Stardew Valley Dwarf Scroll Guide: Communicate with the Dwarf People

Is there anything more amazing than finding a hidden secret in your favorite video game? Whether that be a solution to a tough quest, an Easter egg that the developers hid within the game for only perceptive fans to find, or an in-game secret that opens up brand new possibilities from there on out.

It’s something that has become synonymous with gaming and for that reason, gamers are almost conditioned to look in every single nook and cranny of every in-game world, absorbing content like a sponge. Well, in Stardew Valley, you’ll find that it’s no different.

This game is jam-packed with secrets, hidden treasures, lost artifacts, and subtle puzzles to solve. Some of these are simply interesting little oddities that can be donated to the Pelican Town Museum, but others have alternative uses and properties.

For example, Ancient Seeds can be planted and used to grow the most profitable plant in the game, or you can dig up Dinosaur Eggs which can be incubated and grown into prehistoric creatures that wander your farm.

The point is that there are some treasures that serve multiple purposes and today we are going to focus on a set of rare artifacts that serve as a means of deciphering a long-forgotten language and allow you to communicate with the Dwarf people of the realm. We are of course referring to the Dwarf Scrolls found in Stardew Valley.

In this guide, we will be taking an in-depth look at these rare scrolls, we will be letting the player know why they are so important within the game, where to find them, how is best to use them and we may even reveal some secrets that you may not have figured out for yourself, even if you are a veteran Stardew Valley player. So without further delay, here is our Stardew Valley Dwarf Scroll Guide.

What are Dwarf Scrolls in Stardew Valley?


Dwarf Scrolls in Stardew Valley are ancient artifacts that have been left behind by the early inhabitants of this mine, the Dwarven people.

They were a powerful race that called this land home for thousands of years but after a long and painful war with the Shadow People, a race which the player will be familiar with if they have encountered Krbous who lives in the sewers, the Dwarven population dwindled and humans claimed the land as their own.

These scrolls serve as the relics of this lost civilization and also act as an artifact that the player can donate to Gunther in the Pelican Town Museum. However, this is not their only purpose.

There are four Dwarf scrolls in total, each numbered and color-coded to help players distinguish one from another. The player will be tasked with collecting them all, and if they do, they will gain the ability to speak in the Dwarven tongue and reap the rewards that this new skill brings.

Where Is The Dwarf In Stardew Valley?

Before we get into the guide proper, we should probably discuss who the Dwarf is in Stardew Valley and where to find him. The Dwarf is an NPC within Stardew Valley that the player can interact with and form a relationship with, much like the other townspeople.

However, the player won’t simply come across the Dwarf by heading to Pierre’s General Shop to pick up supplies or taking a stroll through the Cindersap Forest. For you see, the Dwarf can only be found in the Pelican Town Mines. He stays in a fixed position at all times and will always be found in the opening area of the Pelican Town mines where you find the Elevator, the first ladder down, and the Mine Cart.

The player can only access the area that the Dwarf is in by smashing a strong rock that blocks the path to the secret eastern cavern of the mine entrance. If a new player uses a pickaxe on the rock, they will see a message pop up on the screen indicating that they will need a stronger pickaxe to break this rock.

However, what some players may not know, is that even with a measly bomb like a Cherry Bomb, you can topple this blockade and access this area. Otherwise, you will need to upgrade your Pickaxe to silver quality before you can mine the rock wall.

After you have smashed this wall, you can then speak to the Dwarf, give him gifts, and talk to him as you would every other NPC in the game. however, without all four Dwarf Scrolls, you will not be able to understand what he is saying. So we would urge you to donate all of these to the Museum if you want to get to know this lovely Dwarf better.

Where Can You Find Dwarf Scrolls In Stardew Valley?

Okay, so you understand why there are Dwarfs cutting about in Pelican Town, and you understand the importance of the Dwarf Scrolls. However, you may be wondering where to find these relics. Well, we know the answers and we are more than willing to share with the whole class. So here is a breakdown of how to find each type of Dwarf Scroll below:

Dwarf Scroll I

Dwarf Scroll I

This is most likely the first Dwarf Scroll that players will find on their trips to the mine. This scroll will most commonly pop up when the player is making their way through the first thirty-nine levels of the mines.

The player can dig all four of the scrolls up potentially by hoeing soft soil on any level of the mines, or even in the Skull Cavern in the Calico Desert, but the chance are higher on these levels as there is a 0.5% chance that the enemies that inhabit these early levels will drop this scroll. Here is a quick list of these enemies below:

  • Cave Fly
  • Bat
  • Bug
  • Stone Golems
  • Rock Crab
  • Duggy
  • Green Slimes
  • Grub

Dwarf Scroll II

Dwarf Scroll II

Moving on, players will find the Dwarf Scroll II most commonly on floors forty to seventy-nine in the Pelican Town Mines. This can be tilled from soft soil or more commonly, this will be found through enemy drops (0.5%). The following enemies drop Dwarf Scroll II:

  • Blue Slime
  • Dust Sprite
  • Ghost
  • Frost Bat

Dwarf Scroll III

Dwarf Scroll III

The third of these scrolls, Dwarf Scroll III, is probably the most common of all the scrolls listed, as there is a much more viable method of farming for this item. The player will encounter this item by tilling soft soil in the mines, or more commonly through enemy drops.

Most of these enemies will provide a 0.5% chance of dropping this item, but unlike the other scrolls, one enemy offers a 1.5% chance of dropping this item. This is the Blue Slime, one of the most common enemies on these floors. So, you shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking this item down. Here is a quick list of all the enemies that drop this item:

  • Blue Slime
  • Red Slime
  • Purple Slime
  • Copper Slime
  • Iron Slime
  • Tiger Slime
  • Lava Bat
  • Lava Crab
  • Squid Kid
  • Shadow Shaman
  • Shadow Brute
  • Spider
  • Metal Head
  • Blue Squid

Dwarf Scroll IV

Dwarf Scroll IV

Then lastly, we have what is probably the most elusive of all the Dwarf Scrolls, Dwarf Scroll IV. This item can be found by killing pretty much any monster in the game, apart from a select few. Just for reference, these are the Iridium Crab, Skeleton, Serpent, Wilderness Golem, Iridium Bat, Carbon Ghost, and Haunted Skull.

The player can till this from the ground or they can get this as a drop but regardless of their methods, there is only a 0.1% chance of Dwarf Scroll IV presenting itself. We would wager that this one will be the scroll that gives you the most hassle when it comes to completing the collection.

What Can You Use Dwarf Scrolls For In Stardew Valley?

As you can see from the section above, the Dwarf Scroll collection can be a little tricky to pin down, especially if you aren’t too keen on the mining aspect of this game.

However, there are plenty of reasons why you should make the effort and track these relics down. So here is our rundown of all the reasons why you need these artifacts in your life below:

The Museum Collection

The Museum Collection

First and foremost, players should track these relics down as they are needed to complete the museum collection. The player will receive multiple rewards as they add more and more items to the collection.

Plus, along the way, Gunther will give the player access to the Pelican Town Sewers, where you can catch new fish, access areas for end-game quests, and gain access to another elusive NPC like the Dwarf, Krobus. Then once the player finishes the collection, they will be rewarded with one of the seven rare Stardrops within the game and receive a permanent boost to their energy stat.

In short, it is very worthwhile to finish the museum collection if you care about the progression in this game.

The Dwarven Translation Tool

Donating these scrolls to the museum is important for all the reasons we said above, but donating all of these scrolls specifically offers a unique reward that provides its own set of benefits to the player. You see, when you donate all of the Dwarf Scrolls to the Museum, you get the Dwarven Translation Tool.

This is a non-inventory item, similar to the likes of the Skull Key for example, which allows the player to make sense of the gibberish that the Dwarf has been saying up to this point. This means that the player can properly interact with the Dwarf and can build a strong relationship with them.

The Dwarf’s Shop

The Dwarf's Shop

Piggybacking on the last entry, if the player can understand what the Dwarf has to say, they will then be made aware that he is in fact, a merchant. The Dwarf runs a shop that sells a number of oddities, most of these relating to the art of mining. Here is a list of all the items that the Dwarf has to offer:

  • Life Elixir – 2,000G
  • Oil of Garlic – 3,000G
  • Rarecrow 6 – 2,500G
  • Cherry Bomb – 300G
  • Bomb – 600G
  • Mega Bomb – 1,000G
  • Miner’s Treat – 1,000G
  • Stone Cairn – 200G
  • Weathered Floor Recipe – 500G


Like most items in Stardew Valley, the Dwarf Scrolls can be used in a sewing machine and converted into a new piece of clothing for your wardrobe. If the player uses any of the scrolls on the sewing machine they will receive the Gold Trimmed Shirt, which is a white shirt with gold trimming on the sleeves and the neckline.

It’s a shame that each item doesn’t offer a unique colored trim but the luxurious look of the Gold Trimmed Shirt does a lot to make up for this. So if you have a duplicate of one of these scrolls, this is a good use for it.

Raising Fish

Raising Fish

Then lastly, if you are raising fish in a fish pond, there is sometimes a need to use Dwarf Scrolls to help them grow and multiply. This is specific to Ghostfish who will ask for one of these scrolls when they need to grow from a capacity of seven to ten. Although, unless you are in desperate need of White Algae, Refined Quartz or Pale Broth, this isn’t the best fish to farm in all honesty.


Question: Can You Live With The Dwarf?

Answer: Sadly not. You may be mistaking this for Krobus, the other elusive NPC in Pelican Town. As of the 1.5 Update, the player can now move in with Krobus and he serves as the platonic relationship option within the game. It’s a great option to have as, let’s face it, sometimes you just want to take a break from romance and chill with a roommate, and in our opinion, Krobus is a pretty sound roommate.

Question: Does The Dwarf Sell Bombs?

Answer: Yes, the player can stock up for each trip to the mines by visiting the Dwarf and perusing his shop. He sells Cherry Bombs, Bombs, and Mega Bombs. We will admit that using this method isn’t a very cost-effective way to stockpile bombs. Especially considering how simple it is to make standard bombs when you have the recipe.

However, if you get early access to the Dwarf’s shop, this can be a good way to get your hands on Mega Bombs even if you don’t have the recipe yet. However, as a rule of thumb, we would say try to craft these rather than opting to buy them if you can help it.

Stardew Valley Dwarf Scroll Guide: Deciphering The Ancient Dwarven Code!

As you can see from the information above, these artifacts found in the Pelican Town Mines are more than just interesting curations for the Museum, they are the key to translating Dwarven language, and in turn, this allows the player to potentially make a new friend, and also gain access to a new merchant that is a really handy thing to have when delving into the mines.

We hope that this guide allows you to gather all four of these scrolls in rapid fashion and we hope that you and the Dwarf really hit it off with the language barrier no longer serving as a blockade on your relationship. As always, thank you for reading SdewHQ.

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