how to make truffle oil in stardew valley

How to Make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley

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Making Truffle Oil requires quite a complex chain of events to happen first, which I will explain later. On a base level, to make Truffle Oil, you need;

  • A Deluxe Barn (To get Pigs to find the Truffles)
  • Some Pigs (Purchasable from Marnie’s Ranch)
  • An Oil Maker (To turn Truffles into Truffle Oil)
  • 6 hours worth of patience while waiting for your Oil from the Oil Maker

What Are the Uses of Truffle Oil?

make truffle oil for lewis or someone else

Community Centre

When I first played Stardew Valley, I never imagined Truffle Oil would play a key role in overthrowing a major, soul-sucking and depressing organization (I won’t hide my feelings for Joja Mart), but it does!

What I mean by this is that Truffle Oil is an essential item for the Artisan Bundle in the Pantry of the Community Centre. Of course, this is a one-off use for the Truffle Oil as it needs only to be donated once! If you do donate your Truffle Oil to the Artisan Bundle, you will also require any five of the following items to complete it;

  • Apple
  • Apricot
  • Cheese
  • Cherry
  • Goats Cheese
  • Honey
  • Jam
  • Peach
  • Pomegranate

The Artisan bundle, in particular, can be more complex work than any other bundle in the Community Centre because it requires painstakingly crafted goods. However, the reward of a Keg is a fair reward for your time! Once you have your Keg, you can make bigger, fancier things like Wine and Beer.

A Luxurious Gift

Truffle Oil is fancy and hard to make, meaning it is a very well-appreciated gift! You could give any spare Truffle Oil to almost any of your local villagers.

Harvey, in particular, is very fond of Truffle Oil and reacts with love to it. Meanwhile, everyone else likes Truffle Oil! That is, of course, except Jas and Vincent (with their young and unrefined palettes) and, for some reason Sebastian, but who is to say why that is.

Truffle Oil and Witchcraft

Okay, maybe it is not quite witchcraft, but you can use Truffle Oil to increase the chances of rain (which I think is still pretty close to witchcraft) To increase your chances of rain for the next day (really useful if you have a lot of crops and don’t have any Sprinklers) you can make a Rain Totem. All you need to make one is;

  • 1x Truffle Oil
  • 1x piece of Hardwood
  • 5x Pine Tar

You will need to reach level nine in foraging to find the recipe for the Rain Totem, so you may have to wait sometime to use Truffle Oil this way!

Truffle Oil and Tailoring

Perhaps the most unexpected (and I suspect underutilized) uses for Truffle Oil is to tailor a shirt! Truffle Oil can turn a plain and boring old shirt into a Dark Bandana Shirt! All you need is the following;

  • 1x Truffle Oil
  • 1x Truffle

Truffle Oil in Quests

Mayor Lewis, as it turns out, is also fond of Truffle Oil and will request some from you in your second year of farm life on the second of Summer. This is called the “Mayor’s need” quest, and you will get a hefty 750g reward for your efforts and one friendship heart, not that I have ever personally been fond of Mayor Lewis.

How to Get Truffle Oil

making tuffle oil in stardey valley

Truffle Oil is quite a complex thing to make! Mainly because the individual components required (Truffles and an Oil Maker) to make it are also quite complex and difficult to obtain!

Getting Truffles

If you are an animal or farming enthusiast, I am sure you already know that Truffles are related to Pigs! In Stardew Valley, this is the same, so you cannot get Truffles without owning Pigs to sniff them out for your own pigs; of course, you need a Deluxe Barn.

Getting a Deluxe Barn

This is where it gets more complicated; if you still need to, you will first need to make a Barn, upgrade it to a Big Barn, and then upgrade that to a Deluxe Barn (I wasn’t joking about the complexity). Once you do have a Big Barn, however, and ready for your upgrade, you will need the following;

  • 550x pieces of Wood
  • 300x pieces of Stone

And a whopping 25,000g! This is why getting your first Deluxe Barn can take quite some time. It is definitely worth the effort, however, as not only can you now get Pigs on your farm, but you can also get Sheep!

You can request for the Deluxe Barn to be created by visiting Robin, and once you do, it takes only three days to complete!

Getting Pigs

So, you have woken up, and your Deluxe Barn is finally ready; what now? Well, you run full steam ahead to Marnie’s shop to spend an obscene amount of money on your Pig. Pigs cost a staggering 16,000g, so you may only have one at first, or if you are a profitable farm, you could splurge on multiple Pigs!

What Next?

You have your Deluxe Barn and your Pigs, so where are your Truffles? Much like only mature Cows can produce Milk, only mature Pigs can dig up Truffles. Your Pig reaches maturity after ten days. However, this only occurs if the Pig is adequately cared for and fed every day (malnourished Pigs cannot grow or mature)

Now that your Pig is mature, it has the chance of finding some nice Truffles on your farm; you can locate Truffles reasonably regularly if you abide by the following rules;

  • Your Pig must be fed every day
  • It must not be Winter or Raining (no one wants to go digging in much in the cold, not even Pigs)
  • The Pig can explore outside (They are certainly not going to find Truffles in the Barn)
  • There is space out for the Pig to roam and dig for Truffles

Following these rules, you will likely get at least one Truffle each day, making for a very profitable farm. If you want to reduce the need to search all your lands for Truffles, you can also fence in your Pigs so you know where the Truffles can be; don’t make it too small because Truffles cannot generate on busy tiles.

Turning Truffles Into Truffle Oil

getting truffles stardew valley

Step 1. Get an Oil Maker

You need an Oil Maker to create your Truffle Oil, even if you already have Truffles. An Oil Maker is quite fancy and so requires some high-end items to develop; you will need;

  • 50x Slime
  • 20x Hardwood
  • 1x Gold bar

You will only unlock this blueprint when you reach farming level eight.

Step 2. Create Truffle Oil

You are now finally ready to create Truffle Oil! All you need to do is place one Truffle inside the Oil Maker and wait six hours for some Truffle Oil! As it takes a long time, I recommend always having these on the go.

How to Make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley: FAQs

Question: How long does Truffle Oil take?

Answer: Truffle Oil takes six hours to create.

Question: Where can I find an Oil Maker?

Answer: You can only get an Oil Maker by reaching farming level 8, and you will receive the blueprint to create it yourself.

Question: Why are my Pigs not finding Truffles?

Answer: Your Pigs need to be mature (10 days old), fed daily, and allowed to go outside for them to find Truffles. It is also impossible to see them in Winter or lousy weather.

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