Largemouth Bass Stardew Valley Guide

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Stardew Valley is renowned for its depth of choice when it comes to Skill paths, relationships, and customization. When I first saw the proud gamers of Stardew Valley sharing images of their Farms on Reddit, I knew I had to try it.

When I did, I was blown away by the potential depths of your relationships with others and the detailed storylines! I also loved that you were never forced to take one career path; you can develop as a Farmer, a Fisherman, a Miner, and a Forager!

Initially, I was a little intimidated by the Fishing path and avoided it, which I definitely regret! Fishing is a great option; not only is it a requirement to complete the Community Centre (which is a remarkable milestone), but it also provides a high income if you do it well! It can also help you develop your friendships with others, especially Willy and Linus.

The tricky part I found with Fishing is the different types of Fish and where they can be found, as well as the best times of day, seasons, and weather to find them in!

I highly recommend diving into the deep end and experimenting with Fishing if you have not already; not only is it prosperous I also find it incredibly relaxing, especially if you have some excess energy toward the end of the day or want to take a slow day!

Bottom Line Up Front

Largemouth Bass can be found in any season, any weather, between 6 am and 7 pm in the Mountain Lake. Although these can be gifted, they are not liked or loved by anyone and can be sold for 100g or used in order to create dishes which can, in turn, be consumed for health and Energy.

These include Maki Rolls, Crispy Bass, and Sashimi. In order to catch a Largemouth Bass, you only need a Fishing Rod and no further equipment (although you will still need Energy). If you are unsure where the Mountain Lake is, it can be found by the Mines and to the east of Linus’s tent.

Largemouth Bass can not be fished elsewhere but can sometimes be found in the Trash or purchased in the Travelling Cart for anywhere between 300g and 1000g (although this is a pricy option given that they sell for around 100g when they are of a basic quality) While they sell for 125g at the Silver level, 150g at Gold and 200g at Iridium level.

Types of Fish

Largemouth Bass Stardew Valley

Fish can be found in either Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, or Mines. All Fish (similar to Crops) have four potential ratings in terms of quality. Fish can be of basic quality (no star displayed), Silver (silver star displayed), Gold (gold star displayed), Iridium (iridium star displayed).

As your Fish move up the quality ranking, they are worth more to sell. Largemouth Bass, for example, sell for;

  • Basic quality; 100g
  • Silver quality; 125g
  • Gold quality; 150g
  • Iridium quality; 200g

How to Get a Largemouth Bass

Availability of Largemouth Bass

  • Season; Any
  • Time; 6 am – 7 pm
  • Weather; Any


Largemouth Bass can be found in the Mountain Lake. The Mountain Lake is the body of water to the East of Linus’s tent. You are slightly more likely to catch a Largemouth Bass in Spring and Fall than in Summer and Winter (Although this difference is marginal). This can only be caught between the hours of 6 am and 7 pm but can be caught in any weather.

In order to catch a Largemouth Bass, you will require a Fishing Rod and no extra equipment such as Crab Pots or Bait.

Garbage Cans

There is a slight chance of finding Largemouth Bass in the Garbage Cans throughout the Town, which can be searched once a day. However, I would not rely on this if you are eager to catch a Largemouth Bass for a Quest or Community Centre.

Travelling Cart

There is a Travelling Cart which appears on Fridays and Sundays to the south of the Cindersnap Forest until 8 pm. Here you can purchase a Largemouth Bass for 300-1000g.

Uses for Largemouth Bass

Crispy Bass Recipe

Largemouth Bass in Recipes

Largemouth Bass can also be used to create dishes such as;

  • Crispy Bass; This requires 1x Largemouth Bass, 1x Wheat Flour, and 1x Oil. If consumed, Crispy Bass can provide 90 Energy and 40 Health. In order to create this, however, you first require the recipe for Crispy Bass, which is provided by Kent in the mail once you reach three friendship hearts. Consuming this also provides a magnetism buff for seven minutes which helps you auto collect items. You could also sell the Crispy Bass dish for 150g
  • Maki Roll; This requires 1x Fish, 1x Seaweed, and 1x Rice. If consumed, Maki Roll can provide 100 Energy and 45 Health. To get the recipe for this, you can purchase it at the Saloon or through the Queen of Sauce TV channel in your home. This can be sold for 220g.
  • Quality Fertiliser; This requires 1x Fish and 2x Sap. This offers no benefit as it is not meant for consumption but can instead be used to increase the chance of quality crops on your farm by placing it on the soil before crops are planted. In order to receive this recipe, you first need to unlock Farming level nine. This can be sold for 10g.
  • Sashimi; This requires 1x Fish. Consuming this provides 75 Energy and 33 Health. The recipe to create this is provided as a gift from Linus once you reach three friendship hearts. This can be sold for 75g.

Largemouth Bass as Gifts

Largemouth Bass may be given as a gift to other members of the Town. However, it is essential to know that no one likes or loves Largemouth Bass. Some residents are neutral to it, so although not the best gift choice, you could gift Demetrius, Elliot, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, or Willy.

Using Largemouth Bass in the Community Centre

Largemouth Bass can be donated to the Lake Fish Bundle in the Fish Tank section of the Community Centre, which provides a reward of one Spinner to assist you with your Fishing.

If you choose to Remix the Bundles within the Community Centre, you will require 1x Gold Largemouth Bass to complete the Quality Fishing Bundle for the reward of one 1x Dish O The Sea.

Largemouth Bass and Tailoring

Largemouth Bas can be placed in the Sewing Machine in order to create a Fishing Vest. This serves no function or purpose and is purely aesthetic.

Largemouth Bass and Your Pond

Largemouth Bass can be placed inside your Fish Pond; once this is done, the Largemouth Bass will reproduce every three days as well as produce Roe. Roe can, in turn, be sold onwards or used in order to create Artisan Goods such as Aged Roe or Caviar. The Largemouth Bass which are reproduced can be used as Gifts to create Recipes or sold for 100g.

Largemouth Bass and Quests

Largemouth Bass Stardew Valley

Largemouth Bass is sometimes required to complete Quests such as ;

  • ”Fish Casserole’‘; Jodi requests 1x Largemouth Bass, and once this is provided, you are rewarded with a cutscene between you and Jodi at her home
  • Item Deliveries; 1x Largemouth Bass may be requested on the Help Wanted board outside Pierre’s; once this is provided, you have rewarded 300g and 150 Friendship Points.


Question: Where Can I Catch a Largemouth Bass?

Answer: The Largemouth Bass can be found in the Mountain Lake (Near the Mines to the east of Linus’s tent). As long as you bring your Fishing Rod, you should be able to catch these quite easily between 6 am and 7 pm in any weather or season. However, you are slightly more likely to find them in Spring and Fall.

Question: What Do I Need to Catch a Largemouth Bass?

Answer: To catch a Largemouth Bass, all you need is your Fishing Rod, time, patience, and Energy! You do not need any special equipment such as Bait or attachments.

Question: What Can I Do with a Largemouth Bass?

Answer: Largemouth Bass can be sold for 100g at a base level; they can also be used to create Crispy Bass, Maki Roll, Sashimi, and Quality Fertilizer. Largemouth Bass can also be gifted to other members of the Town; however, they are tolerated rather than liked or loved and are only tolerated by Demetrius, Elliot, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy.

Largemouth Bass Stardew Valley Guide: Summary

Largemouth Bass have an essential role when it comes to Fishing, as they are required to complete the Community Centre, which is usually a key milestone and goal for most players. Once you donate the Largemouth Bass to the Community Centre, they can be sold or given as gifts.

They are pretty common, so the decision to either sell or gift really depends on what your motivations are at the time; if you want to develop friendships, they can be gifted (although they are not very well-liked) so maybe selling them or placing them in your pond is a better option!

Especially when placed in a pond, they reproduce, and the extras can then be sold! Happy Fishing!

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