best fall crops in stardew valley

Best Fall Crops in Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley and Pelican Town, in particular, are beautiful places. Every day can be different, and there are no limits to what you can do! Do you want to tend to animals all day? Come to Pelican Town! Do you want to plant and harvest? Come to Pelican Town!

Do you want to befriend a sewer monster? Come to Pelican Town! I could go on all day, but you get my gist, and if you are here reading this article, I am sure that you do not need convincing on what a fantastic world Stardew Valley is to immerse yourself into!

Crops, in particular, are a huge component of Stardew Valley (given that you are a farmer at the end of the day). When asked what they do most often or enjoy most, most people will say planting, harvesting, and selling their crops!

Nothing on this earth that I find more relaxing and immersive than running around my little farm making my plots for my crops with my little wooden posts to label them; there is just so much aesthetically that you can do with crops!

I get incredibly excited when I leave my house in the morning to see that my crops have spurted overnight! Not to mention the unbelievable joy of discovering you have a huge harvest! One time I got a giant pumpkin, and I was so excited I was genuinely speechless.

The downside, of course (if you can even call it that) for a beginner is that there are so many crop options each season that it can be hard to tell which kind of crops you should plant when they will be ready, how much money you can make from them and how they produce.

To start at the basics, there are four seasons, just like life, in Pelican Town. There is Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Fall, but each season lasts only one month instead of three months.

Each season has crops that can only be planted and grown that season, and one of the most exciting seasons, and my favorite season of them all, is Fall.

Bottom Line Up Front

At a base level, there are only a few things that you need to know, and that depends on what you want the most! If you want to focus on profit, the most profitable crops that can be sold as harvested are;

  • Sweet Gem Berry
  • Pumpkin

However, Wheat is extremely cheap (10g) and can be sold as Beer once created for a good profit! If, however, you are focused on a quick turnaround, the quickest-growing crops are;

  • Eggplant
  • Wheat
  • Sunflower

If you are focused on the community center, you will need to grow;

  • Corn
  • Eggplant
  • Pumpkin
  • Yam

If you want to find the cheapest crops, these are Wheat and Beets! With all these factors, the best overall yield is the Pumpkin. It is profitable, easy to grow, beautiful to look at, needed for the community center, and can be used to make various dishes.

What Crops Should I Plant in Stardew Valley?

fall crops stardew valley

Well, that depends on what the aim of your game is! Everyone has a different approach when it comes to crops, and this can change over time as well!

When I first started, it was all about how much money I could make from my crops and how quickly I could grow and sell them. I was eager to get some income to get myself some beautiful chickens to tend to.

Over time I developed my personal favorites that I enjoyed planting and harvesting more than just those that would make me the most money. Pumpkin will always be my favorite from a spooky/aesthetic perspective, and I also love Corn.

It looks so cute on your farm and is fun to harvest. I am sure you have your favorite based on real-life personal experience! That is why I love planting pumpkins so much and why Fall is my favorite season in Stardew Valley (It’s freakin bats, I love Halloween!)

Not to mention that before completing the community center, the things I planted changed then too! There are crops that I only grow to complete the community center, and once that is done, I never produce them again!

This is nothing personal. It is just that they don’t speak to me or excite me, and they could be more profitable too. I am looking at you, Eggplant, and Yam.

What Crops Will Make Me the Most Money?

pumpkin stardew valley

So you’re all about that gold, then? Completely understandable! Especially within your first year in Pelican Town, making money is super important for your progression. Making some quick coin helps you to invest in more equipment or animals that will help you make even more money.

When I first got my farm, I would plant whatever would make me the most money as quickly as possible and planted like crazy every single day because I was so laser-focused on getting my beautiful chickens (Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose, although I know you didn’t ask)

Whatever your motivation is to earn some quick coins, I can share with you what Fall crops are most profitable compared to the price for the seeds. Fall is the best season in Stardew Valley (personally speaking, at least), and plenty of beautiful and profitable crops are available!

Sweet Gem Berry

Sweet Gem Berry Base Silver Gold Iridium
Harvested 3000g 3750g 4500g 6000g

The Sweet Gem Berry is the crop that will make you the most money over all others in the Fall in Pelican Town, although it is elusive and also super weird. Although it seems like a fancy berry (and who doesn’t love berries), it is technically neither a fruit nor a vegetable.

So now we know why it is weird, but why is it elusive? Unlike most other seeds, they cannot be purchased in Pierre’s general store and can only be found in the Travelling Cart.

To make this even more complex, the stock in the Travelling Cart changes and is never guaranteed, so I recommend buying it anytime you find some in stock.

That leads me to the painful part, the price. The Sweet Gem Berry grows from a seed called Rare Seed, and it costs anywhere from 600g-1000g per Seed!

What makes it worth spending 1000g on just one Seed? Well, when fully grown from a rare seed, the Sweet Gem Berry is quite rewarding and can be sold for at least 3x its purchase price! A minimum of 3000g for an average Berry and 3,750g for a silver Berry, 4,500g for a gold Berry and 6,000g for an Iridium Berry.

Rewards as great as this do need patience, though, because the rare seeds take 24 days to grow, which is most of the season! Any rare seeds you have should be planted at the very beginning of the season to ensure they have time to grow. Otherwise, you will be devastated!


Pumpkin Base Silver Gold Iridium
Harvested 320g 400g 480g 640g

As we already know, the Pumpkin is my favorite Seed of all time, although this is highly influenced by the time I found one giant Pumpkin on my farm and nearly passed out with joy! I have never taken a screenshot so quickly in my whole life; it almost pained me to harvest it because it was so beautiful.

Pumpkins are much easier to find, cheaper, and grow quicker than the Sweet Gem Berry making them a go-to for most Pelican Town farmers! They are profitable and beautiful when they grow on your farm, are fun to harvest, are a welcome gift, and can be used in recipes!

Pumpkins are a single-growth crop, the same as the Sweet Gem Berry; sadly, this means that one Seed only makes one item, so there are no crazy profits here! Pumpkin seeds cost 100g per Seed and are easy to find in Pierre’s General Store all through the Fall.

Pumpkins take 13 days to grow from the seeds, and while not the quickest turnaround, it is nowhere near as long as others. Keep in mind, as usual, the length of a season! Wait to plant these after day 15; they will not grow in time!

Now let’s get to the main thing, profit! You will make at least 220g profit for each Pumpkin you grow! Standard Pumpkins sell for 320g, 400g for silver, 480g for gold, and 640g for iridium.

Pumpkins have much more potential than profit; like Cinderella, the Pumpkin in Stardew Valley can be transformed! You can make some super delicious recipes with Pumpkins, such as Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Soup, and Autumns Bounty.

You can also make some spooky accessories which are the best; you can make Jack O Lanterns (my favorite Halloween activity other than watching the Addams family)

Bet you thought there could be no more uses for Pumpkins; well, sorry, you’re wrong! You must also plant at least one pumpkin seed to complete the Fall Crops bundle in the Community Center.

What Crops Will Grow the Fastest?

eggplant stardew valley


Eggplant Base Silver Gold Iridium
Harvested 60g 75g 90g 120g

Eggplant (or Aubergine depending on where you are from) grows quickly once planted! So if you want some quick turnaround on your crops, quick money, or crops for the Fall Fair, you can plant some Eggplant seeds!

Eggplant seeds are also super cheap and only cost 20g! Once planted, the Eggplant bush will continue to give you Eggplants every five days, so at least there’s little work to do once they are planted!

Even though Eggplant is cheap and fast, it can still be profitable! You earn 60g for an average Eggplant, 75g for silver, 90g for gold, and 120g for iridium.

Not only can you make some decent money with Eggplant, but there are plenty of other uses. You need one Eggplant to complete the Fall Crops Bundle in the Community Centre. You can also become quite the chef and make a delicious-looking Eggplant Parmesan or Survival Burger.

Even though (for me personally, at least) it is not the most exciting Fall Crop, there are plenty of uses, and it is unavoidable if you are a community center aficionado.

Crops for the Community Centre

corn stardew valley

  Cost Time Taken Base sell Silver Gold Iridium
Corn 150g 14 days 50g 62g 75g 100g
Eggplant 20g 5 days 60g 75g 90g 120g
Yam 60g 10 days 160g 200g 240g 320g
Sunflower 200g 8 days 80g 100g 120g 160g
Wheat 10g 4 days 25g 31g 37g 50g
Pumpkin 100g 13 days 320g 400g 480g 640g

Suppose your aim in life is to overthrow the evil big corporation that is Joja Mart and instill life back into the beautiful and wholesome Pelican Town.

In that case, you must get your act together and work on the Community Centre bundles. There is no single plot in Stardew Valley that gives me more joy than completing the Community Centre, shutting down Joja Mart, and being the hometown hero.

If all this sounds appealing to you, then you need to complete all the Bundles in the different rooms in the Community Centre, and you need to keep this in mind all year round, as there is a crop bundle for every season!

For the Fall Crops bundle, you will need to purchase the seeds for and plant;

  • Corn
  • Eggplant
  • Yam
  • Sunflower
  • Wheat
  • Pumpkin

So you better get yourself straight to Pierres and get those seeds planted and harvested for the good of your community!

Crops for Frugal Farmers

wheat stardew valley

Sometimes you need to spend as little as possible! In Stardew Valley, it can take what feels like forever to start to see a profit and disposable income for all the fantastic things taunting you that you cannot afford yet, which you also need to make more money! Talk about a vicious cycle!

You may save up for cute plants outside your farm (guilty), a barn or coop, or some wallpaper or animals! Then you need to know what crops are the cheapest to buy!


Beer Base Silver Gold Iridium
Harvested 200g 250g 300g 400g

Wheat is incredibly cheap! It costs only 10g and grows after just four days, this is all well and good, but I know that it sounds super boring, like why would I want Wheat?

Well, if you have animals, Wheat can be essential; if you want to keep that Silo full at all times and ensure your babies always have food, harvesting Wheat can be crucial.

When you harvest Wheat, there is a 40% chance that you will get some hay. Nothing is worse than the guilt I feel when I feed my chickens and see I have no hay or that they have gone hungry! Harvesting Wheat can help bolster your hay supply!

Wheat is exciting if you are a bit of a party animal or a big gifter, as it can be used to make Beer! Of course, you need a Keg first, which means that you need;

  • 30x Wood
  • 1x Copper Bar
  • 1x Iron Bar
  • 1x Oak Resin

Once your Keg is ready, you only need one piece of Wheat placed inside the Keg to make one delicious pint of Beer, which takes 29 hours to complete.

The great thing about this is that you can always make Beer, as you can easily have a constant supply of Wheat. Plus, everyone loves Beer!

Everyone in Stardew Valley loves receiving Beer as a gift except the kids (Jas, Vincent, and Leo) and a select few adults (Penny and Sebastian)

If you already have enough friends or want to make a profitable little craft beer station, you can also sell the Beer for some decent money! You will get 200g for standard Beer, 250g for silver, 300g for gold, and 400g for iridium.

Beets – Just Beet It

Beet Base Silver Gold Iridium
Harvested 100g 125g 150g 200g

Sorry, I couldn’t resist it. I have never been a big fan of Beet, but it is surprisingly helpful (not to mention cheap). Beet only costs 20g per Seed, and it takes six days to grow once planted.

You can sell Beets for a good profit even though they are overlooked! At a base selling price of 100g, thats a 5x profit! Things improve as the quality improves, too, 125g for silver, 150g for gold, and 200g for iridium.

As well as what is a very impressive profit, you can also do some other things with Beets. You can make a dish called a Vegetable Medley, which does not sound very appealing, or you can also make some sugar!

Best Crop for the Vibes

In a game like Stardew Valley, aesthetic indulgence needs no defending; it’s an immersive and relaxing world where you can, if you want (like me), spend hours upon hours just making things pretty.

Plenty of crops that, while not the most profitable, cheap, or needed for the community center, are just fun to plant and pretty to grow!

If you have ever scrolled through the Stardew Valley Reddit pages, you will be equally motivated and jealous of how beautifully laid out some crops are! With that being said, let’s look at some of the most pretty crops (in my opinion, at least)

Sunflowers – Vincent Van Stardew

sunflower stardew valley

Sunflower Base Silver Gold Iridium
Harvested 80g 100g 120g 160g

Like in real life, Sunflowers in Stardew Valley are beautiful and gorgeous to see grow in your garden. Their shade of yellow is just stunning and so delightful and energetic to look at; it brightens up your farm.

Sunflower seeds cost 200g and take eight days to grow, a mere eight days to have a lovely garden! Unfortunately, of course, you will have to harvest them before the end of Fall, or they will die, but at least when you do, some money will be made.

At a base level, Sunflowers sell for 80g, 100g for silver, 120g for gold, and 160g for iridium. Considering the cost, this is little profit (or any at all), but you do need to do something with them once they are grown.

Alternatively, you can, of course, gift the Sunflowers to anyone in Stardew Valley except Clint, George, and Sebastian (grumpy men do not appreciate the beauty of the flowers)

Alternatively, you can donate a sunflower to the Dye Bundle on the Bulletin Board of the Community Centre. Of course, you will also need Red Mushrooms, Sea Urchins, Duck Feathers, Aquamarine, and Red Cabbage.

Donating all of this rewards you with a seed maker, which helps you constantly make money and new pretty crops.


Question: What is the Most Profitable Crop in Stardew Valley?

Answer: Sweet Gem Berries are the most profitable crop in Stardew Valley, and they only grow in the Fall! You can make at least 2000g for a base-level Berry; that is some profit!

Question: What Fall Crops do I Need for the Community Center?

Answer: It would help to have Corn, Eggplant, Pumpkin, and Yam for the fall crops bundle. This hard work does give you a bee house, though, which is super exciting!

Question: What is the Cheapest Fall Crop?

Answer: The cheapest fall crop is Wheat, which only costs 10g and can be used to make Beer!

Best Fall Crops in Stardew Valley: Summary

Fall is one of the most exciting times to be a farmer in Pelican Town; whether your goal is to make some mad money, have the most beautiful farm in the world, or complete the community center, there are plenty of options and exciting, beautiful things available to you!

There is no better time of year than Fall and covering your farm head to toe in pumpkins and sunflowers! And if you’re interested in more seasonal crops, check out this guide on the best Summer crops in Stardew Valley.

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