Void Egg Stardew Valley Guide

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You may be reading this article because you have just met Krobus for the first time and are intrigued by the Void Egg, which you can buy from him, or perhaps you’ve seen or heard about the Void Egg from others.

Hatching your first Void Egg is an exciting moment I wish I could have again! There are other options for your Void Egg rather than hatching (although this is the most strategic decision, in my opinion). Your options and their benefits can be found within this Void egg Stardew Valley guide.

What is a Void Egg?

A Void Egg is a type of Egg that is given to you from a Void Chicken.

Where to Get a Void Egg?

Void Eggs can be obtained by purchasing one from Krobus for 5000g. Kobus is the game’s only monster who is friendly to you, and he runs a shop out of his home where you can purchase a range of items, including the Void Egg.

To purchase a Void Egg from Krobus, you must first unlock the Sewers as this is where Krobus lives. In order to unlock the Sewers (Located to the West of the Beach), you must locate the Sewer Key (Referred to as the Rusty Key in the game).

To obtain the Rusty Key, you must first donate sixty items to the Museum in the Town (This is located over the bridge to the northeast of the Beach). Once sixty items have been donated, the following day, you will have a cutscene with Gunther, who will come to your door and thank you and provide you with the Rusty Key.

Once you have the Key, you should take it to the Sewer cover in the town in order to unlock it; once you enter the Sewer, you can meet Krobus and purchase the Void Egg for 5000g.

Hatching a Void Egg

Void Egg

A Void Egg can be used to hatch a Void Chicken. In order to hatch the Void Chicken, you first require either the Big Coop or Deluxe Coop. In order to obtain either the Big Coop or Deluxe Coop, you first require the regular Coop, which can then be upgraded to the Big/Deluxe Coop.

All of these Coops come with an incubator in which a Void Egg can be placed; after placing a Void Egg in the incubator, it will hatch within five and a half days. It takes three days for the Void Chicken to mature and be able to produce Eggs. As long as you are feeding your Void Chicken every day, it will produce one Void Egg every day.

Use of Void Egg

If you choose to use the Void Egg as a product in other recipes or dishes, you can create Void Mayonnaise which can be sold or gifted to Krobus.

Void Mayonnaise

Void Mayonnaise can be created by using one Void Egg using a Mayonnaise Machine. If you do not already have a Mayonnaise Machine, you can create one, but you first need to gather 15x Wood, 15x Stone, 1x Earth Crystal, and 1x Copper Bar.

In order to obtain the crafting recipe for the Mayonnaise Machine by obtaining farming level two. Once these items are placed inside the Mayonnaise Machine, it will take three in-game hours to create one jar of Void Mayonnaise.

Obtaining Earth Crystal

Earth Crystals can be found in the Mines (In particular levels 1-39) by breaking down stones and nodes or can be found sitting on their own in the Mines. Earth Crystals may also be present in Geodes or Omni Geodes; if you find these in the Mines, you can take them to the Blacksmith to be processed for a fee of 25g.

Obtaining a Copper Bar

In order to make Copper Bars, you will need Copper Ore and Coal. Copper Ore can be obtained by breaking down Copper Nodes in the Mines using your Pickaxe.

Copper Nodes are easily identified as they look like Stones, but they have pieces of Copper poking out of them which gives them a jagged edge. Once you have Copper Ore and Coal, you can place this inside your Furnace in order to smelt the Copper and create a Copper Bar.

Suppose you don’t have a Furnace. You first need to create one. To create a Furnace, you need 25x Stones and 20x Copper Ore. You will receive the recipe for the Furnace during a cutscene from Clint after mining one Copper Ore. Once you have your Furnace, you need one piece of Coal and five pieces of Copper Ore in your inventory to place inside the Furnace in order to create one Copper Bar. Smelting one Copper Bar takes 30 in-game minutes.

Obtaining Wood

Wood can be obtained by cutting down trees with your axe. To successfully cut down the tree, you need to strike it repeatedly until it falls. Hitting an average tree will give you anywhere between 13-17 Wood (The exact number is influenced by the luck that you have that day). If necessary, you can also purchase Wood from Robin in the Carpenters Shop.

Obtaining Stones

Stones can be obtained by using your Pickaxe on pieces of rock which you can find scattered around your farm. Stones can also be found within the Mines. Normal-sized rocks can give you anywhere between 1-3 Stones, while larger rocks, often referred to as ”Boulders” can give up to ten Stones.

If necessary, you can also purchase Stones from Robin at the Carpenters Shop. During your first year, purchasing Stones from Robin costs 20g, while every year after this, the Stones will cost 100g.

Using Void Eggs in Place of Regular Eggs

Void Mayonnaise

Void Eggs can also be used in place of regular Eggs, which you can get from Chickens in order to create any of the following;

Blueberry Tart

This can be created by using 1x Void Egg, 1x Blueberry, 1x Wheat Flour, and 1x Sugar. The Blueberry Tart can be sold for 150g or eaten in order to obtain 125 energy points and 25 health points.


This can be created by using 1x Void Egg, 1x Sugar, and 1x Wheat Flour. The Cookie can be sold for 140g or eaten in order to obtain 90 energy points and 40 health points.

Chocolate Cake

This can be created by using 1x Void Egg, 1x Wheat Flour, and 1x Sugar. The Chocolate Cake can be sold for 200g or eaten in order to obtain 150 energy points and 67 health points.

Crab Cakes

This can be created by using 1x Void Egg, 1x Oil, 1x Wheat Flour, and 1x Crab. The Crab Cakes can be sold for 275g or eaten in order to obtain 225 energy points and 101 health points.


This can be created by using 1x Void Egg and 1x Milk. The Omelette can be sold for 125g or eaten in order to obtain 100 energy points and 45 health points.

Fried Egg

This can be created by using 1x Void Egg; The Fried Egg can be sold for 35g or eaten in order to obtain 50 energy points and 22 health points.


This can be created by using 1x Void Egg and 1x Wheat Flour. The Pancakes can be sold for 80g or eaten in order to obtain 90 energy points and 40 health points.

Pink Cake

This can be created by using 1x Void Egg, 1x Sugar, 1x Melon, and 1x Wheat Flour. The Pink Cake can be sold for 480g or eaten in order to obtain 250 energy points and 112 health points.

Void Eggs as Gifts

''Goblin Problem'' Quest

If you wanted to gift Void Eggs, you should try giving these to Krobus or Sebastian specifically as they love these items. They aren’t to everyone’s taste, but these guys will really appreciate these otherworldly eggs. 

Using Void Eggs to Progress (Goblin Problem)

You will also require Void Eggs in order to complete the ”Goblin Problem” Quest. This Quest involves the cave, which can be found by the Railroads north of Robins Shop. It is important to know that before you get here, you must first complete the Community Centre bundles! (Or JojaMart tasks, depending on your preference).

Once you have completed the previous ”Dark Talisman” Quest, you can enter the cave north of the Train Station; once inside, you will need to find a way to move the Goblin, who is blocking an important entrance. This can be a steep challenge, and it is hard to know where to start; the Lost Books in the Library offer clues as to how to complete this Quest.

A book titled ‘Goblins’ will tell you everything you need to know about them, including that Goblins love Void Mayonnaise; in order to move the Goblin away from the entrance, you can present him with Void Mayonnaise.

Once you do this, you can then enter the Witches Hut and collect the Magic Ink which the Wizard has asked for and return it to the Wizard to complete the Quest!


Question: What Does a Void Egg Do in Stardew Valley?

Answer: You have a choice with what you want to do with a Void Egg in Stardew Valley; you can hatch the Void Egg into a Void Chicken and keep this as an animal on your farm. You can also use the Void Egg in recipes that require an Egg, or you can use the Void Egg to create Void Mayonnaise.

Question: What Happens when You Put a Void Egg in an Incubator?

Answer: When you put a Void Egg in an incubator, it will take five and a half days to hatch into a Void Chicken.

Question: Where Can I Get a Void Egg?

Answer: You can purchase a Void Egg from Krobus in his home in the Sewers for 5000g. To do so, however, you first need to donate 60 items to the Museum to be rewarded with the Rusty Key, which will, in turn, open the Sewers and allow you to visit Krobus (Who is an adorable, friendly monster)

Question: What Other Eggs Can I Get?

Answer: You can also get a Dinosaur Egg, Duck Egg, and an Ostrich Egg! Dinosaur Eggs can be incubated to hatch Dinosaurs, as can Duck and Ostrich Eggs! Then there are also rare variants like the golden egg.

Void Egg Stardew Valley Guide: Summary

Void Eggs are an exciting part of the game; there’s nothing quite like hatching your first Void Chicken! My advice when you get your first Void Egg is to allow it to hatch into a Void Chicken as only three days later you will get another Void Egg in return.

Not only that, but you’ll receive one Void Egg per day which can then be sold or used in recipes or even gifted to Krobus as he is the only character who appreciates receiving a Void Egg as a gift.

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