how to get rabbit's foot in stardew valley

How to Get Rabbit’s Foot in Stardew Valley

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Getting a Rabbits Foot in Stardew Valley is certainly no easy task; luckily, there are various ways to do this, each varying in complexity and cost! The main options that you have are;

  • Purchasing (Travelling Cart)
  • Breeding (Purchasing a Deluxe Coop)
  • Defeating snakes (Visiting the Skull Cavern)

What is Rabbits Foot?

The phrase “exactly what it says on the Tin” has never been so apt, the Rabbits Foot is literally a foot of a Rabbit, and while I am a lifelong fan of Stardew Valley, this has never become less strange to me. As far as the game goes, the fact that my pet Rabbit can drop a Rabbit’s Foot at random and continue to function is definitely one of the more unique experiences.

The Benefits of Rabbit’s Foot

Rabbit's Foot

Rabbits Foot For A Bundle

The primary reason anyone initially seeks a Rabbits Foot in Stardew Valley is to complete the Enchanters Bundle in the Community Centre. The Enchanters Bundle can be found on the Bulletin Board and, in addition to the Rabbits Foot, also requires;

  • Pomegranate
  • Oaks Resin
  • Wine

Completing this Bundle alone will reward you five Gold Bars (a valuable reward). If you complete the entire Bulletin Board, you will receive 500 friendship points between you and every other platonic villager.

Rabbits Foot As A Gift

If you are keen to make friends, the Rabbits Foot is a real crowd-pleaser! It seems that everyone in Stardew Valley loves a Rabbit’s Foot. This means it can be great to use in order to develop your friendships or relationships, as it provides 80 friendship points.

This is true of everyone in Stardew Valley except Penny for some strange reason. I love connecting the dots in Stardew Valley and can imagine that maybe it has something to do with how unlucky Penny feels that her life is.

Other popular theories include that Penny had a pet Rabbit that died and that the reminder makes her sad, while others theorize that it represents her poor relationship with her mother (although that might be stretching things just a tad too far)

Rabbits Foot In Tailoring

A rather unconventional use for Rabbits Foot is to make a nice yellow/orange Shirt using the Sewing Machine (as long as you also have some spare cloth)

How do I get Rabbits Foot?

Getting a Deluxe Coop

Step One: Request a Coop

building a coop Stardew Valley

One of my favorite things to do in Stardew Valley is to visit local legend Robin, who can make anything you wish or dream of! Robin can also build any animal homes you need; without building the relevant animal home, you will not be able to get any animals!

If you are particularly keen on getting a Rabbit for your farm, you will need to visit Robin and request a Deluxe Coop, in return Robin will need the following items from you;

  • Wood (500 pieces)
  • Stone (200 pieces)
  • 20,000g coins

While I am sure you will be eager to run out and get your Rabbits, you will, unfortunately, have to wait until construction is done, which should take Robin two days to complete if you are upgrading from a Big Coop.

Step Two: Befriend Your Rabbit

Rabbits Foot in Farm Stardew Valley

Rabbits’ Feet are not a surefire thing like Eggs from Chickens or Milk from Cows. For a Rabbit to drop a Rabbit’s Foot (don’t get me started with how weird the whole sentiment is), you need to have luck, the fickle Mood of a Rabbit, and the power of Friendship on your side.

To gain your Rabbits friendship, you should;

  • Pet them regularly
  • Shear them
  • Let them graze outside

You should also avoid the following;

  • Forgetting to feed them
  • Leaving them outside during the night
  • Not petting them

You can check how close you are with your Rabbit by interacting with it after you pet it; when you do this, there will be a display of hearts out of a maximum of five hearts which indicates their closeness with you.

Step Three: Keep Your Rabbit Happy

Rabbit Stardew Valley

You need to have a good mood on your side to get a Rabbits Foot, some ways to improve their Mood include;

  • Allow them to explore outside
  • Petting them
  • Feeding regularly
  • Place a heater in their Coop

Similarly to Friendship, the following actions will make your Rabbit unhappy;

  • Leaving them outside overnight or past 7 PM
  • Forgetting to feed or pet them

Step Four: Wait and Wait

Even with all these things at play, you still need a degree of luck. While the chances of a Rabbit dropping its food seem completely unfathomable, there is actually an equation for it which is;

  • (Friendship +Mood x Mood Modifier)/5000 + Daily Luck

Travelling Cart

Travelling Cart Stardew Valley
Image from Fandom

If you are a little bit impatient like me (or perhaps just not very lucky, also like me), you can find a Rabbits Foot in the Travelling Cart! If you are not familiar with the Travelling Cart, you can find it in the Cindersap Forest (which is just to the left of Marnie’s house, which you can later visit to purchase your lovely Rabbits)

You will still need some patience, however, as the Travelling Cart only visits Stardew Valley on Fridays and Sundays; much like the General Store, it has its opening hours, which are between 9 AM and 8 PM. The Travelling Cart is unlike any other shop, as it does not have steady or predictable stock!

The items in the Travelling Cart change daily, adding to the mystery and excitement you ask me! Unfortunately for you, however, this does mean that it may take some time (and luck) to find a Rabbit’s Foot in the Travelling Cart. If you find one, you should be prepared to pay anywhere from 1,695g and 2,825g for it. It is the price we pay for convenience!

Skull Cavern

Rabbit's Foot In Skull Cavern Stardew

You can find the Rabbits Foot by defeating enemies in the Skull Cavern. If you have not unlocked the Skull Cavern yet, here is what you need to know!

Step One: Reach Level 120 in the Mines.

The Mines can be hard work, especially the further you go down as you are greeted with more spooky boys! Once you reach level 120 in the Mines, you will find a Skull Key.

Step Two: Visit the Desert.

Now that you have the key, you should visit the Desert; if you have never visited, don’t panic. It is nowhere near as difficult as progressing through the Mines; you simply take a bus!

Of course, nothing in Stardew Valley is that easy, and to unlock the Bus, you need to complete the Vault Bundles in the Community Centre, which include;

  • 2,500g Bundle (There is an individual reward of 3x Chocolate Cakes)
  • 5,000g Bundle (There is an individual reward of Quality Fertilizer x30)
  • 10,000g Bundle (The individual reward for this is a Lightning Rod)
  • 25,000g Bundle (The individual reward for this is a Crystalarium)

Step Three: Defeat Snakes

When Snakes randomly appear in the Skull Cavern, you have reason to be a little more excited now! This is because each time you defeat a Serpent, there is a 0.8% chance that, in return, it will drop a Rabbits Foot (although the odds are not great)

How to Get Rabbit’s Foot in Stardew Valley: FAQs

Question: How much does Rabbits Foot cost?

Answer: As prices in the Travelling Cart vary, you can expect to pay anywhere between 1,695g-2,825g.

Question: Can I cook with Rabbits Foot?

Answer: Rabbits Foot can not be used in any recipes.

Question: Does Rabbits Foot grant luck?

Answer: Contrary to assumption, no. In Stardew Valley, Rabbits Foot does not provide a Luck effect.

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