Wizard Stardew Valley Guide

Wizard Stardew Valley Guide

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Stardew Valley is an amazing place to be! Think of it as a luxury resort, where you can live in a beautiful cabin, and you can spend your days fishing, farming, tending to your garden, exploring, chatting with others, and even drinking in the bar.

You can also spend your evenings wandering through Pelican Town, getting to know its residents, making some good friendships along the way, and potentially a relationship! There are a lot of amazing residents in Stardew Valley who make great companions; as you get to know the residents, you will learn more and more about them!

Stardew Valley never fails to amaze me; there are a lot of things that you could play the game forever for and yet never realize are in the game! While the regular residents of Pelican Town are of their right interesting and unique, there are some extra special or extra spooky residents who are particularly interesting.

Of course, we have monsters who are quite adorable, such as Krobus and the Dwarf. They have the unique histories of their species and, in the case of the Dwarf, their unique language! I have always been a big fan of Krobus, who is adorable and kind! Another unique and mysterious resident of Pelican Town is the Wizard!

What We Know About the Wizard

The Wizard lives in his Tower, which you can find to the far West of the Cindersap Forest. The Wizard’s birthday is on the 17th of Winter, and he could truly be any age, even hundreds of years old, as he is a Wizard after all. He was once married to the Witch, but they are now divorced and not on good terms, it seems!

How to Meet the Wizard

You cannot meet the Wizard until you are invited by him via letter. The letter will arrive in the post the day after you explore the Community Centre and attempt the read the scroll, which you cannot understand. You will then receive a letter from the Wizard, which asks that you come to visit him; after this, you can enter the Wizards Tower. When you do visit, the Wizard will grant you the ability to read the scrolls in the language of the Juminos.

What Does the Wizard Sell?

The Wizard sells items from his Tower. The Wizards Tower is open from 6 AM – 11 PM. You can only access the shop, however, by completing the Goblin Problem quest. In this quest, there is a Goblin that blocks the path to the Witches Hut, if you give the Goblin some Void Mayonnaise, he will step aside, and you can then enter the Witches Hut to get the Wizards missing ink. Once you return the ink to the Wizard, you will now be able to purchase buildings from the Wizard.

The following buildings can be purchased from the Wizard;

  • Gold Clock; This will prevent any fences on your farm from breaking down – however, it costs a staggering 10,000,000g!
  • Earth Obelisk; This acts as a permanent warp totem and can be placed on your farm to instantly warp you to the mountains whenever you want to go. Not only does this cost a whopping 500,000g, but you will also need
  • Jumino Hut; This works as a barn of sorts, but for Juminos, which help with the harvesting and quality of crops. This costs 20,000g and also needs 100x Fibre, 9x Starfruit, and 200x Stone.
  • Water Obelisk; This is another permanent warp totem that can be placed on your farm to transport you to the beach. This costs 500,000g and 5x Iridium Bars, 10x Clams, and 10x Corals.
  • Island Obelisk; This is a warp totem that you can use over and over again and, when used, will transport you to Ginger Island. To get this, you will need 1,000,000g, 10x Iridium Bars, 10x Dragon Teeth, and 10x Bananas.
  • Desert Obelisk; This is another Obelisk and so can immediately transport you to the Desert. If you want this, you will need 500,000g, 20x Iridium Bars, 10x Coconuts, and 10x Cactus Fruits.

The Wizards Basement

Once you reach four hearts in your relationship with the Wizard, you will then be able to go to the basement of the Wizard’s House, where you can change your appearance, your name, your gender, and even your favorite thing! This is done via what is called the Shrine Of Illusions, and you need to pay 500g each time you want to use it. In late gameplay, you can even use the basement to transport to the Witches Hut.

Gifts for the Wizard

If you want to get to know the Wizard and become his friends, you can present him gifts just like you can do with anyone else. Just like others, the Wizard has his likes and dislikes in terms of gifts.

If you gift the Wizard something that he loves, you will be rewarded with 80 friendship points, while a gift that he likes will provide 45 points and neutral gifts provide 20 points. If you give a gift that they dislike, you will lose 20 points, while giving a gift that they hate means that you will lose 40 points.

Gifts that the Wizard loves include;

  • Void Essence; You can get this by defeating Void Spirits in the Mines.
  • Solar Essence; You can get this by defeating Ghosts, Metal Heads, Squid Kids, Haunted Skulls, Blue Squids, Iridium Bats, and Mummy.
  • Super Cucumber; You can find this by fishing.
  • Purple Mushroom; You can get this by foraging in the Mines.

Gifts that the Wizard likes include;

  • All Geode Minerals
  • Quartz

The Wizard is neutral too;

  • All universal neutrals
  • All fruit; but not Salmonberry or Fruit Tree Fruit

The Wizard does not like;

  • All Eggs
  • All Milk
  • Daffodil
  • Salmonberry
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Hazelnut
  • Mushrooms; Chanterelle, Common, Morel, Magma
  • Dandelion
  • Slime
  • Leek
  • Ginger
  • Snow Yam
  • Holly
  • Winter Root

The Wizard only hates;

  • All universal hates

Movie with a magician?

You can also take the Wizard to a movie if you want to, although he is very picky! The Wizard loves the following films;

  • Mysterium

The Wizard is picky about films as he doesn’t like any other films but does dislike the following;

  • Wumbus
  • It Howls In The Rain
  • The Zuzu City Express
  • Journey Of The Prairie King
  • The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch
  • The Brave Little Sapling
  • Natural Wonders; Exploring Our Vibrant World

Thankfully, however, the Wizard is less picky when it comes to his snacks! Here are some snacks the Wizard loves;

  • Stardrop Sorbet
  • Star Cookie
  • Black Liquorice

The Wizard also likes;

  • Sour Slimes
  • Cotton Candy
  • Salmon Burger
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Jawbreaker
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Rock Candy

The Wizards Schedule

Thankfully this one is really easy! The Wizard never leaves his Tower!

Heart Events with the Wizard

There is only one main heart event with the Wizard, and this occurs at four hearts.

At four hearts: 

When you reach this milestone with the Wizard, you will be able to access the basement of Wizards Tower, where you can access The Shrine Of Illusions, where you can change your name, appearance, and gender!

Quests with the Wizard

There are a lot of quests that happen between you and the Wizard, such as;

  • ”Meet the Wizard”;  The morning after you visit the Community Centre for the first time and try to read the script in another language, you will get a letter from the Wizard asking you to come and see them. The Wizard then gives you a potion that lets you understand the language of the Juminos.
  • ”A Dark Reagent”; On the 12th of Winter, the Wizard sends you a letter where he asks for some Void Essence – If you complete this quest, you get 1000g and a friendship heart.
  • ”Staff of Power”; On the 5th of Winter in your second year, the Wizard sends you a letter asking for an Iridium Bar; if you complete the quest, you get 5000g and a friendship heart.
  • ”The Dark Talisman”; This only triggers when you reach the crossroads with the Community Centre or Joja Mart. When this happens, you trigger a cutscene at the Railroads, where the Wizard requests that you find a Dark Talisman. You then speak to Krobus, who lets you into the Mutant Bug Lair, where you will find the Talisman and bring it back to the railroad and place it on the artifact.
  • ‘Goblin Problem”; Once you have access to the Witches Swamp, you need to distract the Goblin guarding it with Void Mayonnaise so that you can go inside the Witches Hut, where you will find the Wizards missing ink and return it to him.


Question: Can you date the Wizard in Stardew Valley?

Answer: No, unfortunately, you cannot have a spooky relationship and date the Wizard as much as you would like to, I am sure.

Question: When is the Wizard’s birthday in Stardew Valley?

Answer: The Wizard’s birthday is on the 17th of Winter.

Question: What happened with the Wizard and the Witch in Stardew Valley?

Answer: We never really find out for sure! We know that they are divorced, and since he sends you to retrieve things from her house, I can only assume it did not end well.

Wizard Stardew Valley Guide: Summary

This should be everything that there is to know about the strange and elusive Wizard! He is for sure an interesting but weird character, and probably the most exciting thing about him is the gift of understanding the cute little Juminos!

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