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I’ve written dozens of Stardew Valley character guides, and if you’ve read a couple of them— by now, you’d know that Stardew Valley is one of my favorite games.

The game highlights a relaxing setting that lets you journey through your ideal farm life fantasy while meeting different villagers. Sebastian is one of the marriage candidates you meet in Pelican Town. 

His character speaks to me; I’m a freelancer and a programmer by trade. It’s interesting how we have tons of similarities and how the raw honesty of his character is refreshingly relatable. I love the rain and enjoy playing games—be it board games, DnD, or video games.

I’m an adventurous, fun-loving person who recently learned how to ride a motorcycle. Perhaps, the only thing I couldn’t relate with Sebastian is being a complete shut-in. Well, I’m sure a lot of folks could find themselves in Sebastian’s character. 

Do you want to know more facts and interesting details about him? In this Sebastian Stardew Valley guide, I will share interesting facts about Sebastian, including his favorite gifts, schedule, heart events, and relationships. 

Bottom Line Up Front

Sebastian is one of the 12 villagers you can build a relationship with and potentially marry in Pelican Town. His family background is quite interesting since he comes from a blended family.

He grew up with a stepfather and a half-sister; his childhood wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. He’s particularly adventurous yet a shut-in geek—a walking paradox. 

Sebastian’s essentials: 

Sebastian is one tough man to woo; he isn’t a fan of any foraged items. This can be a challenging early game. However, witnessing his personality blossom over time makes you beam with blissful happiness. He’s among the most popular marriage options because what’s not to love about him? 

  • Nickname: Sebby
  • Birthday: Winter 10
  • Home Location: 24 Mountain Road, The Mountain
  • Family: Robin (Mother), Demetrius (Step-Father), Maru (Half-Sister)
  • Friends: Abigail and Sam
  • Clinic Visit: Summer 4
  • Night Market Visit: Winter 16th
  • Occupation: Freelance Programmer
  • Marriage: Yes

Sebastian: Appearance, Personality, and Hobbies

sebastian stardew valley appearance, personality and hobbies


Sebastian’s fashion sense and appearance are uniquely different compared to the rest of Pelican Town—it’s one thing you’d quickly notice about him. His punk-emo style stands outs from the rest of the crowd. That’s why he’s probably a popular bachelor. 

At a glance, you’d easily notice his asymmetrical hair and jagged bangs. Concerned Ape seems to enjoy playing with the bachelor’s hairstyle since Sebastian isn’t the only bachelor with such complicated, fancy-looking hair (notice Sam’s or Elliot’s.) 

It’s interesting how his whole personality exudes from his look. His emo look definitely formed my first impressions about him—and I was somehow right! He has this piercing, snobbish glare that makes you think he prefers being alone. 

His outfit is nothing spectacular, but it suits him well. I love his black hoodie and would wear it too. When he’s out on the beach, Sebastian wears a plain white t-shirt. He looks so neat; his whole vibe changes by removing his hoodie. 

Unlike other characters, Sebastian’s looks didn’t drastically change. However, there are still slight iterations of his appearance. Though, one thing remains constant: his emo-styled hair. 


Sebastian is a dark, brooding character who loves his own company. He isn’t entirely shy but rather anti-social. Despite being friends with Abigail and Sam, he would rather spend his free time without them. 

His work fits his attitude; He’s a freelance programmer, which means he doesn’t have to physically go to work and deal with nosy workmates. The more you get to know him, the more you’d realize that his self-isolation and social anxiety stem from his rough childhood. 

As an emo, he isn’t the guy that would sweep you off your feet. However, he treats you right and warms your heart with his thoughtful words. 


Because of his self-isolating tendencies, you’d find Sebastian in his mother’s basement most often. His friends, Sam and Abigail, usually come to visit and hang out with him in his room.

However, he loves to spend most of his time deeply absorbed in his work. It’s pretty difficult for him to have a work-life balance, considering most of the people around him don’t value his work schedule at home. 

When he’s done with work, he is the biggest geek—playing his favorite computer games and reading comic books. While he seems like a wimpy emo geek, he has a cool hobby: riding a motorcycle! I was kinda surprised to know that he has big bikes. 


sebastian stardew valley relationships

Sebastian’s family life is the most unique in Pelican Town. He’s living in the basement with his mother, Robin, stepdad Demetrius, and half-sister, Maru. While he lives with them, he feels completely withdrawn.

He also feels that Maru is favored and treated better compared to him. It seems like his stepfather hasn’t developed a positive relationship with him. 

You’d easily think that Sebastian has no friends because he’s a loner. However, he’s incredibly close with Sam and Abigail. The boys hang out at The Stardrop Saloon or play games in either of their rooms. 

During festivals, Abigail and Sebastian stand beside each other; you can quickly infer that he has a slight crush on Abigail. If you don’t invite Abigail or Sebastian to the Flower Dance, they’ll pair up and dance with each other. 

Best Gifts for Sebastian

It’s no secret that Sebastian can be unfriendly to strangers. However, you can befriend Sebastian by spoiling him with gifts—he’s a hard pleaser; there’s no sugarcoating in it! He doesn’t have an exhaustive list of well-loved gifts. Most of the items on the list are even hard to obtain as it is. 

In the next section, let’s explore the best gifts you can give Sebastian. When you give him any of these gifts, he will enthusiastically smile and say, “I really love this. How did you know?”

Frozen Tear

Frozen Tear is a mineral that can be obtained in several ways. You can forage them in The deep in The Mines from floors 40 to 79. Interestingly, you can also collect them from slain Dust Sprites, but this might rarely happen (2% chance.) If you’re in luck, you can find them inside a Fishing Treasure Chest. 

Aside from that, they are commonly found by panning or through breaking Frozen Geodes and Omni Geodes. Frozen Tear is among the items you can obtain in a Garbage Can—only once you’ve reached the bottom of The Mines. When you befriend the Wizard at any friendship level greater than zero, he’ll send you one through the mail. 


Sebastian seems to be fascinated by minerals. His second well-loved item is Obsidian. It is only found inside Magma Geodes and Omni Geodes. This can’t be bought or foraged, which makes it hard to acquire.

Pumpkin Soup

Do you love cooking? Well, you don’t have to scour some geodes and go to The Mines to impress Sebastian. Pumpkin Soup is one of his favorite dishes. It’s no surprise that her mother, Robin, owns the recipe. 

You need to reach seven hearts with Robin to acquire the recipe. It only requires two ingredients: x1 milk and x1 pumpkin. You can prepare it using an upgraded farmhouse kitchen or through a cookout kit. 

Running low on the needed ingredients? You can also purchase this dish from the Traveling Merchant’s booth for only 250 at the Festival of Ice. It’s also available in the Stardrop Saloon’s rotating stock; Krobus’ shop also sells this randomly. 


Sashimi is another cooked dish for Sebastian’s liking. This is probably the easiest item you can give him. You can make this dish with Linus’ recipe after reaching three hearts. You can prepare this in the kitchen or cookout kit like any other dish. The best thing about this dish is its ingredients—you can make it with any fish! 

Like the Pumpkin Soup, you can also purchase it on The Stardrop Saloon’s rotating stock or in Krobus’ shop. 

Void Egg

There are only two villagers who love Void Egg—everyone else in town hates it! Sebastian happens to love it. This animal product can be obtained from a Void Chicken. You can also get one through a random event involving a witch, but the chance of this happening is extremely rare. 

If you have enough gold, you can easily buy one from Krobus’ shop for 5,000g. 

Sebastian’s Most Hated Gifts

stardew valley sebastian’s most hated gifts

Always remember that giving gifts in Stardew Valley should always be intentional—not an afterthought! Notice how little Sebastian’s favorite items are; that’s also the same for his most hated items. You’d only have to remember four things, and you’re good. Here’s the list: 

  • Clay 
  • Complete Breakfast
  • Farmer’s Lunch
  • Omelet 

However, he has an exhaustive list of items he dislikes. You could quickly notice that these items are obtained through foraging all year round. Unlike Leah, Sebastian doesn’t want to receive the following: 

  • Chanterelle
  • Common Mushroom
  • Daffodil
  • Dandelion
  • Ginger
  • Hazelnut
  • Holly 
  • Leek 
  • Magma Cap
  • Morel
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Snow Yam
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Winter Root


Most of Sebastian’s heart events are time-specific, so understanding his schedule could help build your relationship with him. He often stays indoors, lurking in his basement room. This only means that he might not be hard to find. However, he also loves roaming around town, especially when it’s raining. 

Here’s his schedule during different seasons: 

Spring, Summer, and Winter

He stays in bed late in the morning and starts his day working on his computer. At around 3 PM, he goes to the kitchen for a late lunch. He returns to his room and stays on the computer until 4:10 PM. You’d find him smoking in the nearby lake late in the afternoon. Sebastian doesn’t stay awake past 9:30 PM.

On the weekends, he spends time with Sam for the rest of the day. You see him lounging in Sam’s house, or Sam is. Sebastian goes home at around 9:40 PM. 

Unlike other villagers, he roams the town when it’s raining. You can find him on the boardwalk, pier, or near the fishing shop for the rest of the day. 


As usual, Sebastian wakes up at 10:30 AM and starts his day working on his computer. However, he spends most of his time outdoors during the Fall. He leaves at noon and visits the lake or the mines for the whole afternoon. He leaves The Mines entrance and walks toward the lake close to the bridge to smoke at 3:30 PM. 

After his day out in the wild, he returns home at 4:00 PM and eats an early dinner. He goes back to work on his computer from 6:00 PM until 9:30 PM. 

Sebastian still spends the most time with Sam on weekends, where they play pool in The Stardrop Saloon or lounge at Sam’s house. 

Heart Events

sebastian stardew valley heart events

Two Hearts

You can only trigger the two hearts event when you visit Sebastian in his room. You’ll notice him busy working on his computer. He tells you to wait while he completes his work.

You can either pick: 

  • Leave since he is busy. 
  • Stay and wait for him to talk to you. 

Whatever your choice is, he’ll quickly finish his work and apologize for making you wait. You’ll be prompted with dialogue options that won’t affect your friendship with him. Choose between: 

  • Ask him what’s keeping him busy.

Sebastian says, matter-of-factly, that he is a freelance programmer and works from home.

  • Praise his room decor.  

He is surprised by your compliment and mentions that he’s been sticking posters on his walls. 

Before you continue the conversation, Sebastian receives a notification from Sam to hang out with him. 

However, Sebastian isn’t really feeling it today; he says he would rather stay home. His mother enters the room and informs him that Abigail is also looking for him. Sebastian asks her whether she told Abigail that he was working, and she does. 

With a resigned sigh, Sebastian blurts that nobody seems to take his job seriously—which annoys him. 

To add to the conversation, you can either ask him about: 

  •  His plans and career goals. 

It’s quite interesting to hear Sebastian’s thoughts. He tells you about his plans to move to the city and opens up about his chosen profession. 

According to Sebastian, being a freelance programmer lets him work without being a part of the corporate rat race. It also confirms that he’d rather work alone on a computer than deal with colleagues face-to-face. 

  • His relationship with his friends

Whenever you choose this, Sebastian will emphasize that he likes having friends. However, he does not want to see his friends everytime. He says he needs time alone too, yet Sam is too clingy. He stops sharing and tells you he needs to finish work. 

Either of your choices in this conversation doesn’t impact your friendship level with Sebastian. 

Four Hearts

Sebastian’s Four Hearts event is quite surprising. You must go to The Mountain anywhere from 11 AM to 5 PM to trigger the event. 

You’ll find Sebastian working on a motorcycle in the garage. I never thought of him as a big bike aficionado, but he apparently is—in fact, he owns one. He starts sharing that he loves going on long rides alone and suggests taking you with him one day. 

Six Hearts

This is my favorite Heart Event from Sebastian! You need to visit his room to prompt the event. You’ll find him sitting with Sam on the table and inviting you to play Solarion Chronicle: The Game with them. It’s a role-playing game, like DnD, which is one of my personal GOAT games.  

Before the game starts, Sebastian shares the mechanics where you’d be scored from A to D, depending on your performance. First, you get to pick your archetype. You have three choices, none of which affect your friendship level/ score in the game. 

  • Warrior
  • Healer
  • Wizard

To ace a perfect A, you need to pick the best moves in the choices. There’s a sequence you must follow, and I’ll let you figure that out—what’s the fun in telling you the right moves? Though, here’s a clue: Always enter the front door! Don’t worry, whether you scored an A or D, your friendship level with him won’t be affected.

Eight Hearts

Sebastian’s Eight Hearts event is one that tugs your heartstrings. You can trigger the event by going to the beach from noon to 11 PM on a rainy day. Sebastian is among the few villagers who don’t falter when it rains. You’ll find him standing on the boardwalk; he’s quite surprised to see you since it’s raining. 

Sebastian expresses that he’s anxious to be around many people but doesn’t feel that when he’s with you. He takes out an umbrella and holds it over you. 

Ten Hearts

sebastian stardew valley art

Remember when Sebastian suggested he’d take you on a ride? It’s happening in his Ten-Hearts event. Go to The Mountain from 8 PM to midnight. You’ll find Sebastian outside his house, where he will take his big bike for a ride. 

He will tell you to join him; both of you drift to the bright moonlight. You’ll find yourself on a cliff, gazing at the Zuzu City skyline. He shares that this place is special since he visits it to think about his life. 

If your character is female, he tells you that he doesn’t usually bring girls here. On the other hand, he admits that he hasn’t felt this way about a guy until you. He smokes a cigarette while asking what you think about the view. You get to respond between four options—which doesn’t affect your friendship with him. 

After your heartwarming conversation, he confesses his true feelings for you and pulls you into a romantic kiss. 

Fourteen Hearts

The Fourteen-Hearts event is a revelation for Sebastian’s character. It’s the full circle of his character development from an angsty emo geek into a soft and caring person. You can trigger it if you go to The Mountain on a rainy day between 6 AM and 7 PM. 

Sebastian stands near the lake and immediately notices you. He feels relieved that you’re around and asks for your help. 

Sebastian wants to save an injured frog, but it’s hiding in the bush. He requests you walk to the bush and shake it. This leads the frog to jump and run in Sebastian’s direction. He successfully catches and examines the frog. You can either say the following without any impact on your friendship level with him: 

  • “What should we do with him?” 
  • “It’s our new son…” 
  • “I don’t think he’s going to make it.” 
  • “Let’s nurse him back to health!” 

His response depends on your choice, but in the end, he decides to keep the frog and take it home. The second part of the event happens when you enter the farmhouse from 6:20 AM to 7 PM the next day. 

I immediately noticed how Sebastian’s Solarion Chronicles table is replaced with a terrarium. He further explains that he made the frog terrarium to keep the frog safe since it can’t survive in the wild any longer. He’s happy to see the frog in better shape, yet he wonders whether it’s lonely. You can tell him: 

  • “Why not start a ‘frog sanctuary’?” 

He’ll enthusiastically think of making a haven for frogs. It pleases him to think that you are supportive of his new hobby.

  • “He’ll be fine.” 

Sebastian couldn’t help but agree with the statement, yet he still wishes the frog to have a companion/friend. 

The conversation continues; you can pick either of these: 

  • “Why do you like frogs so much, anyway?”

He starts sharing that he gained interest and affinity for frogs by being out in the rain every so often. Sebastian highlights that frogs are always around to accompany him while he basks in the rain. 

  • “I don’t really want this in the house.” 

Whenever you choose this option, Sebastian stands firm in keeping the frog and tells you that he can do whatever he wants in the spouse’s room.

  • “I’m glad you’ve found a new hobby.”

He’s happy to find a physical hobby since he spends most of his time on his computer or desk. He expresses that he is considering frog breeding. 

Whatever choice you pick among the prompts would affect your friendship level with Sebastian. Once the event ends, his room permanently changes—the table is replaced with a terrarium containing frogs. 

Married Life

sebastian stardew valley married life

Sebastian will move into the farmhouse and live with you. He’ll add his own room (spouse room) next to your bedroom just like other marriage candidates. His love for big bikes flourishes as he sets up a small garage behind the farmhouse for his motorcycle.

He sometimes goes there to check and work on it. Sebastian is a sweet and caring husband; more than anything, he stands proud to be a dad—perfect if you want in-game kids. 

He might be the best gift giver, but Sebastian offers high-quality items too! He makes you coffee when he stays in the farmhouse all day. When married, he may also offer gifts such as Obsidian, Void Essence, Bat Wing, Frozen Tear, Amethyst, or Cave Carrot, which he’d found in the caves. 


Question: Is Sebastian a Good Husband in Stardew Valley?

Answer: Sebastian knows how to listen and genuinely cares about you. He might not give the best gifts after marriage, but his character development will leave you content with your choice! If you like kids, he’s the perfect dad material—Sebastian steps up to the role as any great father will.

Question: Why does Sebastian Live in the Basement?

Answer: Concerned Ape hasn’t really addressed this. However, fan theories and in-game dialogues dictate that Sebastian actually prefers the isolation of being in the basement. Still, it’s weird that he doesn’t get a proper room considering Robin is the town’s carpenter. 

Question: How do I Build a Good Relationship with Sebastian?

Answer: You can raise your friendship points with Sebastian by interacting with him every day. The best way to quickly build a good relationship with him is through gifting. Just remember which items are his favorites or hated items, and you’re on the right track. 

Sebastian Is More Than Your First Impression

Knowing Sebastian’s character feels like looking in the mirror. However, he’s definitely so much more than a geeky loner who stays in his mom’s basement. His character is extremely relatable—most Stardew Valley fans even consider him one of the best marriage candidates. 

His heart Events truly make you tear up as he shares his life and aspirations; it’s an intriguing coming-of-age story I’m all in for, and you’d be too. Thinking of making Sebby your life partner? I hope this guide helped you out!

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