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Stardew Valley Pale Ale Guide

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In the wonderful world of Stardew Valley, there are so many options when it comes to crafting Artisan goods that are loved by most, hated by few, and are even beneficial to the Community Centre or your story progression!

Alcoholic beverages are a unique experience within the game as it is definitely not helpful for you on a personal level as it offers no advantage and, in fact, the disadvantage you by applying a tipsy buff which unsurprisingly slows you down!

Nevertheless, much as within life, Pale Ale and other in-game alcohols are an easy way to connect with others and give a simple gift, so let’s get into this Stardew Valley Pale Ale Guide!

Bottom Line Up Front

Pale Ale is an alcoholic beverage that is very popular among the residents of Pelican Town. Pale Ale is needed to complete the ”Pam is Thirsty Quest” which rewards you with 350g and one friendship heart between you and Pam.

Once this is done, Pale Ale is a great gift and is liked by everyone in Stardew Valley, with the exception of Pam, who loves Pale Ale. The children in Stardew Valley understandably hate Pale Ale, and for some reason, Sebastian does too!

Pale Ale cannot be bought in Pelican Town and so can take some time to create. To create one Pale Ale, one Hops should be placed in a Keg and left for 1-2 days to become Pale Ale. To get Hops, you can purchase the Hops Starter from Pierre’s General Store for 60g, which will produce Hops eleven days after being planted in Summer.

If you do not wish to gift Pale Ale, it can be sold at a basic quality level for 300g, while silver quality level Pale Ale sells for 375g and 450g at a gold level and 600g for Iridium quality Pale Ale.

It is important to know that consuming Pale Ale will apply a Tipsy Buff as it is an alcoholic drink, which will reduce your speed by one point. The same buff is applied if you consume Beer or Mead. Therefore while it makes a great gift, I would not recommend consuming Pale Ale yourself, especially if you are in a hurry.

How to Get Pale Ale

Stardew Valley Pale Ale

Creating Pale Ale

Pale Ale cannot be purchased within Pelican Town and so can be seen as a labor of love. In order to create the Pale Ale, you will need;

  • A Keg
  • Hops

In order to create this, though, you need to first reach Farming level eight in order to receive the blueprint for the Keg. Once you have this, you will then need 30x Wood, 1x Copper Bar, 1x Iron Bar, and 1x Oak Resin.

Once you have crafted your Keg, you will need Hops in order to create Pale Ale. One Hops will create one Pale Ale after 37.5 hours.

Increasing Pale Ale’s Quality

If you have a Cask, you can increase the quality of your Pale Ale. In order to get the recipe for the Cask, you need to purchase the highest available Farmhouse upgrade.

Doing so will provide you with the Blueprint for a Cask and then will require 20x Wood and 1x Hardwood. Casks will not work unless they are placed in the Cellar of the Farmhouse, which is why it is only available with this final upgrade.

The Cask can be used to increase the quality of Beer, Cheese, Goat Cheese, Mead, Pale Ale, and Wine.

Uses for Pale Ale

Stardew Valley Pale Ale

Pale Ale as a Gift

Who doesn’t love Pale Ale?! Very few as it happens, making Pale Ale the perfect easy gift for almost anyone within Pelican Town, so if you are eager to make friends (and perhaps a little lazy), I would recommend getting some Pints in!

Everyone within Pelican Town likes Pale Ale. This is with the exception of Pam, who loves Pale Ale (hardly surprising given her somewhat concerning story arc). Given its alcoholic content, it should also be no surprise to anyone that the children in Stardew Valley hate Pale Ale, and therefore you should not gift Pale Ale to Jas, Leo, or Vincent.

Pale Ale is also hated by Penny (again hardly surprising given the relationship between her and Pam and both of their relationships to alcohol which is somewhat troubling). The wildcard is Sebastian, who also hates Pale Ale but for a less apparent reason, who knows why!? Perhaps he is too introverted and focused on his hobbies to want to frequent Bars (Even the infamous Stardrop Saloon)

Pale Ale in Quests

Pale Ale is only needed in one Quest, and unsurprisingly this Quest is between yourself and Pam, and the details are below;

  • Pam Is Thirsty Quest; In this Quest, Pam requests one Pale Ale from you via the mail on the 14th of Summer. Fulfilling this Quest rewards you not only with money (you receive 350g) but also one friendship heart between you and Pam

Pale Ale in Tailoring

Pale Ale is not only an excellent gift and a method of making friends; it can also be used in Tailoring. Pale Ale can be used within the Sewing Machine in order to create a Black Leather Jacket.

In order to create this, you will need not only Pale Ale but also some Cloth. The Black Leather Jacket does not offer a buffer like other items within the game, such as jewelry; it simply makes you look a badass – which may even be beneficial when it comes to pursuing your romantic relationships!

If you are unsure how to get Cloth, you should not panic as there are a lot of ways to get this! Such as;

  • Recycling Machine;¬†Placing Soggy Newspaper in the Recycling Machine will provide Cloth. This will take one hour to process. The blueprint for the Recycling Machine is provided to you once you reach Fishing Level 4, and you will need 25x Wood, 25x Stone, and 1x Iron Bar.
  • Loom; You can use Wool in the Loom in order to create Cloth. Once Wool is placed in the Loom, it will take four hours to process and will provide 1x Cloth. In order to create the Loom, you need to first reach Farming level seven to receive the blueprint. Once you have received the blueprint for the Loom, you will need 60x Wood, 30x Fibre, and 1x Pine Tar.
  • Attacking Mummies; Mummies can be found in the Skull Cavern in the Desert. When Mummies are defeated, they may drop Cloth.
  • Trading;¬†You can trade three Aquamarine for one piece of Cloth every Wednesday between you and the Desert Trader.

Pale Ale in Bundles

Bundles can be completed within the Community Centre in order to receive rewards. Although none of the traditional Bundles within the Community Centre require Pale Ale, you will need Pale Ale if you choose to remix the Bundles in the Community Centre. The remixed Brewers Bundle also requires;

  • 1x Mead
  • 1x Pale Ale
  • 1x Wine
  • 1x Juice
  • 1x Green Tea

The reward for completing the Brewer’s Bundle is 1x Keg.


Question: Where can I get Pale Ale in Stardew Valley?

Answer: Within Pelican Town, Pale Ale cannot be purchased. To create Pale Ale, you will need a Keg and some Hops. One Hops can be placed inside a Keg in order to create one Pale Ale within 1-2 days. If you haven’t yet got a Keg, you can receive one by reaching farming level eight, and you will then need 30x Wood, 1x Copper Bar, 1x Iron Bar, and 1x Oak Resin to create the Keg.

Question: How Much does Pale Ale Sell For?

Answer: At a base level, Pale Ale sells for 300g, while at a silver quality level, it sells for 375g and 450g at a gold level quality and 600g at an iridium level quality.

Question: How do You Get Hops in Stardew Valley?

Answer: Hops can be grown in Summer once you plant a Hops Starter, which can be purchased from Pierre’s General Store for 60g and takes 11 days to grow.

Stardew Valley Pale Ale Guide: Summary

Pale Ale is a great gift for others, especially if you want to make friends within Pelican Town! As it is so well-liked, it’s easy to make in batches and gift this to almost everyone you see (Except Children, Penny, and Sebastian). I would not recommend consuming Pale Ale yourself as it offers no advantage and, in fact, slows you down!

Once you have completed the ”Pam is thirsty” Quest, if you have leftover Pale Ale, you can either gift these or sell them on! If you have Pale Ale at basic quality, this can be improved with the use of a Cask if you are patient and have time which I would recommend as it is a stronger revenue of income as they sell for much more money as the quality increases.

To improve the quality of the Pale Ale, however, you will need the maximum available upgrade for your Farmhouse to unlock the Cellar as the Cask can only be placed in the Cellar.

Pale Ale is an interesting and popular item in Pelican Town, however, it can take a lot of time and energy to create and so if your main use of Pale Ale is to gift in order to make friends, it might just be easier to get some Beers in the Stardrop Saloon (which gives extra points for laziness as all the residents hang out there at night and you can gift these out so quickly and easily).

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