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Clint Rocks! No really…

There is a lot of weird and wonderful thing about Stardew Valley and its infamous Pelican Town. Perhaps the weirdest and most wonderful thing of all is that somehow, this entire world was created by one person! Concerned Ape (who made Stardew Valley) is, in fact, a one-man band whose talent seems to know no bounds, as does his dedication to the incredible detail available in Stardew Valley.

With this exceptional dedication, they have ensured that there are a variety of skills to develop so that no one is left without something they enjoy. For example, I love farming, mining, and fishing (in that order), while I do not care for cooking or crafting. I am sure, however, that crafting and cooking is appealing to many others (including some of my friends)

This is why I recommend Stardew Valley to everyone; there truly is something for us all! Even if (by some miracle) you were to exhaust any of the available skills, you can then delve into the social world that we have available in Stardew Valley.

The game is filled with colorful characters, each with their own unique stories and backgrounds, as well as unique attitudes and opinions with their very own individual likes and dislikes. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the relationships within Stardew Valley is that the relationships are not one-note; they are, in fact, dynamic and even change over time.

No character is as they first appear (particularly the more harsh and rude ones). As you speak with characters regularly, they share details about their lives and begin to open up to you so you can see how dynamic the relationships truly are. For example, at a glance, you are likely to avoid Shane and Haley; however, as in life, as you get to know them, your view of them will change.

Not only can you befriend the characters in Pelican Town, but it is also possible to marry, have a family with, and even divorce any of the eligible characters in Stardew Valley! It is also possible to date them all at once and cause quite a bit of stir!

This, however, is not to underestimate the value of platonic relationships, which are also available with anyone in Pelican Town, even monsters! (Krobus has my heart)

Each character in Stardew Valley also plays a role in maintaining the town and so contributes to the system in place (part of the cute pro-community eco-friendly vibe of Stardew Valley). One such integral part of Pelican Town (particularly if you are like me and are particularly keen to explore the Mines) is Clint!

While he may appear quite gruff and quiet on the surface, there is much to know about Clint, and my goal is to ensure I present all of this to you so that you have everything that you need to know about Clint!

The Basics

Clint, as we already know, is a Blacksmith who has his own shop, which you can find just above the library, which is east of Pelican Town. Clint’s birthday is on the 26th of Winter; as with every character, their exact age seems to be a mystery, and I am unsure why this is the decision that the developer has made!

Nonetheless, we can assume from his appearance that Clint is approximately 30-40 and is a middle-aged man; despite being what appears to be a single man, Clint is not an available bachelor, and as such, you can not pursue him romantically; this does not, however, discount him in terms of a platonic friendship and he can, in fact, make a great friend.

In fact, as you get to know Clint, it is almost painfully clear that he has a crush on Emily, which he does not seem to be able to pursue with any confidence (but there will e more on this later)

What does Clint like?

Image from Fandom

There are so many options available when it comes to gifts; it can definitely be overwhelming knowing what to give someone. It definitely doesn’t help that each person has unique likes and dislikes that you would almost have to learn (or read in an article) each time you want to get to know someone.

Gifts in Stardew Valley work in a great way and help further your relationships with those around you. Each category of gift has a point system in place, which will, in turn, have a different impact on how close you are. You and any other character have a relationship meter; as you progress up that meter, you will talk more, learn more about them, and if they are eligible; romance them!

Giving someone a gift that they love increases your relationship by 80 points while giving someone a gift that they like will increase your relationship meter by 45 points; giving someone a gift that they are neutral to will increase the meter by 20 points. You should always use caution; however, giving someone a gift that they dislike will actually take away 20 points, and giving someone a gift that they hate will take away 40 points.

The most effective way to progress your relationship, therefore, is to give someone a gift that they love; when it comes to Clint, he loves the following items (unsurprisingly, as he is a blacksmith)

  • Topaz; This can be found in the Mines
  • Iridium Bar; This can be made in a furnace using 5x Iridium Ore and 1x Coal
  • Artichoke Dip; This can be made if you have 1x Milk and 1x Artichoke
  • Jade; This can be found in the Mines
  • Gold Bar; This can be made in a furnace using 5x Gold Ore and 1x Coal
  • Omni Geodes; This can be found in the Mines
  • Amethyst; This can be found in the Mines
  • Emerald; This can be found in the Mines
  • Aquamarine; This can be found in the Mines
  • Fiddlehead Risotto; This can be made if you have 1x Oil, 1x Garlic, and 1x Fiddlehead Fern
  • Ruby; This can be found in the Mines

When giving Clint any of the minerals/rocks, it’s important to make sure you don’t try and give them over the counter at the Blacksmiths as he may not understand that these are gifts!

If you don’t have any of the above or cannot find them, you could always give Clint something that he likes, such as;

  • Iron Bar; This can be made in a furnace using 5x Iron Ore and 1x Coal
  • Copper Bar; This can be made in a furnace using 5x Copper Ore and 1x Coal

There are also a number of items that Clint is neutral too, which aren’t ineffective in furthering your relationship, so don’t underestimate them;

  • Winter Root; This can forage in Winter
  • Dandelion; This can forage in Spring
  • Gold Ore; This can be found in the Mines
  • Iridium Ore; This can be found in the Mines
  • Refined Quartz; This can be created in a furnace using 5x Iridium Ore
  • Mushrooms; Chanterelle, Common, Magma, Purple, and Morel
  • Snow Yam; This can forage in Winter
  • Ginger; This can forage on Ginger Island
  • Hazelnut; This can forage in the Fall
  • Leek; This can forage in Spring
  • Daffodil; This can forage in Spring
  • Coal; This can be found in the Mines

If you are eager to have a good relationship with Clint, you should avoid giving him any of the following which he dislikes;

  • All flowers; but this does not include Poppy
  • Wild Horseradish; This can forage in the Spring
  • Quartz; This can be found in the Mines
  • Salmonberry; This can forage in the Spring

If you thought those gifts were bad, you would definitely need to avoid the following unless you want to lose 40 points;

  • Holly; This can forage in the Winter

Movies and Snacks With Friends?

Once you have a movie theatre in your town, there will be a range of movies available which you can purchase two tickets for and bring a friend! These are just as complex as gifts, however, as there are movies that each character loves/likes/dislikes and hates.

Giving someone a ticket to a movie they dislike or hate has the same effect as giving them a bad gift, so you will want to be sure that they like the ticket you are going to give them.

Movies that Clint likes include;

  • Wumbus
  • It Howls In The Rain
  • The Miracle At Cold Star Ranch
  • Mysterium
  • Journey Of The Prairie King
  • Natural Wonders
  • The Brave Little Sapling

Movies that Clint does not like includes;

  • Zuzu City Express

As with any good movie, there is also the option of snacks! I’m sure you have guessed by now, but just like films and just like gifts, snacks are an individual taste.

Here are some good snacks for Clint;

  • Stardrop Sorbet
  • Fries

Here are some snacks to avoid;

  • Apple Slices
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Panzanella Salad
  • Joja Corn
  • Joja Cola
  • Kale Smoothie
  • Humus Snack Pack
  • Black Liquorice

Clint’s Schedule

As with every character in Pelican Town, they each have a unique schedule and so can be hard to pin down. If you want to find Clint so that you can get to know him and give him gifts, you will need to know his schedule; don’t worry, as I have you covered!

The schedule also varies in different seasons and in different weather, so I can break this down for you!

General Schedule; This includes rainy days

  • Clint will work in the Blacksmith from 9 AM – 7 PM. At 7 PM, Clint then heads to the Stardrop Saloon, where he then leaves at 12 AM.

On Fridays;

  • At 8, 50, Clint leaves home and goes to the Community Centre. Clint then leaves the Community Centre at 5 PM. At 12 AM, Clint heads home.

Winter 16th;

  • Clint leaves the Blacksmith shop at 10;30 AM and goes to Harvey’s for his check-up. At 4 PM, Clint leaves the Clinic and goes to the Stardrop Saloon. He leaves at 12 AM to go home.

Clint’s Heart Events

As you get to know Clint and move through your relationship meter with him, you will trigger certain events with him.

At three hearts;

  • To trigger this event, you need to visit the Stardrop Saloon between 7 PM – 11 PM on a Monday. In this scene, Clint will seek your advice about romance. You have the option to select any of four pre-set answers. Clint is interacting with Emily in this scene and panics and is disappointed that he could not talk to her (hence the idea that he has a crush on Emily begins)

At three hearts;

  • Following this scene, Clint will share a recipe for Algae Soup in the post

At six hearts;

  • To trigger this event, you need to enter the Cindersap Forest between 9 AM – 6;30 PM. In this scene, you will see Clint watching Emily, and he tells you he wanted to ask Emily on a date; but panicked and backed down. You convince Clint to ask Emily out; thankfully, Emily accepts!

At seven hearts;

  • Clint sends you a recipe for a Bean Hotpot in the post.

Quests with Clint

Throughout your time in Pelican Town, you may have some quests from Clint that you want to complete, such as;

  • Clint’s attempt; Clint will ask you to bring Emily an Amethyst on the 6th of Winter and say that it is from him. If you complete this quest, you get one friendship heart.
  • A Favour for Clint; Clint will ask you to bring him an Iron Bar on the 17th of Winter. The reward for completing this is one friendship heart and 500g.


Question: Can you date Clint in Stardew Valley?

Answer: While you can befriend Clint (and he makes a great friend), you cannot date Clint as he has feelings for Emily.

Question: What age is Clint in Stardew Valley?

Answer: While it is not explicitly stated, we can guess from his appearance and demeanor that Clint is around 30-40.

Question: Can you date Emily in Stardew Valley?

Answer: Despite Clint’s all too clear feelings for Emily, you can still date her.

Clint Stardew Valley Guide: Summary

This should now be everything that you need to know about the adorable and hard-working Clint! I have all hopes that things with him and Emily work out (as I am sure you do too), although you can pursue Emily in the game if you want to.

I hope this has given you all the information you need to become good friends with Clint.

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