  • Marriage: No

Pam: Appearance, Personality, and Hobbies

Pam's daughter Penny


Pam looked quite stern and aggressive at first glance, maybe because of her pouty lips and raised eyebrows. She dons a purple jacket with blue accent stripes on the shoulders. You will also quickly notice Pam’s hair in voluminous ginger curls. 

Aside from that, she also wears a heavy purple eye shadow to compliment her brown eyes. She wears a pink tank top and a hat from JojaMart’s on several occasions. Pam’s look never underwent significant design iterations, even after significant updates. 


Pam is an erratic person; her noticeable character trait is being an alcoholic. She will even ask you, the farmer, to bring her Pale Ale. On certain occasions, she even spiked the punch at the spring festival. Her alcoholic tendencies also lead her to wake up with hangovers most mornings. 

Unsurprisingly, Gus mentions that Pam is his best customer — to the point that he suffers from cash flow problems when Pam doesn’t pay off her tab. She frequently talks about being single, but she isn’t part of the twelve eligible single characters you can marry. 

What’s interesting is how she offers sound advice as someone older and wiser, especially since she’s seen a lot more in life. While her advice is generally good, her heavy alcoholism affects how she speaks. 


When she has free time and not out driving the town bus, she spends most of her time lounging on her trailer’s couch. She also loves going to Jojo Mart and shops around every day at noon. You can also spot her in the saloon in the afternoon, drinking Pale Ale or beer. 

If she’s not in the saloon or her trailer, you’d be lucky to find her fishing in the docks. Pam’s pretty good at fishing but not quite as good as Willy. However, Pam wins the fishing game at the fall festival every year.

She puts up some fierce competition in the ice-fishing contest. After finishing her special order quest, Pam will teach you a TV channel that reports in-season fish. She’s also a good cook and will even give you recipes that she learned from his father. 


Pam Stardew Valley

Since Pam was Pelican Town’s driver before the bus broke down, her schedule depends on whether or not the bus service has been restored. Pam will manage the bus stop east of your farm, opening a route to The Desert. 

When the bus service is not yet restored, Pam’s schedule usually revolve around being on her trailer couch at 8 am and visiting JojaMart at noon. In the afternoon, she spends all her time carousing at the saloon. She usually goes home at midnight. 

Once the bus service is restored, her daily routine changes. She still sits on her couch at 8 am but goes to the bus stop at 8:30 am to do her work. Once her work is done, she goes straight to the saloon at 5 pm. Even though she needs to work the following day, she still goes home at midnight. 

Pam has her doctor’s appointment on Spring 25, and thus the bus service will not be active on that day. She sits on her couch at 8 am and goes to the Medical Clinic before lunchtime. After that, you can see her at the saloon in the afternoon till late at night. 

If the beach resort on Ginger Island is unlocked, she may visit it some days, causing the bus service to be inactive. This can be avoided by closing the resort to visitors.


Pam and her daughter, Penny, have a dysfunctional kind of relationship. Living in a trailer, she couldn’t provide for her daughter’s needs. She is even dependent on her daughter regarding housework and finances. Pam’s alcoholic nature has led to a more significant gap in her relationship with her daughter, who keeps trying to make some sort of life for them both.

Despite that, she loves her daughter and is genuinely proud of her. She doesn’t have a lot of friends, and her closest friend is Gus, the owner of the Stardrop Saloon.

Pam and Gus are considered close because Pam spends most of her time in the saloon — in fact, she’s in the pub every day. However, Gus is still quite afraid and uncomfortable with Pam’s behavior when he asks about paying her tab. 

Community Upgrade: Building Pam A House

After completing all the upgrades in your farmhouse and completing the community center, this is the next upgrade that you can invest in. Building Pam’s house requires a considerable investment; you will need the following materials: 

  • 500,000g
  • 950 Wood

Once you give all the materials needed to Robin, she will spend the next three days building Pam and Penny a new house. When the construction is finished, a dainty cottage will replace the trailer. 

 A cutscene will prompt as you walk into town from the bus stop after the house has been completed. You will witness Pam and Penny’s emotional bonding moment. In this scene, Pam asks Robin who helped build the house. You can either keep this good deed a secret or tell them you paid for their home. 

You will still get four full friendship hearts with Pam when you choose either of the options. The new house will already appear on the town map with an address of 2 River Road instead of Trailer. 


Pam is Thirsty Quest

When you become friends with Pelican Town’s villagers, you get to unlock quests that will spice up your game. These quests offer a fun and exciting chance to know the town’s villagers even more.

As for Pam, you can complete four quests and develop your friendship with her. These are the quests you can finish and rewards you’ll after: 

Pam is Thirsty 

This quest is quite simple to accomplish. You will receive a letter from Pam on the 14th of Summer. In this letter, she requests you to deliver her a Pale Ale. Once you finish this request, you get 350g and 1 Friendship heart as a reward. 

Pam Needs Juice

In Year 2, on the 19th of Fall, Pam will send you a letter asking for a battery pack. When you deliver her the battery pack, she’ll reward you with 400g and 1 Friendship heart. 

Help Wanted 

Like other villagers, Pam leaves notes and helps wanted signs in town. Sometimes, Pam may randomly request an item at the Wanted Help section on the board outside Pierre’s General Store. If you have the item and accomplish the task, you will receive a reward thrice for the item’s base value and 150 Friendship points. 

The Strong Stuff 

This quest is among Pam’s special order. She will ask you to bring in 12 Potato Juice at the Special Orders board during Spring for a reward of 3,000g and the FIBS television channel.

Heart Events

Pam Stardew Valley Nine Hearts Event

On Friendship points as rewards, you may have noticed that they turn into Friendship hearts. The number of Friendships hearts you had with a villager, in this case, Pam, will trigger special events in the game called heart event. 


At any friendship level greater than zero friendship points, you’ll receive a practical and quirky gift from Pam. She sends a battery pack, beer, and energy tonic in the mail. You’ll have a higher chance of receiving a gift in the mail as your friendship with Pam increases.

The note of the mail states: 


I found this in a drawer somewhere. Thought you could use it.


Three Hearts 

Once you reach three friendship hearts with Pam, she will send you a recipe in the mail. The Cheese Cauliflower recipe is one of her favorite meals prepared by his father. You will only need two ingredients to cook this meal, and that would be cauliflower and cheese.

In the note, she writes: 

Hey Kid,

Here’s the recipe for a little treat my pappy used to make. Cook it slow.


Seven Hearts

Once you reach seven friendship hearts with Pam by following her quests and giving her gifts, you’ll get a recipe in the mail again. It’s a recipe for a meal Pam and her father used to make together. It’s called Stuffing. To make this meal, you’ll need three ingredients: bread, cranberries, and hazelnut. 

Just like the previous note she left, it reads:  

Hey Kid,

Here’s the recipe for a little treat my pappy used to make. Cook it slow.


Nine Hearts

When you complete the purchase for the Community Upgrade from the Carpenter’s Shop, this heart event triggers. After earning nine friendship hearts with Pam, you need to enter Pam’s house at least four days after the Community Upgrade is completed. 

You will notice Pam praying before a Sign of the Vessel statue. She tells you that she loves the new house. However, Pam hasn’t cut back on her day drinking. She mentions that she thought the new home would change her, but it didn’t. This is why she ordered the statue; she looks at you and waits for your response.

You’ll choose between two options: 

  • “I’m glad you’re feeling hopeful.” 

This answer will result in no positive or negative effect on your friendship status with Pam. She says she’s “getting sappy” in her old age, and the cutscene ends.

  • Sorry Pam, but Yoba isn’t real. (-1000 friendship.)

This causes Pam to be angry and declares her faith in Yoba before ordering you to leave.

Best Gifts for Pam

Stardew Valley Beer

If you want to build your relationship with Pam, it is best to do it through gifts. There are many excellent items to give to her. However, she’s quite a picky receiver. So, you can up your gift-giving game by knowing her favorite things.

Well, it’s easy to find out which items are Pam’s favorite (*coughs anything with alcohol will do.) You can quickly max out your friendship level with Pam when you give her any of these gifts on her “love list.” Also, remember to wrap her a present on her birthday on Spring 18. 

When Pam gets these gifts, she’ll scream in joy, saying, “Hey, hey! Now, this is really something! Thanks a million, kid.”


Beer is an Artisan good made from the Keg using Wheat. It usually takes 1750 minutes or roughly 29 hours (game time) to finish making beer. So, if you own a Keg, you can easily create and age the beer on your own.

Pam loves to get a high-quality and well-aged beer. So if you’re in a hurry to increase those friendship points, don’t be shy to give an iridium-star beer. 

If you don’t have a Keg at the moment, it’s also not a problem. You can score one for 400 gold at the Stardrop Saloon. It’s also available in the Ginger Island Resort, but at a relatively higher price of 500g. Aside from that, you can also receive this as a gift at the Feast of the Winter Star.

Cactus Fruit

You can easily find the Cactus Fruit when you are out foraging in the Calico Desert. However, if you hate scouring the desert just to find one, you can also buy it at the Oasis on Tuesdays for 150g. Sometimes, it’s also available at the Travelling Cart for 225 to 1000g. 

A Cactus Fruit can also be grown from Cactus Seeds. A fruit grown the cactus seeds gives you a Tiller Profession bonus. So, if you have a knack for growing plants on your farm, you can plant one yourself and harvest the fruits when it is ripe. 

Glazed Yams

Pam loves cooking. She is an incredible cook herself. That’s why she appreciates good home-cooked meals like Glazed Yams. This cooked dish is prepared using either the kitchen inside an upgraded farmhouse or a Cookout Kit. 

You can obtain the recipe from watching The Queen of Sauce on the 21st of Fall, Year 1. To make the dish, you’ll need yam and sugar. Glazed Yams may also randomly appear in Krobus’ shop on Saturdays or in the Stardrop Saloon’s seasonal and rotating inventory. 


Because Pam likes alcohol, it’s no surprise that she wants to receive Mead. This artisan good is made from placing honey inside the Keg for 10 hours (in-game time). If you don’t have a keg, you can buy one at the Ginger Island Resort for 800g. 

Unlike wine and juice, the value of the Mead isn’t influenced by the quality of honey used. Aside from making and buying Mead, you can get it for free from the bar in the Pirate Cove.

You only need to speak to the bartender while wearing a Pirate Hat, Deluxe Pirate Hat, or Eye Patch. While you can do this for free, you’re only limited to one glass of Mead per night. 

Pale Ale

Gifts for Pam

This is one of Pam’s favorite beverages; she even personally requested Pale Ale on one of her quests. This artisan good is made out of Hops and processed inside the Keg for 2250 minutes or 37.5 hours (in-game time.) 

Pale Ale has the second-highest profit per day of any crop used in the Keg and takes less time than other crops. However, if you don’t have a keg, you can purchase Pale Ale from JojaMart for only 60g if you have a membership or 75g if you don’t. 


If you want to impress Pam, gifting her a Parsnip will do the trick. This spring tuber is closely related to the carrot. Many villagers, like Pam, are fond of its earthy taste and nutritional value.

You can plant and grow this vegetable crop on your farm and harvest it for four days. You can make a lot of healthy and delectable dishes with Parsnip, such as Parsnip Soup and Farmer’s Lunch. 

Parsnip Soup 

This cooked dish can be prepared and made either inside the kitchen of an upgraded house or through a cookout kit. You can only make the Parsnip Soup once you obtain the recipe from Caroline. You can get the recipe after you reach three friendship hearts with her. 

But if you haven’t reached that level, you can still get your hands on a Parsnip Soup at Krobus’ Shop on Saturdays. But be reminded that the stocks on the shop change ever so often that most items show up randomly. 

Piña Colada

You can only purchase this drink from Gus’ bar for 600h when he visits the Ginger Island Beach Resort. You cannot cook, craft, or obtain Piña Colada in any other way. 

Pam’s Most Hated Gifts

Angry Pam

Always remember that there’s a hierarchy when it comes to gift-giving. You got to be familiar with the gifts they love, like, dislike, and hate. That’s why we came up with this list so you’ll get to know and avoid Pam’s most hated gifts. 

When she receive any of the gifts on the list, she’ll sarcastically say, “Now this is just absolutely despicable. (Is this some kind of mean joke?).”

  • All Universal Hates
  • Holly
  • Octopus 
  • Squid


Question: What does Pam like in Stardew Valley?

Answer: When it comes to gifting, Pam has a specific taste for her likes. She’s definitely hard to please and is among the very few villagers who particularly hates less than three things in specific. Here’s a list of everything that Pam likes: 
• All Universal Likes
• All Fruits (except Cactus Fruit) 
• All Milk 
• Daffodil 

Question: How Do You Get Pam a House in Stardew Valley?

Answer: You only need to visit Robin’s Carpenter shop and request her for a Community Upgrade that will let you buy a house for Pam. Robin will be more than happy to refurbish their trailer for three days. After that, you can watch a cutscene of Pam and Penny’s reaction to their new lovely home. 

Question: What Can You Do to Help Pam Get Her Job Back?

Answer: Before the local bus broke down, Pam was the town’s local bus driver. You can help her get her job back by fixing the bus. All you need to do is complete the Community Center bundle for the bus repair. You can also visit the JojaMart route and buy the bus repair for a gold equivalent. 

Question: Is Pam a Bad Mother to Penny?

Answer: Pam might not be physically abusive to Penny, but she has been causing her daughter emotional pain and neglect. For many players, her attitude towards Penny is downright inexcusable. However, she always tries her best to acknowledge and change her behavior for the better. 

Question: Should You Tell Pam You Bought Her House?

Answer: It’s definitely up to you! If you want to be modest, you can keep it anonymous. Though Pam’s response depends on whether or not you tell her you bought the house for her. 
If you kept it anonymous, Pam would say that whoever built her the house must be an absolute angel, to which Robin jokingly disagrees.
On the other hand, Pam will feel quite demeaned and indebted if you choose to tell her you were the one who bought the house. She even thinks of a way she could repay you for your good deed.

Pam Stardew Valley Guide: Bottom line

Whether you like Pam or not, she’s definitely a lovely friend to have. She might be an alcoholic junkie who is set to ruin her life through her substance abuse, but she can be a good friend to you. Pam isn’t the best mother to Penny, and she wants to change that. 

While challenging, she tried her best to stop drinking when she got her job and house all sorted out. She can offer sound advice and even share tips on being an excellent angler. Her stern and aggressive look may be off-putting and intimidating, yet she’s a thoughtful friend as she gives you some of her favorite recipes. 

If you want to make friends with Pam in the game, we hope this comprehensive guide has helped you get to know her character. Cheers! 

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